Cast for the Story of Your Life

I thought I’d have a little fun with my post today ~

It’s no secret that I love romantic movies. With a houseful of boys (actually men now) who love everything about sports, this can make for some eye-rolling and snarky comments (in a teasing kind of way) when I choose to watch something like Pride and Prejudice or Crossfire Trail for the umpteenth time on the family room TV. It’s a good thing my husband is the world’s biggest western movie buff. At least with westerns, there is often a love story and so we are both satisfied, although I sure wish they would make some new ones! (I’m looking forward to the DVD of The Longest Ride to be released!)

With the books I write, it helps to “cast” my stories to get a feel for the characters. Often I will change halfway through the writing because I realize the actor or model I’ve chosen no longer fits or portrays the mood of my character.

Here are the ones I used for my latest two stories –

Garrett Hedlund 6
Garrett Hedlund
Julianne Hough-001
Julianne Hough

Dance With a Cowboy in the Wild West Christmas Anthology my hero look-a-like was a sensitive, moody Garrett Hedlund and the fire-cracker heroine was Julianne Hough


Kate Hudson 2
Kate Hudson

Pam's heroThe Gunslinger and the Heiress ~ I felt the Heiress should definitely have Kate Hudson’s spunk. And for the hero, I chose a model from one of Pam Crooks earlier Harlequin books ~ Her Lone Protector. (I wish I could give you his name…I have no idea what it is!)

Looking at these four now, I see that they are very similar in looks so I am glad I made a change for my next story!


Kiera Knightley
Dillon McDermott 2-001
Dylan McDermott

For Familiar Stranger in Clear Springs ~ the story I have just finished rewrites on, my heroine and hero inspirations were Kiera Knightley for the sweet spinster mercantile owner and Dylan McDermott as the world-weary government field agent. (Next time I post, I hope to have a book cover to share with you!)Iron flourish med

If my life were set back in western days, and the story of my life and romance were to go to the big screen (LOL) I would like a young Kate Hudson to play my part and probably Garrett Hedlund to play the part of my husband.

What about you? How many of you who are writers do this type of thing to envision your characters? Which actor/model would you chose to play your movie-star self in a western?

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14 thoughts on “Cast for the Story of Your Life”

  1. Kathryn, I love your blog! It’s fun seeing what other authors think the characters in their books would be if it was made into a movie. I love Julianne Hough and Garrett Hedlund. That hero in Pam’s book is Creed Sherman. I loved him! He was a really tough, hard guy…until he found a woman who filled his heart. In my Texas Mail Order Bride I saw Hugh Jackman as Cooper Thorne and Bradley Cooper as Rand Sinclair in Twice a Texas Bride.

    I can’t wait to read your upcoming book! It sounds great. Wishing you tons of success and happiness!

    • Thanks for stopping by Linda! I can spend way too much time looking through pictures but once I find the right ones with the right expression to set the mood, it really helps me envision my characters better. Hugh Jackman –now he looked great as a drover in the movie Australia didn’t he?

  2. What a great blog! I’m using a 1920’s actress whose name I don’t know for my heroine. She looks like one who buck the system just as my character does. John Corbett is my hero. Josh Lucas is the bad guy. Funny how some people strike is.

    • Hi Winona! Oh, I like John Corbett ever since I saw him in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Since I write westerns…don’t know if I can envision him as a cowboy though. Hmmm. His personality there actually reminds me a bit of my husband. And Josh Lucas too! His blue eyes get me every time. Put a Stetson on him and I’m there! LOL!

  3. How fun Kathryn! Well, I am not a writer but I am a Farscape fan and I can see both the leads in that show as the hero and heroine of The Gunslinger and the Heiress. Their names are Ben Browder and Claudia Black. Totally different from your take – but I like your choices too. I could definitely see Kate Hudson in that part.

    For my life – too hard to choose. I get too realistic.
    It is fun fitting actors and actresses into the book characters though. Keep writing!

    • Thanks for stopping by Wildflower Junction, Phyllis! I have never heard of Farscape, so I will have to check out the two actors you have mentioned. It is fun to “cast” my stories, but oh what a time suck it can be if I can’t find the perfect fit! But fun…definitely fun!

  4. Hi Kathryn, what a great blog and pictures! I don’t often really envision characters, because then the covers disappoint me LOL. Because they rarely look like what I wrote. I have loved John Corbett ever since Sex and the City, especially when he brokenly calls out, “Carrie you broke my heart.” Sob. My present go-to is Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels. I think he can get romantic fires starting LOL.

    Can’t wait to see your new cover!

  5. Hi Tanya, Glad you could stop by. I haven’t had a chance to watch Hell on Wheels but my husband and one of my sons love it. Anson Mount has such a strong persona whenever I see a picture of him. Definitely an “alpha male”.

  6. Hi Kathryn!

    I must admit that these movies sound wonderful. I’m so out of it on movies now-a-days — for me it’s the old movies or nothing. So I love John Wayne movies, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and so many others whose names escape me at the moment.

    Maybe this is why I write Historicals…could be.

    Loved your post.

    • I think I write historicals for a similar reason…I’ve just never been up to the times with the next “new” thing! I don’t know that I could write a contemporary!
      Thanks for stopping by Karen!

  7. I’d have to say it’s hard to beat Kevin Costner in Open Range. Whoo-boy. He should have made a LOT more westerns. I’m also a fan of Selleck in Crossfire Trail. Love that movie too, Kathryn. For my upcoming book next spring, I’ve pinned Costner and Scott Eastwood on the book’s board for the male role. I haven’t seen Eastwood’s new movie yet, so I may have to stick with Costner. Heroines? I have a little more trouble finding actresses that I would cast. Gotta work on that.

    • Hi Davalynn! Thanks for stopping by Wildfower Junction! Open Range was beautiful, wasn’t it? I saw it on the big screen with my husband and we were blown away at the beautiful scenery.

  8. You mean there are writers who don’t look for pix? 🙂 I like your choices! Looking forward to seeing the newest book cover.

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