Inventions that Make My LIfe Easier by Charlene Sands.

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If you’re like me, you understand what life might have been like for our ancestors.  They certainly had it rough. Without everyday modern inventions and discoveries, the people who came before us worked their fingers to the bone just to maintain a decent home, put food on the table and care for their families.   Imagine how the kerosene lantern changed the world, and then later, electricity.  Imagine how indoor plumbing cleaned things up nicely. (I mean really… who enjoyed a chamber pot?)

So today I thought I’d post some of recent inventions that have made my life easier. Could I live without them?  Certainly, and I have, but oh gosh, who’d want to?

See if you agree!

DVR  (Digital Video Recording)  – I remember racing home from work during lunch so I wouldn’t miss an episode of  my soap, Days of Our Lives.  Then came the VCR and we all know about tapes, and rewinding issues and those giant cassettes.  Now, we have the convenience of not only recording a show, but recording up to four shows, and watching it in any room of the house.   “Genius” and the best money I’d ever spent on a device.

Keyless Car Entry – Recently, I stepped up to a luxury car and one of the best features was the keyless entry system.   I don’t have to go digging into my purse to come up with my keys anymore.  The digital “Key” is inside my purse, and the car recognizes me (or it) when I come within three feet of the front door.  The best thing is, I can NEVER lock myself out of my car again.

The Groove Book – Ah, you wonder…what is that?   I saw a married couple promote this new invention on Shark Tank, a few months ago.  What they sell, is an app, that allows you to pick 100 photos from your cell phone, upload them to their site and they in turn, send you all 100 pictures in a bound photo book.  All pics come 4 X 6 and are perforated, so you can keep them in your book, or take them out to frame them.  The best feature is not only the $2.99 per month cost, but the convenience of having every picture you take bound and mailed to you each month.

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My iPAD –  It’s multi-functional and I can’t live without it.  I use it for all things…Facebook, Instagram, Games (yeah right…who has time), to listen to music, Google, airline status, photos, but most importantly, I use my Kindle App and read books on it all the time.  The print is large enough for my tired eyes to see. It’s backlit and sharp and clear.  Every time!  Love you, Mr. Apple.

For Babies:

The Baby Food Pouch – For on-the-go parents and grandparents, this is an essential part of your baby gear.  These pouches contain pureed food for babies made from all healthy ingredients.  The adult simply removes the cap and hands the baby the pouch. They do the rest.  It’s a hands-free way to keep a child happy and entertained, a quick snack to satisfy their hunger, when you’re out and about.  In our house now, it’s given as a “treat” if the child is being good.  They love it.  Pouches also made an appearance in my munchkins’ Halloween treat bag this year.


And lastly, the Half High Chair—  This is a wonderful invention that I use every time our family comes for dinner or when I watch my munchkins during the day.  It straps onto any chair and is sturdy and easy to clean and store away.  If you’re limited on space and don’t want to purchase multiple regulation size high chairs, this is the ticket.  We’ve even taken it to restaurants and outdoor events.

Can you imagine what our forefathers would think of all these things? (Personally, I think air flight would’ve startled them the most).  Technology and invention will always progress.  Don’t you wonder what will come down the pike in years to come, that we might never imagine now?High Chair


What recent inventions or discoveries make your life easier?

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25 thoughts on “Inventions that Make My LIfe Easier by Charlene Sands.”

  1. There are so many things that I have that my grandmother never heard of such as my microwave, dishwasher, clothes dryer, television, washing machine, hair dryer….I could keep going but there are just so many. One that she would never have forseen is my eReader. I so enjoy having all these books at my fingertips all the time!

  2. So true on the e-readers. I remember sitting at the desktop computer for at the most an hour because my back couldn’t take it. I’m deaf and remember when hearing aids were these big devices strapped on my chest. My son’s hearing aids are all in the ear. So I’m definitely thrilled with these advances.


    • Hi Caffey – Wow, that’s wonderful that they have more advanced hearing aids now. And the internet must make your life easier, for sure. E-readers are the great, for not having to sit at our computers all day, that’s for sure. I real all my emails on my iPad in bed or on the sofa. I spend too many hours in front of the computer.

  3. I’m still behind on technology and new products.

    I use my computer and the microwave daily. I love my electric mixer. I own a digital camera, an IPOD and a cell phone.

    I like not having to cut coupons out of the paper. I love the convenience of shopping online.

    My granddaughter loves those food pouches. The kid’s car seats strap into the newer cars more easily.

    • Hi Laurie – You reminded me about not having to clip coupons anymore! Now, I find a coupon online, send it to my phone and then use it at the cash register, as if I had it in hand. Now, that’s convenient! Doesn’t sound like you are too far behind on technology at all!

  4. Modern times, modern things…some are really amazing! I love the prelit ease of an artificial Christmas tree, the button on the key ring to start your car from inside your house, flat screen televisions….the list goes on and on.

    • Hi Melanie – oh, you are so right. We have a pre-lit Christmas tree now and it makes life so much easier. Some people I know, store their trees, all decorated and don’t have to hang ornaments every year, but I’m not one of them. I still find it fun to decorate!

  5. First off – Congratulations on your RT nomination! I loved that book 🙂

    Second, I’m grateful for the invention of ‘cyberspace’. Although, we have to remember to meet each other in person now and again!

    • Hi Sherri – Thanks for congrats!! It’s fun and nice to be acknowledged. And yes, at least we can get to know each other online, but meeting in person is wonderful too. The world is a closer place now, due to cyberspace.

  6. When I was a kid we had a rotary phone.. how annoying those were if you made a mistake dialing, lol… going from VHS to DVD… tapes and records to CDs… amazing how much has changed through the years…

    • HI Colleen, Oh I remember the rotary phones. Wow, we must’ve been patient back then. No fingertip punches, but waiting for the dial to come back so we can dial the next number. I did have a Princes phone, so that made it a little better. Ha!

  7. Hi Connie,
    Yes, the Ereader is a great invention. And all those other inventions to help with housework, we take for granted now. I love reading on my iPad. Really, for me, it’s so easy and convenient and I can hold 100 books in my hand without dropping a one!!

    • Hi Anon,
      That’s another great one!! We have Netflix too! I forgot about that.. Love catching up on shows I’ve missed. Our kidlets love their line up too. We just watched Mulan on Netflix.

  8. I agree with you about the DVR and the big flat screen TV that goes hand in hand with it. I would be lost without both… And my e-reader, I never thought this would be me, but I love it.

    Congrats on you nomination and good luck..

  9. Most people say they can not get along without their cell phone. Hey, this item is on my list as the #1 thing that makes my life easier-those little yellow stick-it notes!
    yeah I could not function efficiently without them. They are my reminders of what I have to do and believe me, I forget what with all of the other new luxuries I have at my disposal.
    Thank you 3M Company for inventing them

    My top three inventions of all time are the paper clip, Duct tape and safety pin.

  10. My microwave makes my life easier…it is something in my home I use everyday. Cooking for one person isn’t easy unless you have a microwave. I also enjoy my washing machine and dryer….I remember going to the wash house in town with my farmer grandmother when I was young and how she had to run her clothes thru the wringer-washer and then took home to hang out on the lines to dry. Boy this makes me sound really old…but I’m not THAT old.

    • Hi Jackie,
      My grandmother also used a wringer/washer. I don’t envy those days. My mom had an outside line for clothes, but it wasn’t because a dryer wasn’t invented, it was because our house didn’t have room for one. The laundry room only held a washing machine. Sad, but true!

  11. Mine is the washing machine. My mother used to boil up the baby nappies/diapers in the backyard in a boiler – think cauldron here. I can still picture it.

  12. I think that the conveniences I appreciate most are my car and my microwave. I could live without them but it sure would be hard. I also like my cell phone.Its a pain sometimes but when I forget it I nearly panic.

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