Vintage Easter Cards by Cheryl Pierson

Happy Easter everyone! We had so much fun with Easter greetings of yesteryear the last time we did this, I thought I’d put up “part 2” for this year. I was laughing so hard trying to narrow down which of these cards to share–there are so many and whoever created these had some very odd ideas about “Easter appropriate-ness” (is that even a word?)

Easter 2-Gal on red carpet wlambNothing says Easter like a movie celeb on the red carpet with her pet lamb. Pink gloves set off the royal blue ensemble, as the bellman hurries behind her with all her bags, thinking, “HURRY UP! THESE THINGS ARE HEAVY!” But the lamb is taking his time, and my goodness, it looks as if there are autographs to be signed, as well! I wonder if the facility is “animal friendly”… I think this one is really odd…she’s carrying a basket of flowers…strange lady.




Easter 2 chicks and bunnies dancingHere’s the second picture I thought I would just have to include. What is wrong with this picture? Okay, let’s take a quick look. All the dancing rabbits are male. All the dancing chicks are female. We aren’t sure what sex the orchestra is, but they look to be all male chicks. Why aren’t there any female bunnies? Why are the female chicks having to dance with male rabbits rather than male chicks…Something is dreadfully wrong here…

EASTER 2 bunny coupleAfter the ball is over…well now we know why there were no female bunnies to dance with, don’t we? They were home, keeping their cracked eggshell houses clean, missing all the fun. Then Sparky comes home from the dance and wants to know why Delilah is so upset with him. “Let’s see…we live in a cracked eggshell house we can’t even move around in…I’ve put on my Easter shawl, and you have dressed in your finery and gone dancing with a bunch of floozy chicks. Need I say more?”


EASTER 2vintage-easter-egg-boat-450x298Poor little tyke! Out on the ocean sailing in an eggshell all alone.It’s looking like a storm is brewing, and the waves are kind of choppy. Way too cool to be out there with that short-sleeved outfit on and…wait a minute. See that pole with the flag on it? I wonder if that goes all the way through the bottom of that eggshell…


EASTER chicks drinking 2What in tarnation is in those steins? Lemonade, you say? I think we better look a little closer. Yeah, lemonade doesn’t come in kegs!  Perhaps THIS is where all the male chicks got off to when the band was playing earlier!




Easter vintage fairy pied piperI couldn’t resist this one again…it’s from last year, but it’s just so bizarre, I had to show it again. The fairy pied piper, leading the unsuspecting chicks…well, you know. “Best Easter Wishes” my foot.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



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32 thoughts on “Vintage Easter Cards by Cheryl Pierson”

    • Janine, I love these old cards even though they do have some very strange ideas behind the pictures! LOL Happy Easter!

    • Rachael, isn’t that look on her face priceless? Makes you wonder about the artist, doesn’t it? LOL

      Have a very Happy Easter!

  1. I love vintage post cards,,i have several that i have framed for different holidays,,and they make really pretty decorations

    • Vickie, I love these old cards, too. I came across some Valentines in a keepsake box my mom had saved that were mine from grade school…now, not sayin’ I’m “vintage” or anything, but I will say that they were very nostalgic and only maybe a FEW years away from “vintage”–love things like this!
      Happy Easter!

  2. Cheryl, these are too funny! Yes, they really had weird tastes back then. Vintage cards are great to look at. I wish I’d saved some from my youth. I can’t remember but I’ll bet those from the 50s and 60s were hilarious.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    • Linda, I do have some of the cards from Valentine’s Day that we exchanged in grade school back in the 60’s. I need to get those out and study them. Hope you have a very Happy Easter, dear friend!

  3. Cheryl,
    Thank you for sharing these cards! No wonder I don’t send Easter cards! LOL Makes me wonder what goes through people’s minds to come up with this stuff.
    Happy Easter!

    • Hi Rosie! I don’t think they’re as bad now as they were then. LOL Yes, it sure does make you wonder about those artists, doesn’t it?
      Happy Easter!

  4. Oh, love those cards. I don’t remember ever receiving, or giving for that matter, a card for Easter!

    • Catslady, we never did that, either, growing up. But evidently somebody was, because there are a ton of these. LOL I love them, too. Glad you enjoyed them.
      Happy Easter!

    • Hey Di!
      Yes, they sure did have a warped sense of humor, didn’t they? But funny! LOL
      Happy Easter!

    • Mary, girl, I knew YOU and Kathleen would love these! LOL I think we are the “warped triplets” or something. You may have missed the first part–I did it last year at Easter here at P&P and just loved it so much I had to do part 2 this year. LOL

    • Yes, it could be. I wonder who sat down with this vision in their mind for a piece of artwork…

  5. LOL, Cheryl! What a fun…and a bit disturbing post. I’m with you about the fairy leading those chicks. Happy Easter as I lead cute fuzzy chickies to their demise. 🙂

    • I know! What a crazy concept! And the dirigible!–Oh, I didn’t post that one again–but on Part 1 of these Easter Cards (a blog I did here last year) there are all these chicks waiting to climb up into a dirigible. And I also found one where they’re waiting to board a huge ship (Titanic for Chickens, maybe?) LOL
      Happy Easter, Kirsten!

  6. HI Cheryl, laughing out loud, my friend! But I do love these old fashioned cards. I once had a whole set of them to send, Valentine’s and Christmas ones, too. Easter blessings to you! xo

    • I got a set of Valentine vintage cards at B&N this year and they were so cute, but no weird images like these. Still I can’t help but love these vintage cards for all holidays. Must be the colors or something.
      Happy Easter, Tanya!

    • Hi Shirley,

      I couldn’t resist. These are so funny–glad you got a laugh out of them!

      Happy Easter!

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