Cheryl2041webHi everyone! Ready for some great western historical romance reading at some fantastic bargain prices? Well, let me tell you about Prairie Rose Publications’ 2nd annual CHRISTMAS IN JULY event!

Christmas in July is a chance for us to be able to showcase our authors’ short stories from the past year’s anthologies as single sell stories. Many of the stories are Christmas stories, but there are others, as well, and also for the duration of our Christmas in July event some of our full length novels will be reduced to only .99!

Our Christmas in July event will start on July 24 (this Friday) and will last through the next Friday, the 31st. One fun thing we always try to do when we have these sales is a Facebook party called a “FANDANGO” for our authors and readers to connect and get to know one another. During this year’s Christmas in July, our Fandango will take place on Monday, the 27th and Tuesday, the 28th. We decided on those days because Jacquie Rogers, one of our authors who is always so wonderful at setting up these shindigs for us, has a birthday on the 27th, and mine is on the 28th!

Here’s a collection of the 21 short stories and duos that will be available, but we’ll have more books available at “Christmas in July sale prices”!

PRPChristmas+in+July+2015 FINALI’ll post the links below so everyone can sign up, if you’d like to attend, and come join us for two afternoons/evenings of lots of fun, chatter, and PRIZES! What is Christmas without gifts?

Here’s a sneak peek at our fillies who will be participating with some of their stories in the Prairie Rose Publications Christmas in July event!


PRPThe Last 3 Miles Kathleen 2 WebKathleen R. Adams The Last Three Miles

When an accident leaves Hamilton Hollister convinced he’ll never be more than half a man, he abandons construction of a railway spur his lumber mill needs to survive.


Believing no woman shackled by social convention can be complete, railroad heiress Katherine Brashear refuses to let the nearly- finished track die. The magic of Christmas in a small Texas town may help them bridge the distance…if they follow their hearts down The Last Three Miles.



PRPTanya Sisters Double 2 WebTanya Hanson: Sisters: Her Hurry-Up Husband

Prim and proper socialite Elspeth Maroney flees from an indiscretion to the Wild West of Colorado as a mail order bride. She doesn’t plan to stay long, only a month. Rancher Hezekiah Steller needs a wife quick to get himself an heir, but what will the stagecoach deliver to his doorstep?

Their worlds collide deliciously until Ellie must confess her mistakes. Will Hez still want her tomorrow?

Her Thief of Hearts

To escape her domineering mother, Omaha socialite Judith Maroney heads to her sister’s Colorado ranch on the morning train…a train that’s ambushed by the very cowboy who stole her heart on her last visit!

Taking on the disguise of his outlaw twin brother, Tremaine Heisler holds up a train to retrieve a family treasure—and finds his gun pointed at the woman he loves. Is there any way out for either of them?


PRPTracy Garrett Duo WebTracy Garrett—A RIVER’S BEND DUO

Wanted: The Sheriff

Martha Bittner may be considered a spinster at twenty-seven, but she’s not planning to stay that way. For four years, she’s wanted the sheriff of River’s Bend, Missouri, to notice her as more than a friend and a really good cook. With the first annual spring dance only weeks away, Martha decides to announce her intentions — and declares the sheriff a wanted man.

Sheriff Matthew Tate always thought he was better off a bachelor. Growing up in Boston society, where marriage is a business transaction and wealth his greatest asset, he’s learned to distrust all women’s intentions. None of them even catch his eye anymore — until pretty Martha Bittner tells him exactly what she wants… and he wonders why he ever resisted capture.

No Less Than Forever

Doctor Franz Bittner is satisfied with his life as it is. He has a good practice in a place where he is respected, in spite of his German birth. He has good friends and enough income to provide him with a few comforts. A wife would only complicate things. Then a tiny blond stranger is pulled from the river and everything changes. With one smile she captures his attention—and steals his heart.

Rebekah Snow Redmann barely survived her abusive husband’s attack. Though she was given to him to pay her father’s debts, she’d rather die than go back. Then she ends up in the care of the handsome local doctor and he stitches up more than her wounds—he mends her soul. With him, she discovers everything that she believes she can never have…a love that will last forever.

PRPThese Rough Dreams Cheryl WebCheryl Pierson: These Rough Dreams

When Southern socialite Gabrielle Mason discovers she’s pregnant, she takes her future into her own hands. She has her family name to consider, and a husband is what she needs. She answers an ad for a mail-order bride in Indian Territory. But the man who proposes isn’t the man she ends up marrying.

Johnny Rainbolt is not a family man by any stretch of the imagination…but Fate is about to give him no choice. His late sister’s three children will be arriving on the next stage, and he has no idea what to do with them. When cultured Gabby Mason is left waiting for her prospective groom at the stage station, Johnny sees a way to solve everyone’s problems.

Some dreams get off to a rough start. A mail-order marriage is only the beginning. When one of the children is stolen, Johnny and Gabby are forced to depend on one another in an unimaginable circumstance that could turn tragic… or show them what might become of THESE ROUGH DREAMS.

These are just a few of the wonderful stories that will be available on the 24th!

Visit our website at http://www.prairierosepublications.com on July 24 to see the unveiling of over 21 wonderful books, duos, and short stories that we’ll have available for Christmas in July!

To join up for the 2015 Christmas in July PRP Fandango at Facebook, go here and click “JOIN”—this event will start both the 27th and the 28th at 5:00 EASTERN STANDARD TIME, so don’t forget to make the adjustment for whichever time zone you live in! I promise, you won’t want to miss out on one minute of the fun!


We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. We have a great line-up of stories set to release for the Christmas in July Fandango. My contribution is The Kid in Black.

    Disguised as The Kid in Black, Nell Grant tracks down the outlaw who killed her sweetheart and destroyed her future. At night, her dreams remind her she’s a still a woman. When she discovers the man who haunts her dreams is a marshal who could thwart her plans, she knows she must choose between vengeance and love.

    U.S. Marshal Sam Kline is sent to apprehend an outlaw. Instead, he uncovers a passionate woman hidden beneath gunfighter’s clothing. How can he protect her when her hunger for revenge threatens to destroy her?

    • Connie, that was a really good and different kind of story! I loved it, and I’m sure others will, too. I think dreams are so interesting, and sometimes they just can’t be discounted. My niece one time dreamed of a man coming in and robbing her dad’s store at gunpoint. She called him and told him about it, and that when the man escaped, he ran into the back storeroom and hid. About two weeks later, this happened in reality, and when the police came, they found him in that back storeroom. Gives me chills to think about it.

  2. I am very excited for not only the authors of these great stories, but for the readers who are in for such a treat. (Me included) Thank you for getting these authors and their works together for a wonderful Christmas in July. A fabulous way to end the month. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    • Doris, there are a lot of really good stories here at some wonderful prices. People can really stock up at an affordable price. I’m always ready for Christmas! LOL

  3. Okie, I’m all fired up about PRP’s Christmas in July. I imagine poor Livia Washburn Reasoner, who designs all of PRP’s covers (in addition to the 50 other jobs she has, including editing her husband’s bestselling westerns and writing her own short stories and novels), is about ready to collapse.

    You’re a fink, BTW. You told the rest of us to keep our mouths shut about this! Darn Okies. Just can’t trust ’em.

    • Livia has made some fantastic covers for these books–just awesome work, as always, Kathleen. You are so right about her probably being ready to collapse. LOL

      I’m so excited about Christmas in July–it’s just one of those things that I’ve always thought was so different, even growing up when different business would announce “Christmas in July”–I wanted to know what it was all about! If anyone mentioned Christmas, I was SOOOO there! LOL


  4. 1) Happy Early Birthdays to both you and Jacquie.
    2) So looking forward to this fandango – just hope I’ll be able to be there for as long as possible (hubby’s on vacation, so we never know what we’ll be doing in advance).
    3) Keep up the good work with PRP. 🙂

    • Hi Liette!

      Well, I totally understand about hubby being home and not knowing what the plans will be–mine is retired, so it’s a new world every day, here. LOL We’ll be glad to see you at the Fandango for whatever time you can manage to be there. Tell him “Honey, I’m saving us money! I’m buying .99 books and I MIGHT win some prizes!” (Like the old I Love Lucy shows.)

      Thanks for all your support, Liette. It means a lot!

  5. Cheryl,
    You and Jacquie are sly, planning this Fandango around your birthdays. It’ll be big bash, for certain. Love the cover of your short story, and loved the story too. 🙂

    • LOL Kristy–“SLY” is our middle names. LOL Thanks so much for your very kind words. You know I love your writing, too. I always enjoy the mystical element you include in your work.

  6. Great list of new ones by my Filly sisters! I see my Amazon account is going to swell. Aren’t books as important as milk and bread though? Seems I remember that from somewhere. Cheryl, you know I love your books! Each one is better than the last. I love that title – These Rough Dreams. It automatically gets the wheels in my brain churning.

    Wishing you ladies much success!

    • Linda, you will enjoy these stories–every one of them. And you’re so right–books are as important as milk and bread–sometimes, even more so! LOL Thank you so much for your very kind words, Linda. That means so much to me. And you know, titles are sometimes the bane of my existence, but that one just flowed-it was so right for this story. I’m hoping one of these days you’ll have some time to send some more work our way, too! WE MISS YOU!

  7. What an amazing blog post, Cheryl!! So much talent crammed into one spot. Beautiful covers, one and all 🙂 love that purple tinted one in the middle THE BANK ROBBER’S LAMENT 🙂 😉

  8. I knew two people as talented and energetic and capable as Cheryl and Jacque had to have some kind of cosmic connection. Now I know what it is–being born one day apart!
    I’m a part of the Christmas in July event on PRP–my story is Starr Bright, and if you look at the collage of covers Livia created, my cover is on the bottom row, smack dab in the middle! Now, I know everyone’s eyes will be drawn to my cover..it’s that cool.
    Thanks to all of you.

    • LOL Celia, you crack me up. I was very partial to that cover, too. It’s just gorgeous, but they ALL are. I don’t know how Livia comes up with these fantastic ideas, but she is always so good at putting our ideas into visuals.

      Yep, Jacquie and I ARE “cosmically connected” — no doubt about it. I’m so glad for the internet so I can be friends with people I never would have met, otherwise. You and Jacquie, and so many of my writer friends, are THOSE PEOPLE!

      Thanks for coming over, Celia!

  9. Well no facebook for me, but I hope you all have a wonderful time and Happy B-day wishes to you Cheryl! 🙂

    • Tanya, I have always loved the idea of Christmas in July. Just something fun. And this is our second one at PRP–August of this year will mark our 2 year anniversary. We always have so much fun getting this together, but it is a LOT of work–we love to be able to present it to so many avid readers and allow them the chance to get to know some authors they might not have ever read before. I’m especially excited to see your companion stories in a “duo” as well as Tracy’s! And Kathleen has a little surprise she’ll reveal when she blogs later in the week, too! LOL

  10. Of course the best cover is top row, second from the left: A Gift for Rhoda. ? What we see here is the result of a lot of hard work. We wrote the stories but Cheryl edited every one of them, and Livia made the covers and formatted them all. The result is an amazing collection of great stories by talented authors.

    One thing about Cheryl’s birthday–I don’t ever forget it. LOL.

    • LOL Jacquie! I don’t forget yours, either. That is very handy as we get older, right? We have the “mental crutch” to help us remember. When we are old and gray we may have forgotten everything else, but we’ll remember each other’s birthdays. LOL

      I love that cover for A GIFT FOR RHODA. And I just loved that story, too. I know I say that about all these stories, but as the acquisitions person, I HAVE to love them to accept them! LOL So many good reads and beautiful covers. I can’t wait until the 24th!


    • Isn’t it great, Lorrie? I don’t want to give any spoilers, but your story really touched my heart. I was wondering how they were going to work it out…but they did, and in a great way! And you’re right–there’ll be LOTS of prizes, including a GRAND PRIZE to be given away on the 2nd day of the Fandango at the end of our big party!

  11. So excited to be a part of PRP’s Christmas in July! There’s a story for everyone whether a reader wants light-hearted or “go through a box of tissues.” Livia outdid herself with all the covers. I love how she captured Cal and Josie from RACE TO MARRY.

    • Kirsten, I love that cover, too. And your HEARTS IN WINTER will be on sale, too! Lots of great KIRSTEN LYNN reading to be had over Christmas in July! LOL

      • Oh Awesome!! I didn’t know that about HEARTS IN WINTER! Should be a fun time!! Think I’ll decorate my Christmas tree.

  12. Love this blog post and the title Petticoats and Pistols! And yes, The Bank Robber’s Lament is a wonderful read! Please, if you can, add a TWEET share button, and a FB share button to your blog so that I can share the news…Google+ wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Hi Ann! I got to meet someone very near and dear to you yesterday! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting today. You can share by copying and pasting the URL on FB, too. I’m a technophobe, so that’s how I usually do it anyhow. So glad you stopped by today!

  13. Wow, you have been busy. The Christmas In July Event sounds like it will be great fun.I hope I have no meetings those days. There are a few books I will be checking on. Good luck, I hope it is a great success.

    • Hey Pat! This has taken a LOT of hard work by a lot of people to pull it all together. Hope you can join us at least part of the time for the Fandango!

  14. Cheryl, What a delightful post. It’s going to be so much fun at the Christmas in July and also the Fandango. Yahoo! We’re ready to party and celebrate. What a great line up of books and talented authors. Looking forward to all. Bev

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