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I’m so excited! Today is very special to me because it’s the release day of friend and fellow author DeWanna Pace’s new book, THE DADDY LIST. This is the first Love Inspired Historical by DeWanna, who passed away unexpectedly on November 19th before she saw her 19th novel on the shelves. For the last thirty-five years, she was a writer and teacher in our writing community and everyone clamored to get a critique from this beloved lady. Sister filly, Linda Broday, and I would like you to join us in celebration of her newest.

You may remember DeWanna as one of the Ladies of the West who wrote six Kensington western historical anthologies with Linda, Jodi Thomas, and me.

This book is so funny. A little girl who is desperate for a daddy decides to start interviewing candidates. She takes bank patrons hostage in an attempt to do just that. Only she gets them and herself caught up in a bank robbery. When the smoke clears, one man, Bass Parker, has suffered a bullet wound. In an effort to make amends, the child’s mother, Daisy Trumbo, takes Bass to her house to recuperate. Only she discovers he’s to blame for her husband’s death.

This is a story of forgiveness, trusting your heart and taking a chance on love.

Daddy ListHere is our review and tribute to our friend and fellow critiquer, who helped us through more books than we can count:

The Daddy List is truly DeWanna Pace’s crowning jewel. She was at her very best in this story. Her wit shines through along with the depth of her gentle heart and is reflected in Daisy’s and Bass’s tender love story. Their love develops slowly as they find the courage to let go of the past and learn to trust again and the final result is a forever kind of love. So many rich, endearing characters. Daisy’s daughter, Ollie, is such a pistol as she searches for a “Daddy.”

DeWanna perfectly captures the child’s unique way of putting things and we never knew what that little girl was going to do or say next. Then there’s Daisy’s brothers-in-law who kept us in stitches, especially Max Trumbo.

If you’re looking for a story that will delight and entertain, this is the book for you. We fully recommend it.”

Now for an unedited excerpt:

Spring 1868

Keeping this promise would wear her out before it was all over with, but keep it Daisy Trumbo would. Long strides hurried her down the planked sidewalk that led from the mercantile where she’d been stocking up on supplies. According to a handful of outraged citizens, her seven-year-old daughter was apparently over at the bank holding several men hostage with a gun.

Daisy had agreed to consider every man her child chose to interview in the quest to gain a new father, but holding them prisoner until each passed or failed inspection was simply taking this too far.

Where in the wild stretch of Texas had Ollie gotten her hands on a gun?

This book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble (both in store and online) plus many other places.

In honor of DeWanna’s 19th release, Linda Broday and I  are each giving away two copies of either your choice of an e-Book or paperback … that’s four books! Just leave a comment to get your name in the hat.

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33 thoughts on “Help us celebrate “The Daddy List””

  1. This looks and sounds like a real good one as you say in the review. I remember when De Wanna was a part of this group. I love the cover and also the title catches your attention. Please put my name in And I’m sure hoping I can be one of the lucky 4 winners. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    • Hi Maxie! Great to see you this morning. I’m glad DeWanna’s book caught your eye. I was privileged to have critiqued with her on this book. Our hearts were broken when she passed, but she left a wonderful legacy.

      Be glad you’re not up here in the Texas Panhandle. Snow tomorrow…again. Good grief! So tired of it.

      Yes, we have your name in the drawing, my dear.

  2. How sad to hear of DeWanna’s passing. Her book The Daddy List sounds like a wonderful read.

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for coming by and reading about this special friend and author. It was huge blow to us when she passed. The Daddy List is so full of her wonderful humor and warmth. Thank you for helping celebrate the release.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  3. Sounds like our emotions will be bouncing back and forth between Laughter and tears. I would love to meet Bass, Daisy and precocious Ollie.

    Sounds like a heartbreaker!

    Thanks for the giveaway in honor of DeWanna.

    johns lake at usa dot com

    • Hi Laurie G! Thank you for coming by. We’re so thrilled to introduce readers to this wonderful book. Ollie will keep you in stitches because you’ll never know what that little girl will do or say next. Daisy really has her hands full.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  4. wow,what a sweet book,sounds so good too,so sad to learn of her passing,,If I were lucky enought to win I would need the paper back form,I dont eread,,but i love reading,,my “daddy” wasnt my biologial father either,,he had passed away in a accident when my mom was pregnant with me,,I was 5 months old when she remarried the man I knew as Daddy for 40 yrs sadly he passed early at age 62,my daughter is named after him,he was so proud of her and she was his buddy for the 11yrs they had together,the two of them would scheme and plot how they could get me to let her spend the night and she would call him and then he would call me an pretend it was all his ideal,,they had such a close relationship that I let her go with him usually anytime they asked,,she has nothing but good memories of him,,he loved his other 4 grandkids too but Dane and Dana were a pair,she named her first son after him,,he would be so so proud of the woman she has become

    • Hi Vickie! Thanks for coming by. I can see that you will share a lot of Ollie’s emotions. She longed for a daddy with all her heart. I’m so glad you got a really good one too. He sounds like a wonderful father and what a wonderful relationship he had with your daughter. That bond is very special.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  5. I love the cover of this book and it sounds so good. I’m sad DeWanna isn’t here to celebrate the release of her new book.

    • Hi Janine! Thanks for coming by. We’re all very sad also that DeWanna couldn’t be here for this shining moment. The Daddy List has gotten wonderful reviews. I’m sure she’s looking down from heaven and grinning up a storm. A wonderful lady with a huge talent.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  6. This book sounds wonderful. I’m so happy y’all are making sure DeWanna’s last book gets a proper debut. I’m all about any book with “Daddy” in the title. Sure to be a heartstring tugger for me. Will have to put in on my Wish List just in case my name doesn’t pop up for the give-away.

    • Hi DebH! Thank you so much for stopping by to read about The Daddy List. Since DeWanna can’t be here, we’re doing all we can to see that her book gets noticed. It’s such a heartwarming, funny story. You’ll laugh and cry throughout it.

      Wishing you much success in the drawing!

  7. What a wonderful way to honor and celebrate, DeWanna! The Daddy List sounds like a very special story!

    • Hi Britney, Thanks for stopping by. I must admit that it has been very difficult losing our friend and fellow author and a wonderful person. This book is so cute and so very heartwarming. As friends, we just couldn’t let the release go by without honoring DeWanna. I promise you’ll enjoy this story. Hugs, Phyliss

  8. This sounds like a delightful book. It is sad that DeWanna will never know how much readers will love this book. The story is her last gift to her readers as she passes into Heaven.

    • Hi Cheryl, I love your comments. They are perfect for our friend and fellow author. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a great day. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Ashley, this book is so lighthearted and a fantastic historical, so if you don’t win a copy, please get one. I promise you won’t be sorry. Stay warm. It’s cold here. Big hugs, Phyliss

  9. Oh I love that cover… sad to know she passed away before seeing her 19th book released. Her book sounds wonderful… thanks for sharing!

    • Hi jcp, thanks for stopping by. You are right, this is truly a wonderfully, heartwarming inspiration historical story and I promise you’ll love the book. Hugs, Phyliss

  10. What a wonderful story! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks to you all for “getting the word out” now that DeWanna is no longer with us. I didn’t know her well–talked to her on FB a few times, but she seemed like a really nice person. I look forward to reading The Daddy List!

    • Thanks, Cheryl. It has been difficult on the whole writing community and we’re proud to help promote this book any way possible. It’s truly her best book yet. She was a doll, who always made time for others, regardless of how much work she had to do herself. She was truly a wonderful friend and writer. We’re having a celebration of her life and the release of this book this coming Saturday at BN here in Amarillo. She’s missed greatly and always will be. Thanks for the kind words. Love, Phyliss

  11. Hi Linda, and Phyliss, DeWanna’s death has been devastating for all of us who love Western romance. God bless you all. A great blessing is that she does live on in her stories. I can’t wait to get settled in with this one. Hugs to you both, and to DeWanna’s family as well. xoxox

  12. Hi my friend, Tanya. Thanks for the kind words. I know you’ll enjoy this inspirational historical. It’s funny, witty, and we told her many times during our critique sessions that it was her best book yet. Inspirational historical was truly her genera. She had participated in the Amazon release of out of print books, so she has many of her older books available in both eBook and rack books at Thank you dear friend. Linda is writing, so we kinda traded off. Bless her sweet heart, she let me sleep this morning, so I think she deserves to write this afternoon. Love you tons, Phyliss

  13. DeWanna sounds like a special and what a wonderful way to honor her, thank you for sharing this great post.

    • Melanie, thanks for stopping by. DeWanna was definitely a very special lady and her this book is funny and so much fun. You’ll enjoy it. Much love, Phyliss

  14. I always hate to here when a great arthor passes, its alway so sad. This really sounds like a great read and I would love to read it. Love reading about kids in books.

  15. Hi Miss Quilt Lady. Glad to see you today. Yes it’s very sad to lose a friend and writer. She was a very special lady, who always put others ahead of herself and her needs. She is really missed in the writing community and particularly by the Ladies of the West. You’ll love this book. This little girl is a pistol for sure and you’ll really enjoy her, as well as the other characters We all told Dee that this was the best she’s ever written. You’ll really enjoy every work. Hugs, Phyiss

  16. I love the cover. So sorry she did not get to see the book on the shelves. I WILL be reading this!

  17. I have all the anthologies you worked with her on, and they are firmly on my keeper shelf. I enjoyed her gentle sense of humor. I liked that I could share her books and stories with my daughter who only reads inspirational books.

    She will be missed by her friends and her readers.

  18. What wonderful friends for remembering your friend DeWanna.
    Her book sounds like something I would enjoy reading. I will have to list it on my books to read. Thank you for sharing her work.

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