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Some people think I have it easy working from my own home and some people don’t see how I do it. They can’t imagine having distractions all around you, such as the phone, the internet, the television, the bed, and the kiss of death–the lure of a shopping mall just minutes away.   My truth lies somewhere in between.

To set the record straight, let me say that it helps that I love what I do.  I love creating stories, and getting it down on paper.  I’m not good with plot, so I have plot buddies, accomplished authors and friends who help me every step of the way, and vice-versa. It’s amazing how problems can be solved when four heads collaborate on a single idea and work it out.  I love them and they have become some of my closest friends.

My work space. Metal art horses inspire.
           My work space. Metal art horses inspire.

Next, let me say the creative process is WORK.  Writers are some of the hardest working people I know.  We can spend sixteen hours a day on the job, working nights and weekends.  Last week, I worked every minute of my birthday up until hubby rescued me and took me to a lovely dinner.  The truth?  I didn’t mind. Having that day to catch up on my work was a blessing and I went to dinner that night, knowing I’d caught up on the pressing things that were haunting me.

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I’m a goal-setter and I only get frustrated when I don’t get achieve my daily goals, whether it be edits, working on revisions, developing a synopsis or putting down a certain word count for the day.  I write between 1000 to 1500 words a day and that’s equivalent to 4-6 pages of the book.   But lately, due to four young princesses who came into my life recently, I don’t write every day, I put on my other hat to watch them.   So, I write every other day, and usually the weekends.  This is an especially busy time for me. I’ve had three irons in the fire lately, working on different projects with staggered deadlines.  It’s a quite crazy.

Humbled by the awards I've  won.
 Humbled by the awards I’ve won.

Here’s a bit of what my Friday was like:

At the computer at 7 am.

Composed 2 letters to my editor regarding changes to my synopsis/revisions on a continuity book

Read through 80 emails and answered some of them.

Helped promo some of my friends’ releases with tweets/shares on FB.

Composed a Facebook Ad of my own and published it.

Checked the sell status of two of my books on sale.

Ate breakfast at my desk.

Now to begin the REAL work– Spent five hours proof-reading and polishing my novella Claim Me, Cowboy, set to release in September and sent it off to editor.  Whew! (My eyes are tired by now)

Ate a late lunch.

Commiserated with two authors regarding our books “bible”. We each have one brother’s story to tell.

Showered and dressed before hubby got home.  (I know, this is crazy, but time got away from me)

Checked emails again. 

Made dinner.  Watched a movie and spent a few hours with hubby.

By 9 PM -Back at the computer, rereading and sorting through the continuity series “bible.”  Making notes so I can write the synopsis first thing on Saturday morning.

In bed by 11:30 PM.

This was an atypical day as I didn’t have a word count to accomplish, because I’d just finished a book and I was getting ready to start another one.  Some days, all I want to do is write. Those days are luxuries, because the whole process requires so much more.  Some authors will say, “I can’t NOT write.”  That’s me. I love the process, but along with it come a zillion other things.

I used to write to see if I could, then I began to think maybe I could sell my stories, and then once I did, it became about possibly earning a living at it.  And now, I’m at the point where all I want to do is please my readers. I want people who read my stories to enjoy them and close the book with a sigh. And I’m not alone. I think that’s why writers work so darn hard.  We are, in essence, entertainers and thought provokers.  And we want our stories to be loved.


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27 thoughts on “A DAY IN MY WRITING LIFE”

  1. It sure is a lot of work that authors do for us readers. Thank you for all the great stories you have written that kept me entertained! I love how you have decorated your office.

      • It makes it much more pleasant to work in it if it looks nice. My computer sets next to a window so I can get the light. if it were in a corner, I probably wouldn’t be on as much (that might be a good idea as I am on way to often as it is).

  2. Hi Charlene! I sure loved a sneak peek into your writing den 🙂 The Dream catcher on the wall is the perfect touch! As I said before…you need an “off” button! Just reading about your day made me dizzy!

    What do I think makes a good father? A man who is loving but firm so a child knows the rules. A man who has his own interests, but his children come before them and he makes sure to spend time every day with them so that they know they are important to him.

    • Hi Kathryn
      LOL!! I have an off button. Believe me, I’m even more tired after watching my three munchkins during the day. (my daughter recently returned to work) and I’m their caregiver a few days a week! Compared to them, working in the office is a piece of cake! Thanks for your insights on fatherhood. I agree!!!

  3. My own father and my children’s father are great dads because they are totally devoted to their family.

    I love how you have framed your book covers!

  4. very interesting post,,wasnt aware of how a day of writing was so complex,,but i can imagine how hard it could be,,do you ever walk thru antique stores for inspiration,,when i walk thru i imagine where all those lovely pieces came from an the stories behind them,,thanks for sharing your working day with us

    • Hi Vickie,
      I’m not much of an antique junkie, but I can see how the antiques would inspire thought provoking stories. I’m doing more contemporary stories now and so it’s a little different for me. I get inspired by different and unique occupations in the modern world. Love my friend’s concept. Her heroine is a handwriting analyst. It plays well into her story too.

  5. A great father is patient, compassionate, has a good sense of humor, is loving, giving of self and has time to share experiences with the child and the family. Also a teacher and a good disciplinarian!

  6. Hi Mary,
    I just recently cleaned up my space! It was unbearable, due to lack of time. But I managed to organize it and now I love walking into the place again. I can’t work in clutter, and it was driving me crazy!

  7. hi Charlene, well, to say you are my writing hero is an understatement! I now know just how you do it! You’re reminding me that my desk is cluttery at present but I have so much else to do today LOL. Best wishes, my dear friend, for many more wonderful best-sellers! Love you…

    • Hi Tanya,
      Thanks for your kind thoughts. I have had my desk a mess for a long time, but recently bought a vertical file and it makes a big difference. My piles are organized now. I have to tackle my closet next. It’s brimming with stuff!!

      • Closets? Ugh. Isn’t that where everything that doesn’t have a dedicated space goes? lol.
        Love this glimpse into your writing world, Charlene. Thanks for sharing!

  8. He needs to love his child more than life itself… He would do whatever r it takes to see his child are healthy and well taken care of.

  9. Being there… showing he cares whether with a diaper change, a hug, etc… little everyday things to show that he thinks of the child.

  10. There is no doubt in my mind that authors work hard and I really appreciate that. Reading is the highlight of my day. I don’t know what I would do with out books. I travel the world in books and let them take me away from the real world for a while. So I would like to thank all authors for the hard work you put into your books.

    • Well, that’s just the sweetest Quilt Lady! Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad books play an important role in your life. I love them too, and have my favorite authors. I wish I had more time to read though. 🙂

  11. Charlene, you are succeeding well in pleasing your readers. I have enjoyed all your books I have read, both contemporary and historical. I think most readers think about the writing part of an author’s “job,” but don’t realize the “business” side of it. As you so well described in your “day in the life,” there is much more involved. I love the order in your office. I need it too, but somehow don’t seem to be able to get there. I will get started, but there are so many other things that need attention, I never finish organizing.

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