What is it with Sisters? ~Tanya Hanson

Anybody who knows me knows that reading Little Women when I was eight set my goal to be a writer. Someday, somehow.

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Celebrating my recent release, Sisters--two stories in one! I decided to regale you with trivia about those March sisters and their stories. See how well you do. (answers at the end.) And please leave a comment today…I’m giving away three Kindle copies of Sisters.

  1. Who is the oldest March sister:  a) Amy; b) Jo; c) Meg; d) Beth.


  1. Jo works for: a) Aunt March;   b) The Boston Beacon;   c) the Weekly Volcano;   d) Mr. Laurence.


  1. When Amy burns Joe’s treasured manuscript (horrors! No back-up or Dropbox…) what melts Jo’s fury?   a) Amy marries Laurie so Jo doesn’t have to.   b) Amy contracts scarlet fever.   c)Aunt March threatens to send Amy to art school in Paris.   d) Amy falls through the ice on a frozen pond.


  1. Beth becomes ill with:   a) consumption;    b) scarlet fever;    c) influenza;    d) appendicitis.


  1. Meg marries:  a) Ned Moffat;  b) John Brooke;  c) Friedrich Bhaer;  d) No, she doesn’t. She remains single.

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  1. Beth dies at age:  a) 19;  b) 18;  c) 17;  d) 16.  
  1. Originally a two-parter, the second half of Little Women (Part 2 today) was called:  a) Good Wives;  b) Army Wives (this was, after all, Civil War times.)  c) Little Children;  d) The Last March.


  1. Aunt March’s home is called:  a) Fruitlands;  b) Orchard House;  c) Apple Farm;  d) Plumfield.


  1. Meg’s children are officially christened:  a) Jack and Jill;   b) Jack and Daisy;  c) John and Jane;  d) John and Margaret.


  1. Little Women led to two sequels:  a) Little Men, and Little Children;  b) Jo’s Boys, and Meg’s   Twins;  c) The Finale March, and The Final Chapter;  d) Little Men, and Jo’s Boys.


So, what’s with Sisters? Well, in Her Hurry-up Husband, debutante Elspeth Maroney leaves her stinkin’, cheatin’ bridegroom at the altar, but realizes she needs a husband for just one month. And by then, she just might need to run screaming from her bridegroom’s crazy granny…


However, she finds her heart fluttering when her intended, handsome Colorado rancher Hezekiah Steller wants a wife for life. And an heir as quick as possible.  Sigh. How can they let each other go?


Anyway, my editor (the talented, ever patient and most excellent Cheryl Pierson) flat out said…Elspeth’s sister Judith has GOT to get away from their awful mama. Hence…(this this is an important word in the story…) Judith has her own set of adventures and romance in Her Thief of Hearts. Beautiful socialite (her). Darling orphan and…An outlaw! Bad-boy “Black Ankles” holds up a speeding train, and she’s on it. Along with Elspeth’s spurned bridegroom and the sisters’ former childhood governess! Oh no. Can her beloved Tremaine rescue her in time?

Tanya Sisters Double 2 Web (2)

So, both stories are now together in one pretty package. And  to make it more fun, Tremaine’s brother Ronnie has his own love story coming out at Christmas…because he’s really outlaw Black Ankles and so needs love and redemption.

All right. Here are the answers!

1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b; 5-b; 6-a; 7-a; 8-d; 9-d; 10-d


Now, who’s your favorite March sister and why?

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33 thoughts on “What is it with Sisters? ~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Wow, I am not that familiar with Little Women as I thought! I’ll use the excuse that I haven’t seen it or read it in at least 15 years. 😉

  2. Hi Tanya, wow, I got them all right, but then I read the book so many times as a child I practically had it memorized. I pretended that I was Jo, the writer. I wonder how many writers were inspired by that book?

    Oddly enough, I’m currently writing a new series with three sisters, Josie, Meg and Amanda. Now where do you think I got the inspiration for those names?

    Your Sisters book sounds intriguing!

    • Hi Margaret, oh, those sisters LOL. I love the names of your upcoming girls! LW sure is a groundbreaking book for many girls and so many writers. I know your series is gonna rock it…I can’t wait. Thanks for taking my quiz.

    • Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by today. It’s a great book even after you’re grown up LOL. I highly recommend it. Actually when published in the 1880’s, it was a mainstream book for all ages. So appreciate the comment.

    • Hi Veronica, I agree about Hence. It is a very useful word LOL. I too enjoyed the simpler things in life Alcott portrays in her books. May Day (at least in one of her other books). I think that’s why I like our county fair…things from another time. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Tanya, I so enjoyed your post. WOW! I did not do well at all with answers–been way too many yrs. since I read that book, and thanks for the answers. But I do remember loving it as a young girl. And your stories sound delightful. Can’t wait to read them–on my to read list. Wishing you much success with all.

    • Aw, thanks so much, Beverly. I loved Alcott’s books, all of them, as a kid. And also Trixie Belden mysteries LOL. Reading gave me such pleasure then, and still does. I so appreciate your good wishes today, and your comment!

    • Hi Sam, so happy to see you here! xo. Shhhhh….I had to look up some of the answers, too. In my head, Beth was always twelve LOL. Thanks for the comment. xox

    • Hi Charlene, thanks for your kind words. You have been my writing guru from the first day at met at OCC long ago. I hope you like the stories…they’re short, which is good since you are so busy with your four little princesses! Hugs…

  4. Wow I remembered all the answers but three of them! Not bad! I liked Jo the best out of all of the sisters.

    • Not bad at all, Colleen. Thanks for taking the quiz and for commenting. Jo sure had spunk. Louisa wanted her to stay single, but the publisher and public response got to her. I thought Amy such a spoiled little nut. Fun stuff.

  5. I hang my head in shame. I missed 3: Beth’s age, the title of part 2, and Meg’s children’s names. I loved Jo because she wrote, had a free spirit and a mind of her own. Next to her, I liked Meg, the steady, traditional, oldest sister. SISTERS impresses me as being a heartwarming 2 book combination, Tanya.
    I wish you every success and happiness.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for stopping by and for the good wishes. LMA based the book on her own four sisters, and I was thrilled to see “Meg’s” wedding dress on display at the Alcott home Orchard House in Concord MA. One of the best places I ever visited.

  6. Confess I didn’t take the quiz, but read the answers. (I always did want to take the easiest way in school.) Still, I’ve always loved the story. I think for many of us it was the defining story in our young lives. I can see how it would lead one to want to be a writer. You can identify with each sister and live life through their eyes.

    Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    • Hi Doris, oh, no matter! You came by and commented. Makes me so happy! I know, the defining book. I feel I have something in common with each March sister…part of LMA’s brilliance as a writer. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Tanya, you know how much I love these stories of yours! And yes, we just HAD to get Judith her own story to get her away from that awful mother of theirs. I’m certain things are going to work out just fine for all of them! LOL Can’t wait for your Christmas story, either. It’s sure to be a page-turner like SISTERS is!


    • Hi Cheryl, I hope you like Ronnie’s story as much as I did. He’s a keeper. And who can resist an outlaw turned-good? For good reasons LOL. I thank you again for helping to bring Elspeth and Judith to life on the page! xoxo

  8. I hate to say it but I don’t think I ever read Little Women, hangs head in shame. I can’t wait to read your book Sisters. I have two sisters myself and I am very fond of them.

    • Hi Quilt Lady, well, it’s never too late LOL. I always got classic books at Christmas from my parents ranging from the Alcotts to Bobbsey Twins to Wizard of Oz, Little House etc. I have realized many of my stories concern sisters…I didn’t have any, so I wonder if that’s the reason! Thanks for posting today. It’s always so nice to see you here in Wildflower Junctin.

  9. Hey you gave us the answers. But I already knew all of them. Cannot count the number of times I have read Little Women. I think I have only read Little Men and Jo’s Boys three or four times each. I have read most of what Louisa wrote including her truly awful, novel Work. My first book that I devoured was Louisa May Alcott, Girl of Old Boston by Corneila Meigs. Someday I want to write a picture book biography of her. Thanks for the fun,Tanya

    • Hi Susan, sounds like you enjoy LW as much as I do! I also love Jack and Jill. Whenever I need a boost on how to include emotion into a story, I read the chapter when the kids’ friend Ed dies… So perfect, beautiful, understated. Thanks for the comment!

  10. Little Women was one of my mother’s favorite books. She insisted my sister and I read it when we were very young (this is the kind of thing happens when your mother is a schoolteacher 😉 ), and both of us enjoyed it. I, too, found Beth’s death heart-wrenching.

    Tanya, those questions were hard!

    BIG HUGS, my friend!

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks kindly, my friend. I think you can tell by the quiz questions, I am a scholteacher too! Come to think of it, I think I had to bribe my own daughter into reading it! Xo

  11. I can’t believe I haven’t yet read LITTLE WOMEN. I have the complete set of the books on my shelf, but have so many new books to get to, I never seem to manage to get to the older books. I don’t know why, but none of these classic, must read books were ever required in my high school or college classes.
    Even though I am the oldest child In my family, I relate more to Jo than to any of the other March girls.
    Your SISTERS Duo sounds like it will be an interesting and enjoyable read.

    • Hi Patricia, I so understand the concept of so many books, too little time! I hope you get to LW sometime. You’ll love it and realize why I tap about it all the time. It’s always so good to see you here…thanks for the comment.

  12. 10 of 10! A clue that I have read that book (and seen the movie) too many times! Fun quiz. Isn’t Jo everyone’s favorite March sister? I know she’s mine. Thanks Tanya. I’m looking forward to reading your Sisters story.

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