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Wedding-Week-sepiaDon’t forget to leave a comment today! I’m giving away one of my backlist books because…it’s about a Bride, and it’s Wedding Week here in Wildflower Junction!  PLEASE check the comments later tonight for my “winner” as I don’t want to intrude on tomorrow’s filly…

The picture below is me and my posse in July 1974 at my bridal shower. (I’m seated on the right.) This womanly gathering owes its roots to a Dutch maiden three hundred years ago whose wealthy papa pooh-poohed her marital choice of a lowly miller. He refused her a  dowry, so her friends and neighbors “showered” her with enough household goods to start life with her true love.

In the 1890’s, gifts for the bride were actually placed into a Japanese parasol which was later opened over her head. Hopefully there wasn’t a cast iron frying pan or meat cleaver knife in there.

my bridal shower

The honored roll of Bridesmaid got its start during the bride-stealing days of the Anglo-Saxons. A gaggle of lovelies usually dressed identical to the bride even to their veils to confuse marauders and act as decoys. Later, the flock of bridesmaids was believed to ward off evil spirits who might curse the happy couple.

In those good old days of bride-stealing and kidnapping, the groom of course had to surround himself with pals ready to assist in abducting his woman. Sometimes the “groomsmen” snatched brides of their own from the herd of bridesmaids. Romantic? Can’t decide if there’s a historical romance plot in there somewhere. Or if it’s just downright inappropriate behavior no matter what century you’re in…

Anyway, here are some helpful proverbs for any superstitious brides out there.

  1. If you find a spider on your wedding gown, you’ll come into money. 
  2. If you see a flock of birds, your marriage will be blessed with fertility. 
  3. If it snows on your wedding day, you’ll be wealthy.
  4. If the sun is out, you’ll be happy.
  5. If you marry as the hands of the clock move up (after the half hour), you’ll have good fortune. 
  6. If you drop the ring during the ceremony, it’s best to start the whole thing over. 
  7. If you look in the mirror before walking down the aisle, you’ll leave a part of yourself behind. 
  8. If you cry on your wedding day, especially before the kiss, you’ll prevent tears during the marriage. 


Above is an heirloom photo of my grandparents. The one below is my niece. As for Hubs and me…we’re still going strong after 41 years even though it did not snow on our wedding day. The sun shined bright, though, so that adage works.While we’re never been wealthy, we’ve never been in want. And of course I looked in the mirror. If any part of me got left behind, I haven’t missed it!Ethereal!

So…what’s the best bridal shower gift you ever got or gave? I’ll draw one name from the commenters  for a copy of MARRYING MINDA, my tale of a mail-order-bride who heads West and marries…the wrong man. (U.S. Residents only for print; others e-copy)MarryingMinda_w2706_680

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63 thoughts on “For Ever and Ever…Tanya Hanson”

  1. Oh, wow I’m first! The best shower gift I received was from my mother. She gave me a waffle maker. We still have it today.

    I would love to be in your drawing!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Cindy W., thanks so much for stopping by. Waffle irons absolutely are the best! Our first one wasn’t “coated” and I forgot to grease it before pouring the batter…yikes. It never opened again. You brought back a fun memory just now!

    • Hi Faith, oh, I love doilies. I have a few antique ones from my gram but I need to find more at the flea market…I saw a wonderful idea for connecting a bunch of them for a table runner. As for lip balm, I’d love that pepermint one. I can’t leave the house without lip balm. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Tanya, congratulations on 41 years of wedded bliss. It rained on our wedding day, but since we live in California everyone insisted it was good luck. You know what? They were right.


    • Hi Margaret, boy, I hear you about rain being good luck around here. We need more. Yep, 41 years seems like along time, but we still find ourselves having fun together. Continued blessings to and George, my friend.

  3. actually the strangest gift i ever gave was to the husband,,he was my sons best friend and i knew he was moving from his parents house to the marriage house,,and the bride always gets the showers so we made our gift for him,it was a tackle box filled with tools for him to start out his married life with,,it went over very well and they both loved it,,she was okay with him getting a man gift

    • Vickie, this is a terrific gift! Years ago we went to a couples’ shower and we did the same for the groom. I really enjoyed wandering the hardware store for suitable things for him. When my daughter married six years ago, she got as a shower gift a pink tool box filled with matching tools. Fun and helpful. I so appreciate you commenting today.

  4. The best shower gift I received was embroidered tea towels made for me, by my handicapped aunt. They are still in the original box- 39 years later. I’ll never use them, just enjoy looking at them now and then and thinking of her.

    For our Sunday afternoon wedding it was a windy, hot 108 degree day.

    • Hi Linda, ooooh, 108. Yikes! I can just see those lovely tea towels snug in their gift box. What a beautiful, heartfelt gift. My great auntie’s hands were severely crippled by arthritis, but she still knotted a beautiful baby afghan blankie for our daughter. Who still keeps it as a treasure, too. Thanks for posting today!

  5. The best gift I got was for my first marriage. My mother-in-law gave us a quilt that she made especially for our wedding.

    • HI Janine, a handmade quilt just warms my heart. Did she do the wedding-ring pattern? I hope it still keeps you cozy at night. I so appreciate the comment today.

      • No, she actually did a southwest design because that was the style I had decorated the house in. It was gorgeous. When we divorced, she asked for it back. I thought that was a bit strange. But that was just how she was. I gave it back to avoid a confrontation.

      • HI Janine, wise decision there. Sheesh. Well, maybe it would eventually have brought back memories you didn’t want if you’d kept it, and you are so right. It’s always better to avoid confrontation. Thank you again for visiting my post. I appreciate you.

  6. Hi Kathleen, thanks for stopping by today. I wonder about all the wonderful gifts you probably GAVE to others during your life 🙂 Thanks for visiting Wildflower Junction during our special event.

    • Hi Anon, always so good to see you here in Wildflower Junction. What a perfect gift for a bride. I treasure a cookbook from those long ago days! I can always find what I need. And in later years, I’e been given “Six Ingredients Cookbook” and get read for this one–the FOUR-ingredient one. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I did not know some of those proverbs… hmmm, I have to admit I have never been to a bridal shower… my sister did not have one… I never made the trip back East to my friend’s wedding… so I missed out on that one…

    • Hi Colleen, nice to see you here. Thanks for the comment. I bet there’s wedding and showers someday ahead. I can’t even imagine the gifts tumbling out of a parasol.

  8. We just had our 46 wedding anniversary and it’s been 46 yrs. so I think picking a gift my daughter received since she just got married last month is easier lol. They got married in Disney and a friend got them Mickey and Minnie ears – one with a top hat and one with a veil that let them skip to the front of the line. It made it a lot of fun and others were always congratulating them.

    • Oh hi, Catslady, I am a Disney freak! I can just imagine how adorable they looked! And getting to the head of the line is sure a super perk. One of my relatives had a Mickey and Minnie bridal couple as a cake topper. (I’m doing a Snow White Pinterest board and almost wish my daughter had done a Snow White wedding…there are some cute ideas. and SW has been her favorite since she was little.) Congratulations to your daughter and new son in law.

  9. The most memorable shower gift that we received was a Milking Stool! I was marring a farmer but what they didn’t know was my Mother-in-law told me to never learn to milk the cows. I didn’t and it must have been okay because we have been married 52 years!

    • Connie, what a wonderful story! My college roommate lived on a Nebraska farm and I loved going home with her…there are fun pictures of my first and only time milking the cow…I finally got it all to work. And have a photograph to prove it to my city family. Oh, you brought back a wonderful memory for me, too just now. Thanks for the post. And congratulations on 52 years. Way to go!

  10. Hi Tanya! What a great start to the week of “Here Come the Brides!” Loved the proverbs! I have gifts from my shower that are still in use…a hand mixer I particularly like, and a beautiful teak salad bowl. Bringing out either to use always one reminds me of the women who gave them as a gift. (Recipes are the same–always make me think of the giver.) Where in the world did the proverb about the mirror get started! Kind of eerie… Anyway…congratulations to 41 years of wedded bliss!

    • Hi Kathryn, I still use every day the Pyrex sets I got for shower and wedding. You are right, what wonderful memories flood back. My hubs and I like to go to the flea market at the fairgrounds every week and it’s crazy, all the collectibles and antiques that we remember getting for our wedding LOL. I like the proverb about the clock. Our wedding was set to start at four p.m. but we planned an entire church service…we didn’t become Mr. and Mrs. vows until 4:33. My aunt and uncle kept time and wrote it in the guest book. Thanks for the comment today, filly sister.

  11. I can’t remember since it was 53 years ago. I still have my husband so that was probably the best gift.

    • Hi Goldie, wow, what a precious gift that is, a life-long love. Thanks so much for commenting today! We are all about love stories and happy endings here in Wildflower Junction!

  12. I was actually given an apron with the names of my shower hostesses monogramed on it. Priceless!!!!!!!

  13. I am with Goldie. We’ve been married for 47 years, so I really can’t remember. I know I still have a set of Club Aluminum that I still use and I believe it was from my mother-in-law, but not certain. Thanks for a great post, Tanya. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hugs back, Phyliss. i even still use the entire set of kitchen utensils I inherited from my gamma when she passed two years after I was married. They’re well used and careworn but I think of her every day! I love those oldies but goodies.

  14. Pots and pans was the best one I got which I still use today, and I will be giving a quilt to my nephew and his wife to be this week for a bridel shower. They are getting married of the forth of July.

    • Hi Quilt Lady, always so nice to see you here. I’ll bet that quilt is something. I’d love to see a picture of it. And a Fourth of July wedding, how festive. I wonder if they will have a red, white, and blue theme. Thanks for the post.

  15. Congratulations on 41 years. We hit 41 in February.
    As to shower gifts. I stink at this but I never seemed to have pot holders as a young bride so I make large pot holders to go with something I buy.

    • Hi Rosie, those potholders are a fabulous idea! I was running out so I now try to pick ’em up at the dollar stores. That is a terrific gift. Thanks so much for posting today.

  16. The best shower gift I received was our Mickey Mouse waffle iron — we made a ton of waffles with it especially after we had children. I try to give practical yet fun gifts like kitchen ‘toys’ since we enjoyed our fun waffle maker so much.

    • Glenda, oh, these are so fun! We’ve had those waffles at DisneyWorld. Now there is an Olaf waffle iron and my little grandsons so want it. I do love fun gifts that are also practical. THanks so much for posting today.

  17. The 1972 version of the Betty Crocker Cookbook. I specify the year, because my daughter like the recipes and bought one of her own. The cover was the same, but she told me the recipes had been changed. I finally found one at a garage sale or thrift store for her. It is a good basic cookbook and I use it almost every week for some of my favorite, go-to recipes.

  18. Hi Patricia, always so good to see you here. I love go-to cookbooks with all sorts of hints and recipes. It’s so interesting how the recipes do change over the years. I’m glad you found yours…garage sales sure hold some treasures for sure. Thanks so much for commenting. reasuteso

  19. I want to thank everybody for sharing their shower gifts and other thoughts today. It’s always a pleasure here in Wildflower Junction. Well, hubs pulled one name out of the Stetson to win a copy of Marrying Minda. And it’s CONNIE J. Yay. Please email me at tanya DOT hanson AT gmail DOT com with your particulars, so I can get a copy off to you.

  20. I didn’t get any bridal gifts. We were married by the Justice of the Peace, the best gift was the small group of supportive friends that attended our wedding. And my husband had won 3 days at a really fancy motel out of town for our honeymoon!


    • Hi Jean, aw, thanks for posting even though I’d already done the drawing. I am Pacific time so tried to time it with Midnight at the time the blog posts. I love your pan story. And there’s nothing better than a seasoned pan! We have a Wearever dutch oven thing that we got at a flea market 40 years ago and still use…my mom had one and when I saw it, I had to have it.

  22. Congratulations on your 41 years, my friend. What a mighty accomplishment. Great post, and I adore the proverbs! Always enjoy popping by Petticoat Junction for a visit. 🙂

    • Hi Dora, it’s always so good to see you here! Yup, 41 years sounds kind of daunting, but we stil get along great. The Lord has richly blessed us. Love you, my friend!

  23. My mom secretly took a quilting class and gave me the Log Cabin quilt at my shower. She said that was it! Since we’ve been missionaries for 11 years, my wedding gift now is doing desserts for the wedding table… bon bons, cinnamon candy (in wedding color), Cowboy Cookies, chocolate covered marshmallows, Pinky cookies, and then I convince 2 folks to buy my 2 cookbooks as gifts, for the bride!

  24. Tanya- The best shower gift I got was a sweeper & it’s still running after 47 yrs. as we too are still running, hopefully; to the 50th anniversary. Thanks, for stopping by the Junction. Love to read all the fillies books.

    • Wow. Lois, that’s quite a collectible. Happy to hear it’s been such a household helper all these years. I remember a Bissel sweeper we had years ago for an area rug…oh my son was little then andhe loved to “help.” Thanks for commenting.

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