Grounding, Native America and Knowing “WHEN” You Are

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Strange title, huh?  I will explain to the best of my ability in this blog (I hope).  Before I go on, let me offer to some lucky blogger a free e-book, but remember to check back tomorrow to see if you won.  Recently I’ve had a few winners who did not personally contact me — and to claim your prize, you must contact me personally.  Okay?

Grounding.  Are you all aware of what grounding is?  I’m not certain if grounding comes to us from Native America, but I do know that the American Indian Medicine Man practiced grounding, knowing that it could heal many things.  Grounding is taking off your shoes (or wearing shoes that have leather soles) and walking on the earth.  It has had healing properties.  Research that I did on grounding showed that it worked to let the electrical charges that one accumulates in living, pass back into the earth.  That is probably overly simplified and here’s perhaps a better explanation.  It was rediscovered (although it was well known in Native America) that in the past when one walked barefoot on the ground, the earth would send free electrons into your body — electrons that are part of the earth itself.  When these electrons would run through your body, it would spread to tissues in the body and in the past would  create some very good effects.  But is this true in the environment that we find ourselves in today?  Is there now something in the environment that has changed this wonderful process?

thCATNPP86One of the reasons I’m doing this blog now is that I feel I should correct myself when I find other information that shows that, indeed, this was (and used to be) quite a beneficial thing to do.  But I no longer think that it is today.

Grounding has caught on recently, and there are many people who are doing more and more walking barefoot on the ground.  And the science behind it used to be sound … in yesteryear.

Whoa!  What do I mean by that?  assiniboin-indians[1]We no longer live in the 19th or even the 20th Century.  Our world has changed so much in just the last 10 years, that one must be on the constant alert to the changes in our world, and realize that some things that might have applied in even the 70’s or 80’s … are not as they are now.  Let me give some examples that are commonly known:  A tomato is not just a tomato anymore (unless you grow it yourself).  If it’s not organic, it could have been compromised by genetic engineering — where every cell in that tomato has had it’s DNA changed to carry either the DNA of another species (like a spider) or a pesticide — like Round-Up Ready.

It could also have been numerously sprayed with several different pesticides, which are essentially poisons, that must be washed off before eating. If that tomato has had its DNA changed with a pesticide inserted into every cell in that tomato, that pesticide cannot be washed off.   But let’s take an organic tomato that is free from DNA damage and go to the store and buy tomato sauce.  Unless that can specifically says it is BPA free, there is BPA plastic on the inside of that can.  So what, you might say.  Well, BPA plastic can cause problems due to its high presence of synthetic estrogens, which reek havoc with the body, male or female, and can cause in severe instances the shortening of a lifetime.

We didn’t have these problems in the 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s.  But we have them now.  And so one has to be alert to the changes that are going on in the food source in order to serve nourishing food to one’s family.

imagesCAEMDZXBOkay.  Back to grounding.  Our world is no longer the same world of the 90’s.  With the abundance of wireless technology, and in particular smart meters, there is a problem with grounding.  Smart meters work by directing power into the house via power lines, but is directed back to the power company underground.  (Source is Tony Pantalleresco,  So nowadays, due to things like smart meters and other factors, when you are walking barefoot on the ground, a person is actually charging himself up, not the reverse.  It is not a wise thing to do in this day and age in which we live.  There is a remedy, if one feels charged up, as given by Tony Pantalleresco in the interview mentioned above.  ( — at minute 8:00 to about 8:50).  And that remedy is to step on a piece of aluminum, which should discharge any negative electrical energy that one has accumulated because of this new wireless technology and smart meters.

page4h[1]I must admit that I haven’t studied this enough to explain it better than I have, but I do know that our world is changing — and not necessarily for the better in my humble opinion.  And so what do I mean by know WHEN you are.  I really mean that one really should do the research on what is happening in our world today as it is, leaving past conditions and conclusions behind.  Because of the effects of the EMF’s and microwaves and nano-particles in the air and in our food and cosmetics, I believe that a person needs to live in the present and not be stuck in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with what was safe or “normal” then.  It’s not the same environment.

It’s sort of like, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”  (A mis-quote from the WIZARD OF OZ.)  I probably have only touched upon a little bit of change in our world in this blog.

thCAEXD9U3It’s said that part of the role of a family is to warn the younger generation of things to come — to teach what to do and what not to do.  What to beware of and what to call friend.

Unfortunately, this technology has come on fast and was unpredicted in a great degree by the older generation in order to warn the younger generation of any dangers — if they are there.  And so my best advice, if I were to give advice at all, would be to stay alert, don’t believe or take to fact anything you see or hear on TV, newspapers, magazines, or anywhere else — do your own research on food, water, air, the soil — and do it from several sources that are not taking advertising money from the makers of these products, and make up your own mind.

For myself, I am sad to see that something that could have been a healing technique of old, just might be doing the opposite of that today.  In many ways, I can still hope that this research is not correct, although I fear that it just might be correct.  And so I thought I’d tell you about it because I did a blog not too long ago, which praised the wonderful ease of just walking barefoot on the ground.  Let me know your thoughts and opinions about it.

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43 thoughts on “Grounding, Native America and Knowing “WHEN” You Are”

  1. This was very interesting Karen, but I don’t know how we can be safe anymore. Our medicines have so many bad things they can cause that it scares me to have to take them. I hate this part of our worls today. Sometimes I feel as if the people who make medicine don’t want us well, for then they couldn’t make so much money. That is sad. Maybe the grounding is how families like I grew up in and tae era, we all went barefoot most of the time and hardly ever had to see doctors. And, that was good because there wasn’t always a doctor any where close. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    • Gosh, Maxie, I do agree with you. I went barefoot through most of my childhood, also. And it was good. But that was long ago — in the 1950’s and 1960’s — and that world is no longer the world in which we live.

      Couldn’t agree more on the medications nowadays. Interestingly, prescription drugs has surpassed alcohol as a reason for faulty/dangerous driving. It’s also one of the leading causes of accident death. Seems to me that something’s wrong there.

      I think there was something wrong in the days of our past when many put their trust and their very lives into the hands of people who don’t know us and who care more about the bottom line than about what their product is doing to people.

      My thoughts.

  2. This is a very interesting post. Your explanation with the tomato was really good and it made me see what people have been talking about for a while. I just didn’t understand it until I read it the way you wrote it. Also, about grounding. This is a wonderful theory. I used to go barefoot everywhere when I was younger (even burnt my feet on hot pavement trying to get home from a friend’s house in the heat of the summer). But, I never go outside without my shoes on anymore. I guess I should at least try it some more when it warms up.

    • Hi Janine!

      No, don’t try it some more. The reason for the post was to warn that we no longer live in that time and place and to go running barefoot nowadays could trigger some electronic reactions in the body that are undesirable — because of the new Smart Meters. : )

  3. Hi Karen
    I can totally understand what you mean about the need to feel grounded through our feet and connected with the earth. As a child I was brought up to walk around bare foot at home, it was actually upon the advise of an African Health Visitor in the 1970s (I live in the UK), but I think that it worked for me and my brother.
    Now when I am feeling stressed, I will often take off my shoes, feet can feel penned in/ too contained! And when I do take off my footwear it instantly calms me down.
    For example, my daughter recently took 3 dance exams and I was helping behind the scenes with costume changes, hair-ups and various ribbons for all the children there. I began to feel ‘under pressure’, I took off my shoes and walked round in my bare feet (which drew some comments) but instantly I was calm. And thinking back maybe I was energised too, I just felt more in control. I could do what I needed to do without stressing myself out or other people.
    Thinking about my every day life I try to be barefoot as much as possible when in the home, and there is nothing better than baking or cooking at the stove barefoot. It just feels right.
    Sometimes I think there is so much practical commonsense inside our bodies that we just don’t listen to, we are too busy trying to conform to something we think is right, it’s just what we do, it’s what everyone else does, but it doesn’t make it right.
    Something simple like taking time to be grounded, in our bare feet, is just good for us. If we add in the spiritual side (whatever your faith), it food for the soul (quite literally). Humanity when connected with the earth and aware of it’s many natural blessings, a blue sky, a ray of sunshine, a cool fresh breeze… in those moments, really feeling those moments we can be happy to be alive. Grounding for me in living in the NOW and being HAPPY for it.

    Cool blog, Karen, I am glad you signed me up!
    Lianne x

    • Hi Lianne!

      You know it used to be this way — that one could relieve tension by going barefoot and the earth would do much to relieve our stress.

      But that is no longer the case, due to Smart Meters and sending their information underground back to the electric companies. I guess this blog was a sort of warning — what used to be used and was wonderful, now perhaps isn’t.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me your story. I feel closer to you because of it. : )

      • Oh right, Smart Meters, we have yet to get those here I think.. as we have an antiquated system where a man walks around reading meters that are usually on the boundary of our property and some within the house – and then we have to manually type write in the numbers if we miss him and post online, or snail mail.
        We are still living in a Victoria Era here… or maybe I am clueless and we have these.
        Perhaps, the only time we’ll ever get close to a proper grounding will be on camping holidays – always barefoot then!
        Liked reading your thoughts though. I have a friend who is trying to become totally organic after hearing how she may have contracted cancer because there were some many pesticides in her food. Luckily she is in remission now, but she is thinking carefully about food and how to avoid harmful chemicals in food we think of as being natural and good for us, e.g. a leek, a mushroom, salad etc.

        • Hi Lianne!

          You know I didn’t see this until after the day was almost done. I love that you don’t have those smart meters where you live. Here we have them and I have done all I know to do to but things around them to get rid of some of the radiation and emf protectors and such. I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

          Yeah, those pesticides are not good for you, and they’re starting to use pesticides that have been found to cause cancer and were banned long ago. Like DDT — I think it is. That’s become in use again.

          And who knows what’s in round-up ready.

          If your friend wants to do some research, I would recommend that she go to YouTube and listen to Tony Pantalleresco — as many things as she can listen to. After hearing him, she would probably be able to read all kinds of articles and extract lies and truth from them.

          Thanks so much for your post!

  4. Karen, this is a thought-provoking post. Thank you for sharing all the information.

    The world is a scary place, and I find it distressing that so many of our daily routines are harmful in one way or another. I think mankind has forgotten how to “ground” itself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

    Stay grounded, sister Filly. 🙂

  5. Very Interesting! I swear my daughters’ electromagnetic field is off.. Radios, CD players, DVD players & now her Cell phones seem to stop working in a short amount of time. Maybe she needs rubber sole shoes??? Your article makes sense to me..
    Thanks, I’ll pass this on to her… dkstevensneAT outlook DOtcOM

    • Thanks Deanna! I’m very sensitive to all the emf’s and electronic devices — and so I’ve done a bit of research on them. But I find that there are others like me who are very sensitive to the wifi and general emf’s. There are things one can do to either change them or block them from you. But I thought I’d better correct myself on grounding. It used to be quite something. That was before Smart Meters hit our world. : )

  6. very interesting post,my great grandfather was full blooded Cherokee Indian,,he was gone before i was born but his son ,my grandfather I remember well,he had jet black hair wasnt very tall and had darker skin,like a heavy tan ,,I got the high cheek bones but thats all

    • And for me — on my bio it says great, great grandmother, but it was really my great grandmother — was Choctaw — very closely related (geography wise) to the Cherokee. Thanks for telling me a little about yourself. : )

    • Hi Lindab!

      I, too, am part Choctaw. I do believe that my ancestors came up the Mississippi on the Trail of Tears — and somehow landed in rural Illinois. At least that’s my speculation.

  7. Hi Karen, interesting post.

    I didn’t know it was called grounding but I’m pretty much always barefooted. I walk barefooted at the beach, in the park, at home, in the backyard, you name it. I even run barefooted. Maybe that explains why I’ve always had good health.

  8. I like to walk around barefoot in my house or porch… as a kid I loved being outside barefoot until I learned of things like hookworm in school… made me more cautious about walking outside… but I can see how things were and how things have changed through the years… everyone is so focused on tech today… can not imagine the damage we could be doing to ourselves.

    • Hi Colleen!

      Yes, me, too! I grew up being almost continually barefoot. But our world is changing and since the advent of Smart Meters, even the ground we walk on has changed… What saddens me is that our plant life will eventually feel the electronic damage — or perhaps, as life often does — it will change. I hope this latter is what will happen. : )

  9. Karen , I so agree with what you are saying about Grounding.. I was always the Bare Footed Child Running Wild … I Love Mother Earth on my Feet an Body, It reminds of Cleansing of the Soul . I know thats more in depth than some people want to know, but I’m an Earth Child. Country Girl , raised on a Ranch,with cattle an horses an wouldnt have it any other way ….Thanks for the Posting on Grounding ,it brought back lots of Great Memories for me ….<3

    • Hi Marian!

      I have similar memories, too. Of being barefoot for most of my childhood. Just please be aware — do the research — on Smart Meters and what this is doing to change our earth electronically. Unfortunately, these innovations aren’t always for the good of mankind or even life as we know it, for that matter. Thanks for the post.

  10. I do a lot of reading on the internet from politics to a little bit of everything. I’ve been trying to tell my friends and family about GMO’s, medicines, diet foods and the such but honestly most people want to hide their head in the sand. They look at me like I’m crazy. I know one woman almost died because she was so allergic to glutens and I know many others with the disease. Our food is no longer food. Autistic children and diabetics, cancers, etc. are so prevalent now. We’ve got lots of treatments and medicines but they compound it in my opinion. Corporations are out for the money and they’re greedy. They much rather sell you things than to get to the root of the problem which is them! (please don’t enter me as I don’t do ebooks and I don’t want to take away from those that do)>

    • Hi Catslady!

      You’re spot on. I know. Many people look at me, also, as though I don’t quite have a head on my shoulders. But I always look at it as being a little (or a lot) hypnotized — by TV, propaganda on those ads, and add drugs into that scene, and you really have a hypnotized person on your hands. So I try the best I can to gently get a person to look — that’s about all one can do — is try to get the other person to look.

      But you’re spot on. Thanks for your post.

  11. Hi Kay – The first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and socks. I need to feel the ground beneath me. I know pediatricians like children to learn how to walk barefooted first, before they learn with shoes on, because they can ground themselves much better and keep balanced. Interesting take on the negative effects of grounding now. We are now trying to grow our own vegetables. We had a good crop two years ago, but the drought last year really hurt our success. I’m hoping for a better outcome this year. Great thoughtful blog.


    • Hi Charlene!

      I always learn something from you. I didn’t know that it’s good to get children to learn to walk without shoes at first — makes sense, though, doesn’t it.

      I also learn alot about this from your books (which I love).

      I love trying to grow your own food. So far, my attempts have been less than successful, which makes me really admire the farmers I know. : )

      Thanks for your delightful post.

  12. I used to run wild & barefoot as a child. It would have been helpful then, but sadly not now it seems. Too much change & not for the better I feel.

    Fascinating post thank you.

    • Hi Mary!

      Yes, I agree. Sometimes I think these corporations act before they think. Even act before all the negative aspects of what they are proposing are known.

      A little sad, actually, that another could be so unthoughtful of their fellow men. We are all, I think, brothers and sisters to some degree. What one does to others, really one does to oneself. There are consequences. Unfortunately for us, we might not see the consequences these people pull in upon themselves, because it’s there as sure as the sun rises each day.

      To me, these corporation leaders are the stupid ones. In my humble opinion, they are risking their eternity for a little bit more buck. Not very smart, really.

      My take.

  13. I try to maintain an organic garden–no pesticides, but like so many other gardeners, I end up with those “NEW” vegetable seeds.
    I loved running barefoot as a kid. I did step on a rusty nail that required a visit to the doctor’s office and a shot. Ouch! I also used to run around barefoot in my house, but I don’t know why, I quit doing that, too. I love the idea of picking up the earth’s energy by walking barefoot.
    Great blog, Karen.

    • Hi Sarah!

      Wow, an organic garden. Years ago, I made it a practice to buy as many organic seeds as I could. I’m glad that I did.

      Interestingly, I, too, stepped on a rusty nail — but when I was a little older. : )

      Thanks so much for your post.

  14. Thanks once again for a thought provoking blog, Karen. I spend most of my younger days barefoot but as I’ve aged my feet and legs won’t allow it any more and I miss the connection with the earth. It is so hard today to know what to eat, drink, or take for our health. I try to go as natural as possible but even then I know that I miss!

    • Hi Connie!

      I know. Me, too. I read and research and read and research and do the best that I can, but we really do live in an age of deception, where lies are given the green light and truth is put off into the musty, dark corner — and made fun of oftentimes.

      We do the best we can, and hopefully that will always be enough.

  15. Hi Karen, I found your blog extremely interesting. I’m aware of organics, wheat (or should I can it modified and mutated growth) and the over abundance of electronic stimuli on our cells and tissues. In the name of technology and medical advancement, we have actually stepped back from what our forefathers taught us about health, science and relaxation. The sad reality is that we’ve come so far from where we began that it is nearly impossibly to reverse what we’ve done to our environment.

    Thank you for opening this topic for discussion. As for the aluminum foil, one can’t help but wonder if the purity of the foil matters. And as for walking barefoot, I do this everyday…when I step out of the shower and into clean socks. 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn!

      I couldn’t agree more with you and what you’ve said about all the electronic stimuli — I seem to be particularly sensitive to it — and I don’t care what is called “advancement.” The minute anyone starts talking about depopulation, I know this whole “science” thing has betrayed us all, and that we’ve taken a step backwards. So yes, I really do agree with you. Probably the aluminum foil does matter, but I don’t know for sure.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  16. Very interesting. I also have gone barefoot for most of my life. I love to feel the grass between my toes. I don’t walk barefoot outside much anymore, but do occassionally. My shoes are one of the first things that come off when I get home from work. I do wear bedroom shoes and socks in the winter.

    I remember one summer when I was about 18 or 19, I rode with my parents four hours out of town to go visit relatives. This would have been about 1975. They stopped at Shoney’s restaurant to eat, but I couldn’t go in because I didn’t even bring shoes. They had to bring my food out to the car. This was back when you could go into almost anywhere without shoes.

    • Hi Kim!

      I love the feel of grass between my toes, also. Isn’t that interesting about you not being able to go into the restaurant because of being barefoot. What’cha bet it had something to do with insurance (a world banker’s stock in trade) and being sued.

      Too bad, really. Sometimes these things do sadden me.

      Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts.

    • Yes, Pat, I so agree. One cannot afford in this day and age to not do the research, which is something not always easy to do — since there is so much false information out there. But I figure eventually, one can get to know about it — if one reads enough. : )

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  17. With regard to “organic” foods, be advised that organic farming still uses pesticides, they’re just organic, rather than synthetic (a rotenone-pyrethrin mixture is commonly used). Such pesticides are not as well studied as synthetic pesticides, may require more applications (because they are not as effective), and may persist longer in the soil. The use of “natural” pesticides is an appeal to the naturalistic fallacy, with no scientific data suggesting that organic foods are safer.

    There is also no scientific data to support the benefits of “grounding.”

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