Paty Jager Here Thursday!

Silver Belles and Stetsons 1575x2475 (2)Miss Paty Jager has saddled up and will arrive Thursday, November 5!

This talented writer is going to tell us about a bank robber who turned out to be an upstanding citizen.

She’s going to give a book away!

So get your fannies over and talk with her.

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1 thought on “Paty Jager Here Thursday!”

  1. Wow Paty, this looks like a very interesting book, with a lot of authors pitching in.
    A bank robber becomes a outstanding citizen, this sounds like a TBR book for me; a lot of persons in the west started out wrong thru the tough times they had to endure & some found their way to a new beginning. I love those kind of books.

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