My First and Favorite Photo Christmas Card~Tanya Hanson

 Merry Christmas and God bless you all, everyone, in 2015! 

B and W full card crop

Photo Christmas cards were a luxury item when I was growing up. I clearly recall how upscale I thought we’d become when my mom splurged on these cards the Christmas I was in sixth grade.  Obviously it was lots more expensive engraving the names…because she didn’t. And as for color prints…well, these were days when dinosaurs still walked the earth. Peace and love to you!

Ps. Don ‘t you love my “flip”, the “powder-puff”, and those bangs? My mom used to scotch tape them to my forehead, then snip. They were ALWAYS crooked…remember clippies?


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26 thoughts on “My First and Favorite Photo Christmas Card~Tanya Hanson”

  1. We never did photo Christmas cards. I remember the days of crooked bangs too when my mother would cut them. It drives me crazy looking back at the old pictures.

  2. I hade bangs like that in the early 70’s it was cool to have bangs hanging in your eyes,,I used to wash and tease and spray my bangs every morning to they would hang just at my eye level so I could see,,good memories

    • Hi Vickie, thanks for the memories, too….you just reminded me of the era when I myself cut my banks all choppy like Paul McCartney’s then girlfriend Jane Asher. Oh, I was so stylish LOL? Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  3. My sister has done photo Christmas cards for her family in the past… I am not a fan of having my pic taken… whenever I do bangs, they curl up on the sides like horns… LOL. I can never control them. Happy Holidays! 🙂

    • Merry Christmas, Colleen. I don’t much like photos of myself these days…time has not been as kind as I would have wished, ugh. So these days I send photo cards of my two grandsons, who of,course are gorgeously photogenic. Wink wink. Thanks for the post today.

  4. We didn’t do cards, but I remember the annual family photos! I have straight hair, but a cowlick in front. My bangs were never, ever straight. Sometimes there were additional cuts to “even it out” & the bangs ended up sticking out. Merry Christmas!

    • hi Sharlene, oh I indeed remember Mom’s first attempts that needed ever more and more fixing. Sheesh. The vision of your cowlick is making me smile today. Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  5. Oh, I love your family photo card, Tanya! I love sending and receiving photo cards and enjoy looking back through them from year to year. Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Britney, I enjoy photo cards, too. My niece is so good about it…she even makes them for greeting cards and thank-you notes throughout the year with pix of her two little girls. Thanks so much for posting today! Merry Christmas back.

    • Hi Margaret, you are so right. This photo card entailed a professional photographer! I spent about ten minutes online at Walgreen’s…although iI should have taken a bit more time…there’s a teensie typo on my little note for the year. Sigh. Christmas blessings, my friend.

  6. I can’t never remember ever having a photo card done but my niece sends us one every year. I have bangs right now with my hair. I wear a short cut like a pixy with bangs. I got rid of long hair several years ago.

  7. Hi Quilt Lady, I always grow my hair out after I have it short. I have bangs in my P and P picture but it’s several years old…my hair is a bit longer now. Probably nshould update my pic LOl. Merry Christmas to you…see you around the Junction in 2015.

  8. We never did those kind of cards either. I’m lucky to have any pictures of me as a child lol. And I do remember that hairstyle! Happy Holidays.

    • Hi Catslady, other than class pictures and my confirmation day, I think this is probably my only other childhood picture, for sure. Today I have about two thousand pix of my grandkids in my phone! Time does change, huh. Thanks so much for posting today, Christmas blessings to you.

  9. Tanya…I remember the hair…I know I had the very same style! Love looking @ your family photo…. brings back many fond childhood memories.
    Can you believe that my mom never had one of the family photo cards !!

    • Oh Tina, my bestest lifelong friend! How great to see you here. I think I have that pic of your hairdo…we both had on our black hooded sweaters and white blouses. We had hoodies nailed many decades ago, didn’t we? Love to you, my friend!

    • Merry Christmas, Naomi. I think I will always do cards….I still hear from high school and college friends that way. But I have weeded down the number I sent out, for sure. Thanks for visiting us here today, and blessings for Christmas and always!

  10. How wonderful that you still have this card. So often they get lost and there aren’t enough to go around for all the family. We have never done one, but it is a nice chronicle of how the family has grown and changed over the years.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

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