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Swept Away

Swept away when her wagon train attempts a difficult river crossing,

Ruthy MacNeil isn’t terribly upset at being separated from the family who raised her.

All they’ve ever done is work her to the bone.

Alive but disoriented, she’s rescued by Luke Stone…so unfortunately, there are more chances to die in her immediate future.


Now that I’ve given every reader a FREE BOOK! Let me got to my topic.

There’s More Than One Way to Settle the West

My newest release…NOW & FOREVER is a clash between three different western people.

Shannon Wilde, my heroine and a homesteader.

Matt Tucker, the hero, a mountain man who thinks the mountains belong to no one and everyone, who lives in harmony with the mountains as they are.

Gage Coulter the biggest rancher in the area. He’s turned scrub brush into lush pastures, he’s widened trails into roads, he’d dug trenches from streams to irrigate grass . He’s done it all himself with the strength of his back and the brains of his head, trying to build something and tame a wild land.

These three have a problem, because Shannon just homesteaded over one of the best water sources on Gage’s land. He owns a lot of land but he didn’t realize homesteaders would come to such a rugged place. And they all grabbed up land he’d worked his heart out to turn into rich grassland, and his best streams and ponds. Now he’s got a bunch of hungry, thirsty cattle and a woman who knew something great when she saw it but she didn’t know how hard Gage had worked to make it great.

His solution, ‘Get out.’

Hers, ‘It’s mine, forget it.’

Tucker’s solution, ‘cut your herd, Coulter. You have enough and you should’ve left the land alone to begin with.’

A scene from Now and Forever

Shannon kept her back to the men while she washed up a cup for Gage and poured him coffee. She considered dumping it over his head but it was wasteful, besides she’d have to mop the floor.

            “Have you decided when you’re gonna head up the mountain yet? My cattle need water and you know you’re leaving sooner or later. While you’re lying around healing, with a hand full of sheep Now and Foreverliving on a whole river, the grass is wearing out on one of the last pieces of land on this side of my ranch that’s got a good water source.”

            “Have a seat, Coulter.” Tucker sounded tired.

            Gage sat down, dragged his Stetson off his head and tossed it on the table beside him.

            Shannon slapped the cup in front of him hard enough to earn herself a look. “This is not your ranch. This land is mine.”

            “I was here when no one else wanted it, Mrs. Tucker.” Somehow Gage made her name sound like an insult. “Any roads or trails you ride on out here, I built. I came here before anyone knew if the Shoshone were going to be friendly or lift my scalp.”

            “Don’t talk to me like you’re an old timer,” Tucker broke in. “I was here when you were still sittin’ on your daddy’s knee back in Texas.”

            Eyes that shifted from light gray to pure ice when he got mad turned the color of a storm cloud bringing a Rocky Mountain blizzard. “I know you got here first, but you lived in the hills. You didn’t build anything.”

            “A man don’t always have to change the land. He can find a way to fit in.”

            “He can, or he can put his mark on it and I did. I blasted rocks to widen a trail. I drove cattle over a thousand miles on land no white man had every trod. I had wolves at my heels and outlaws were the worst varmints of all. Go look at that river, Mrs. Tucker.”

            “I’ve seen the river plenty of times.”

Mary Connealy
                   Mary Connealy

            “Have you noticed that there are spreader dams on it? I dug them. They water fifty acres of grass. All that grass was wasteland, thick with underbrush and scrub pines when I first came into this country. Now there’s a wide lush meadow on the east side of the water that’ll feed a herd of cattle for months, and you’re running a dozen sheep on it. I did the same for the smaller pasture on the west side. None of that was there before I came. I built the ford you take every time you cross the river, too. You think those big stone just happened to fall in a line like that?”

            Shannon had thought they were conveniently located.

            “I’ve done work in dozens of places, all to turn my land into a place that’ll support a herd. Your sheep are getting fat on land I cleared. You say this homestead is yours? Your pa says you’ve come to build an empire? Well, you’re walking in and setting up your empire after I’ve done years of hard work to make that easy.”

            All of the things he’d listed were a big part of the reason she’d homesteaded here. And she hadn’t noticed that the water feeding her grass didn’t flow there naturally. But just from Coulter saying it did, she recognized the truth of it.

            “It’s not easy to tear civilization out of wilderness, Shannon.”

“It’s not always good, either,” Tucker interjected. “I like the mountains the way they are. Shannon hasn’t taken that much from you. Her sheep run on her homestead and drink from her stream, there’s still plenty of land left for you.”


These three all look at their efforts to settle the west differently and all of them have a point. They bicker and clash and learn how to live together in the wild west in Now and Forever.

Besides the FREE FREE FREE book, I’m also giving away a signed copy of Now and Forever and another winner with get a copy of Old West Summer Brides, a novella collection containing 4 books. This book is available ONLY at Walmart. So you’re going to have to use shoe leather to find it.

My novella in this is called A Bride Rides Herd the romance of Matt Reeves, first born son of Grace and Daniel Reeves in Calico Canyon, and Betsy Harden, fourth daughter of Belle Tanner from The Husband Tree. Betsy was Belle’s child with her third worthless husband, before he mercifully died and Belle married Silas Harden.

One of the wild Reeves boys and one of the tough, no-nonsense Harden girls. Belle and Silas and a few others from my older books, make an appearance.

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36 thoughts on “FREE BOOK! AND…There’s More Than One Way to Settle the West”

  1. Mary – This sounds like a terrific read! I went lickety split to download my Kindle copy. THANK YOU!!! I’ll never forget the very first Mary Connealy book I read — The Husband Tree. What an imagination you have!

  2. Loved now and Forever, Mary. Matt Tucker was a fabulous hero, strong, determined, and just alpha enough to get the blood pumping. And Shannon was a gal with serious spunk. Just the way I like my heroines. Great read!

  3. This reminds me of a song from Oklahoma (altered slightly to accommodate a third party): The farmer and the cowman [and the mountain man] should be friends . . . [skip a few lines] . . . Territory folks should stick together, territory folks should all be pals. [Mountain men] dance with farmer’s daughters, farmer’s dance with the ranchers gals . . .

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thanks for sticking with me, Kim. Now and Forever is my 40th release, so if you like my work I can keep you entertained for a long time!

  4. Yay! I’m so excited to read Now and Forever! I love how you infuse humor into your stories. And thanks for the tip on Old West Summer Brides 🙂

  5. After reading this excerpt, I kind of feel sorry for Gage (can’t wait for his story). How do you keep track of all the cross-over relationships between all your books? You must have some kind of spreadsheet or something. Also, do I need a yahoo account to sign up for your newsletter?

    • Lis K, I really feel like I get to know these characters and care about them. It’s pretty easy to remember them when you’re rooting for them to come to a good end. Poor Gage, he’s gonna have his hands full!

  6. Hi Mary, I am reading Swept Away right now and loving it. I love your books and when I found this one free I jumped on it and I am not disapointed which I knew I wouldn’t be. Your book are awesome.

  7. I loved Swept away and I can’t wait to get your newest series. I am so excited to hear that you wrote about Matt Reeves and Betsy Harden. Has the book come out to Walmart yet? If I don’t win, I would love to make sure I buy that book!

  8. I so enjoyed those books of yours that I have read. I have more to read, but unfortunately, my husband put them in a box when we were working on our great room and I haven’t found them yet. Thanks for SWEPT AWAY.
    As with your other series and stand-alone books, I like the sound of the story lines. I don’t remember hearing about OLD WEST SUMMER BRIDES, but I love anthologies and will be looking for this one.
    Hope you are not suffering from any of the bad weather that is plaguing the Midwest and South. Luckily it seems to be going around us, except for the heat.

  9. NOW AND FOREVER sounds great…. as well as giving a balanced look at the West from different points of view.

  10. Mary, your books are so fabulous! I love every one I read! These new ones sound awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! I’d love to win!!!! If not, I’ll still read them 🙂

  11. Hi Mary. I have Swept Away already. But, sure would love to win one of your other books. Thanks for a chance to do so. GOD bless.

  12. Thank you for the free book! I think Now and Forever sounds great.. thanks for the excerpt & I would love to read Old West Summer Brides too.. 🙂

  13. I would love to win a copy of your book. They both look wonderful. Thank you for the chance.

  14. I love the way characters from your novels appear again in future books or novellas. It will be fun to read about Matt and Betsy and become reaquainted with their families. I’m also looking forward to reading Now and Forever. Thanks for the chance to win either of these.

  15. Wow Mary your book Now & Forever sounds awesome! Thanks, for the chance to win & see how Gage makes out with Shannon. Long live cowboys & cowgirls, the old west was the best!!!
    Can’t wait to read some of your books.

  16. Thanks for the free book, new to me and sounds like a great read for the weekend! Thanks for the contest, too. And my Wal-Mart is just around the corner. 😉

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