Twice a Texas Bride – Book Release and GIVEAWAY!

sceneryWhat price would you pay for love? Would you risk everything?

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Twice a Texas Bride is officially out.

Book two of the Bachelors of Battle Creek series features middle brother Rand Sinclair. I knew he had a powerful story to tell when I introduced him in Texas Mail Order Bride, but I didn’t know how fiercely he’d fight for the woman he loves. Or what he was willing to risk.



Former saloon owner, Rand Sinclair, finally has his dream—land and a ranch. He knows two certainties—he’ll never fall in love again. Never Marry. Everyone in his life always walks out on him—from his parents to every woman he took a chance with and opened his heart to. No more pain and crushing disappointment. He’s closed his heart.

Twice a Texas BrideIn the dead of winter, he discovers a woman and six-year-old boy hiding in one of his outbuildings. They’re half-frozen and starving. He takes them into his home, feeds them and gets them warm. One look at Callie Quinn tells Rand she’s running from something or someone. He can’t send her back out in the cold. So he offers her a job cooking for him and the future ranch hands he intends to hire.

In the days and weeks that follow, he learns a killer outlaw is after her and the boy. Rand assures Callie that whoever wants to harm her will have to go through him—and that will be a mighty tough job.

While Rand fights his attraction for her and knows that he’s losing, the outlaw Nate Fleming finds them and demands the boy, saying he’ll let Callie live if they’ll hand him over. Rand pushes all his chips to the center of the table.

He risks everything…his name…his heart… his life for the woman who’s awakened a fierce hunger for love.

Locked in a desperate battle to rid themselves of the outlaw’s special brand of terror, he reaches deep inside for every weapon in his arsenal.

One of them will die. Who will it be?

I hope you’ll take this thrilling journey with me in this story of learning to trust again, of taking one more chance, of defeating the odds.

What would you do, or have done, for love? What would you risk? Would you wager everything you have?

To celebrate the release, I’m giving away five copies (your choice of print or ebook) of TWICE A TEXAS BRIDE!

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

39 thoughts on “Twice a Texas Bride – Book Release and GIVEAWAY!”

    • Good Morning, Faith! Thank you for coming. I agree this is a tricky question. We don’t really know what we’d give up until faced with losing the one thing that makes us whole. Rand was willing to give his life for this woman and the children they take in. He wants a family of his own with every fiber of his being.

      Have a wonderful day!

  1. This sounds like a book that I will have to be read in one sitting!
    I’m the risk it all type of girl who often wonders, “What on earth have I gotten myself into?”

    • Good Morning, Rosie! Thank you for stopping by. I love having you. Some of us are born risk-takers and others are very cautious. I’m not a big risk-taker myself but if it came to losing the one thing that made me whole, I’d do whatever it took, pay any price. Rand Sinclair wasn’t willing to take many risks–until Callie came into his life. He discovered a fierce need to protect her and put his very life on the line doing it.

      I’m glad TWICE A TEXAS BRIDE interests you. It is a very special love story. Good luck in the drawing!

  2. It is a good question. I think I Would do a lot but am not sure as I have never been in such a situation.

    • Good Morning Debra G! Thank you for coming! I really appreciate it. A lot of us have never been faced with such a situation. I’ll bet you’d face down a gunman if he tried to harm your kids or do anything to have the kind of love that makes your knees weak and your pulse race. That kind of love would make me give up a job, my comfortable surroundings and my need for permanence.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  3. well 12 yrs ago I moved 1200 miles for love,,left everything behind,I was in a very abusive marriage for 30 yrs ,,so when my last child turned 18 and graduated from high school,,I moved away,,we had been divorced for 6 months when i met my now husband on line,,we long distance dated for 2 yrs,,anyway I knew my ex would never give me any peace if I stayed here,,so I gave my 2 kids ages 18 and 28 the option of going with me,which they declined,,i had 2 small rental house which i gave one to each of them to live in for free,so they wouldnt have to stay with their dad,,and i packed a uhaul and left town,,i still come back for very long visits usually a month or so,,but my husband now has never ever put a hand on me,,i really didnt know two ppl could love each other so much,but we do,,10 yrs later and we are still happy

    • Good Morning, Vickie! It sounds like pure and total love, the kind that never fades or grows old. Good for you! I’m so glad you took that step and found happiness that you deserve. I’m sorry your children chose to stay. But, they’re old enough to fend for themselves and they know you’ll always be there if they need you. You took a big risk, giving up everything for a man who lights up your world.

      That’s the kind of love Rand feels for Callie. He takes one more chance and finds big rewards.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  4. Hi Linda, congratulations on your new book. It sounds like a winner. I know what my characters would give up for love, but not sure about myself.

    In my younger days I might have given up everything. Now days I’m too practical, but that’s easy to say when you’re already surrounded by love.

    • Good Morning, Margaret! Thank you for the congrats. This book is close to my heart and I’m so passionate about this story. Rand and Callie still seem so real even though I’ve written another book and started a whole new series. They’re very special to me.

      I think it depends on our situation as to what we’d give up. I’ll bet you’d face down a gunman if he wanted to harm your hubby or children. You’d do anything to save them. I Know I would too.

      Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Linda! This so reminds me of Knight on a Texas Plain because of getting that emotional feeling just by reading this post but the heroes are so the opposite. I love all kinds of heroes. And love that he a strong protective one. About a year after we married I was holding down a great job while my hubby was struggling to find work. Keeping up with an apartment was difficult too. His mom offered him to move in her old house that no one had been living in and needed a lot of work. He wanted to go, and it was 400 miles away. That would mean leaving my job and nothing secure in employment for either of us. But hubby was excited and nervous to do this but I knew he wanted to so I said yes. We worked hard and it’s still an old home but we built a beautiful family here. I’d go anywhere just to be with him and have now for soon 33 years.

    Thanks for letting us share and huge congrats on your release. I’d love to play for it in Amazon Kindle. Cathie

    • Good Morning, Caffey! My gosh, girl, it’s been a while since I’ve ran into you! Thank you for coming. Your comment made me cry. You risked everything and took a huge chance for the man you love. Not a lot of people would’ve done what you did. And look how your life turned out. You reaped huge rewards for your sacrifice. Sometimes we just have to take a risk.

      Rand Sinclair never saw himself as much of a hero. He rocked along in the life he had never putting himself out there. But he took one last chance when he opened his heart to Callie. And then when the outlaw finds her, Rand discovers he’ll pay any price for the woman he loves.

      I never thought this story was very similar to Knight on the Texas Plains until you pointed it out. True, they are very different men but they share that fierce desire to protect the woman they love.

      Thanks again for coming, sweet friend! Good luck in the drawing.

    • Good Morning, Karen! Thank you for ordering this book. I appreciate it more than you know. I do hope you’ll like it and find the special love story sigh-worthy. Their love starts out slowly but when it blossoms…it’s truly something to see.

      Wishing you a blessed day!

  6. Risk taker here. Your a new author for me will be looking for your books to read. Love westerns.

    • Hi Kim…….Welcome to P&P! I’m so glad you dropped by. Thank you for coming. I hope I won’t be a new author long. I’m thrilled you like westerns. I can’t imagine writing anything else. I love stories that are set when times were hard and it was often a huge struggle to find food and shelter. You’re definitely in the right place here.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing. Good Luck!

  7. Well, I would WANT to risk everything, but I don’t know if I would have the courage to do so. I am not much of a risk-taker. :/

    • Hi Cheryl C……….Thank you for coming by! I’m happy to see you. Sometimes we don’t know what we’d do until faced with a situation. I’ll bet you’d find the courage if the stakes were high enough. I’m a meek, mild-mannered person as you’d ever want to see. But if someone was trying to harm my kids, I’d fight tooth and nail. You’d see a mama lion come out.

      Good luck in the drawing!

    • Hi Anon1001……..Thank you for coming by. It’s great to see you. I think we do become less willing to take risks as we get older. One reason is that the consequences are greater and we’re not as able to handle adversity like we were.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing!

  8. Congrats on this release!!! 🙂 I am not sure what I would do outside of my comfort zone for love…

    • Hi Colleen…….Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the congrats. Having a new book out is always exciting. I’m so proud of this book though.

      Sometimes we never know what we’ll do until we’re faced with having to make a decision. It would be very hard giving up everything for the person you loved. Yet, I really think I would.

      Have a good day and good luck in the drawing!

  9. Hi Linda, congrats on your release day for “Twice a Texas Bride” a fantastic story. I hope everyone will rush out to their favorite bookstore and get their copy or order it online. Ladies, you won’t be sorry! This is truly a great story and you won’t be sorry. Also, congrats on having this book go to a second printing before release day! I know you’d never pat yourself on your back, but I will. Big hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Phyliss…….Thank you for the glowing words. I appreciate it. Yes, I was floored when my editor told me about them having to do a second printing before it even came out. I didn’t know such things happened.

      I hope you’re making progress on yours and will soon have it out. I know it’ll be a fantastic story when you get finished with it.

      Enjoy the rain and the peace and quiet.

      Love you!

  10. When younger I would have done absolutely anything. I’m not so sure I still would today lol.

    • Hi Catslady……..Thank you for stopping by. I’m always happy to see you. I know what you mean about the difference in being younger and older. Youth has a lot of advantages in that they don’t know what we know now.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  11. Hey Linda! Congrats on the new release. I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

    Although most people don’t know how far they’d go until they had to, I’m pretty sure I do whatever it took for someone I love.

    • Hi Alisa………Thank you for coming by to comment. I appreciate your congrats. I do hope you’ll like this story because it’s very special to me.

      I once left my home and moved for love. I was young but it worked out and I ended up with three children. I don’t know if I’d have the courage now.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  12. Linda, this book looks soooo good! Well, that’s no surprise, coming from YOU!LOL But that question you asked–what you’d do for love–I think when I was younger I would have done anything. As I’ve gotten older and learned a few things, I don’t believe I would ever do that at this point.

    When you’re younger, sometimes everything is clouded by the love you feel for someone. The only exception to that rule would be what I would do for my children, I think–not a romantic interest. Now you have me thinking…

    Wishing you much success with this wonderful story. I can’t wait to read it!

    Hugs, dear friend!

    • Hi Cheryl…….Thank you for the congrats. I’m glad you like the story premise. I had to dig deep down when I wrote this and there were times I laughed and others when I sobbed. These two characters sure went through it.

      Wishing you success as well, dear Filly sister.

  13. Congrats on your new release Linda. I am not sure what I would do for love really. I am not sure I would wager everything for it but who knows for sure what we would do.

  14. I’m not a risk taker, either. I’m the nervous type. No kids or husband but I’d do whatever necessary to protect my cats.

    • Hi Michelle……..Thank you for coming over and joining the chat. I appreciate it. You do have a fierce love for your cats. That’s very similar to how Rand Sinclair felt. He would do anything for those he loved.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  15. Linda this sounds like a wonderful story. The cover is so romantic–just love it. I did risk a lot–marrying my DH who lived half the country away from my home. It’s lasted 36 years and looks like it will last another 36 years God-willing. He’s a keeper!

    • Hi Kathryn…….Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you like the sound of the story and the cover of this book. I think the Sourcebook art department is one of the best around. They’ve done an excellent for both this one and the first of the series.

      Oh my dear, how wonderful that you took a chance 36 years ago! You were willing to do anything for love. No question. I wish you and hubby many, many more glorious years.

      Have a nice evening!

  16. Congratulations on the release of Twice a Texas Bride, Linda!! I think true love is worth the risk! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!!

  17. I think a real, true love has great value, but even in my younger days, I had limits as to what I would and wouldn’t do! If you have to compromise your personal beliefs, values, morals and safety, the price is too high. Sometimes, we just have to allow ourselves the reality that sometimes a too high price for love is perhaps not real love in the sense that we ultimately want. The key, I think, is yo be able to discern when the price becomes too high, it is does.

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