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I’m really excited to have these two stories released in one volume, since it’s how I think of them–intertwined.  Originally released in the Lassoing a Groom & Lassoing a Bride anthologies, these stories take place at the same time—exactly the same time.

That timing, I admit, was an accident.  I was writing WANTED: THE SHERIFF, Matt & Martha’s story, and suddenly, in the middle of it, a young woman was brought to Martha’s brother, the doctor, for treatment.  While Matt & Martha were busy making calf eyes at each other, Dr. Franz discovered the love of his life. And pretty Rebekah Snow Redman turned out to be a fireball in spite of her fragile appearance.



Wanted: The Sheriff

Martha Bittner may be considered a spinster at twenty-seven, but she’s not planning to stay that way. For four years, she’s wanted the sheriff of River’s Bend, Missouri, to notice her as more than a friend and a really good cook. With the first annual spring dance only weeks away, Martha decides to announce her intentions — and declares the sheriff a wanted man.

Sheriff Matthew Tate always thought he was better off a bachelor. Growing up in Boston society, where marriage is a business transaction and wealth his greatest asset, he’s learned to distrust all women’s intentions. None of them even catch his eye anymore — until pretty Martha Bittner tells him exactly what she wants… and he wonders why he ever resisted capture.

No Less Than Forever

Doctor Franz Bittner is satisfied with his life as it is. He has a good practice in a place where he is respected, in spite of his German birth. He has good friends and enough income to provide him with a few comforts. A wife would only complicate things. Then a tiny blond stranger is pulled from the river and everything changes. With one smile she captures his attention—and steals his heart.

Rebekah Snow Redmann barely survived her abusive husband’s attack. Though she was given to him to pay her father’s debts, she’d rather die than go back. Then she ends up in the care of the handsome local doctor and he stitches up more than her wounds—he mends her soul. With him, she discovers everything that she believes she can never have…a love that will last forever.

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  1. Congrats on the new release, Tracy! How nice to have both stories in one book. I just love when things happen seemingly at random and they turn out to be exactly what we need. And what a beautiful cover! I love that black and gold and the white lettering really stands out. Livia did it again! She’s amazing. Wishing you much success!

  2. Funny how a pesky and determined woman can derail a bachelor’s best plans to remain unmarried. This sounds like an enjoyable pair of stories.

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