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I have to admit that today I’m not in western mode, so much as I am in baby mode!   You’ve heard of Pregnant Brain, well I have Grammy brain.  For the past week, I’ve spent more time in hospitals for happy occasions, like the birth of Princess #3 and Princess #4, than I ever have before.

So forgive my indulgence as we skip ahead to present time.  You see, because my son and daughter-in-law had a beautiful baby girl last week.  Madyson Rachelle entered the world on April 6th, a healthy six-pounder with lots of dark hair and a rosy complexion.  And just one week later, on April 13th, my daughter and son-in-law met their new baby, sweet Miss Lila Dawn, weighing nearly eight pounds.  I attended Lila’s birth and it was remarkable to see her delivery. Without going into details, I will say that witnessing Everley’s birth (my first Princess) and Lila’s birth was the highlight of my life.

Madyson and me

Our family is expanding and my role in their lives has been a joyful juggling experience, being a part-time babysitter, while still being able to hang onto my writing career.  Here’s a pic of me holding brand new Madyson.







I just signed on to do another Billionaire’s and Baby book for Harlequin Desire.  So while we’re talking babies, let me show you some of my favorite baby covers.


A Nook140x_3764896_file



And another bit of joyful April news, Romantic Times Book Review Magazine named The Texas Renegade Returns as the Winner of the Reviewer’s Choice Award of 2014!

2014rtawardswinnerThe Texas Renegade Returns


Which baby cover tugs at your heartstrings?  Which one of the three covers makes you really want to pick up the book?  Should my next Billionaires and Babies have a set of twins?   I have a special gift in store for one blogger today:  A copy of The Texas Renegade Returns and one of the Babies books seen above!  Your choice, available in print only.   Enjoy and let’s talk!






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16 thoughts on “New Arrivals by Charlene Sands”

  1. Hello Charlene. I love babies too. I have 12 grandchildren, all grown now. And, they have given me 18 great-grandbabies. each one special.The last three came in 6 months of the same year and will turn 3 by end of October. If I could get lucky and win, the book baby I would pick is Cowboy’s pride.
    Congratulations on your new grandbabies.. Two of my grandkids were 1 week apart like these of yours. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  2. Congratulations on your new little princesses and for The Texas Renegade Returns winning the Reviewer’s Choice Award of 2014! My favorite cover would be The Cowboy’s Pride. there is just something about that picture that touches my heart.

  3. Congrats on your newest granddaughters! Glad that all went smoothly. You’ve definitely passed me by. I only have two grandchildren.

    I like all of your book covers. However, the one I like the most is THE SECRET HEIR OF SUNSET RANCH. I like the interaction and connection that exists between the young toddler and his daddy! They look so content and happy to be together.

    I would love to read your award winning story featuring Alex and Cara, THE TEXAS RENEGADE RETURNS and Justin and Katherine’s story, THE SECRET HEIR OF SUNSET RANCH.

    Twins -If you write it, I will read it.


  4. Your “Cup” has surely runneth over”. Congrats all your bundles of joy and your RT award.
    The way that Cowboy in Cowboy’s Pride is holding that little child, just tugs at your heart.

  5. Congratulations! I had 2 grandbabies born last year 2 weeks apart,,i totally love being a grandma,out of 13 grandchildren,i got 2 witness 3 of these being born,,heading south in few weeks to spend some quality time with some of my babies,,they are so adored,,Being a Mamaw,thats that they call me is the best job ive ever had

  6. Yay for grandchildren! My husband and I go in next Friday to find out whys we’re having a boy or girl. It’s our third and we have two boys already! We can’t wait. I love all your covers but my favorite of the ones you showed is the last one, the seceret heir of sunset ranch! And I say go with the twins! It always makes things a little more commical and cute!

  7. Wow, congrats on the births of your granddaughters!!! I love babies in books! The Secret Heir Of Sunset Ranch really makes me smile!

  8. Hi Charlene, yowzers, what a week you have had…two beautiful new granddaughters and your award! So happy for you, and tons of congratulations all around…I love all the cover,s but Secret Heir really touches me…it’s like they’re really connection! Love to you, Grammy!

  9. What a week for you! Congratulations on your two newest arrivals! I remember having my mother present with me at my son’s birth. Gotta say that made it so amazingly special to be able to share it with her. (My husband was there too but there is just something special about having someone with you who actually has experienced childbirth before and can relate.) Enjoy…enjoy…enjoy!

  10. Congratulations on your precious new additions, Charlene, as well as your winner’s choice award! I love all of your covers, but The Cowboy’s Pride especially tugs my heartstrings.

  11. Char, congratulations! I can’t even imagine how happy you are and your whole family, for that matter! Your covers are all just wonderful. I don’t think I could pick “a favorite”–and what a thrill to have The Texas Renegade Returns win such a wonderful award! You must be on Cloud 9 right now!


  12. Congratulations, many times over. Grand-babies are such a treasure.

    I have always like THE COWBOY’S PRIDE, it has the Western scenery, horses, a cowboy and a sweet babe. THE SECRET HEIR TO SUNSET RANCH is a close second. The look they share is so special and doesn’t seem like a posed shot.

    Enjoy your award and even more, the new additions to your family.

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