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Praire picturesI have so enjoyed my time here with the fabulous Fillies here at Petticoats and Pistols.  Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye for now.  My plate has become too full to keep up a regular schedule of posts.  That’s not to say you’ll never see me again in the Junction.  I will stop in occasionally just to say hi and to comment on the wonderful posts.  I might even post myself.

Like most historical romance authors I love researching the past and losing myself in another time, if only temporarily.  I’m consistently amazed at the unusual facts and tidbits I’m able to uncover with a little digging.  I’m not talking about the dates and timelines of true historical events, although those are certainly fun to know.  I’m talking about the obscure pieces of information I never learned in high school or college.

Of all the time periods I’ve researched, the American West still fascinates me the most.  Movies, television shows, books; you name the title, I’ve probably watched it, recorded it, or read it.

My fascination with the Old West started when I was a child.  I grew up in the sixties, arguably the heyday for all things western.  I remember watching Gunsmoke every Sunday night with my family.  During the week, we tuned in to the Rifleman, Bonanza, Big Valley and a personal favorite, Wild Wild West.  Best of all, I lived a few short miles east of a Florida theme park called Six Gun Territory.  I kid you not! Six-gun territory

As the name implies, Six Gun Territory was a modern-day rendering of a western boom town straight out of a 1960s television program.  Can you hardly stand it? An entire amusement park devoted to the Old West!  Main Street included an apothecary, a general store and, yes, a swinging-door saloon where I ordered my very own root beer with a big head of foam.

Aside from the nausea-inducing rides and sugar-coated junk food, the most exciting events held at Six Gun Territory were the mock shootouts.  Looking back with my adult eyes, I realize these staged shows had to be the cheesiest demonstrations of good versus evil ever produced.  But to a six-year-old little girl they were pure entertainment and a source of great hope.  After all, the hero always won, no matter how many mean threats the bad guy dished out before the invisible “bullets” started flying.

six gun territory shootoutConsidering my love of westerns and the list of favorite movies mentioned above, it’s clear that I’ve always had a fascination for flawed people with jaded pasts, the men and women most in need of redemption.  That’s why I appreciate writing for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical.  With the faith element a part of every story, I’m able to walk with my characters through a temporary period of darkness into a life full of love, hope and happily-ever-after.


The road to redemption is never smooth in real life.  Nor is it boring.  With that in mind, I’ve tried to avoid using clichéd characters in my Charity House series.  Although I’ve had a lawman or two, and even a schoolmarm, I’ve also highlighted a rebel preacher, a Shakespearean stage actress, a frontier doctor, an opera singer, a swanky hotel owner, a former Outlaw and even a pickpocket.  Each book in the series is connected in some way to Charity House, a baby farm dedicated to caring for children born to prostitutes.

As a final goodbye gift, I’ll be giving away another full set of my Charity House books, that’s a copy each of all eight books to one lucky winner.  Thanks again for the great memories.  You will see me again.

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  1. Hate to see you leave the junction Renee, I always enjoyed your posts. Wishing you all the best and a continued full plate (that means things are going as they should…I hope).

  2. Hi Renee. I am so sorry to see you leave the Junction. I always enjoy your posts and learn so much. I understand when your plate becomes so full something has to be taken off so you can breathe a little easier. I will definitely look forward to your occasional returns.

    I wish you all the best and pray that you will continue to prosper with your books.

    I would LOVE to win a set of your books! Thank you for the chance to win.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  3. I’d love to have your whole collection of the Charity HOUSE SERIES!

    Excellent writing. Hope you pop back frequently.

  4. I will miss your very interesting posts and I pray your other ventures bless you! Jenny
    Don’t put me in the drawing because I have 6 out of the 8. 🙂

  5. Sorry to see you go. 🙁 It has been very enjoyable reading your posts! I grew up on a farm, so country/western life has always been a favorite of mine. This post brought back some fun memories!

  6. Well, filly sister, it’s a sad day in the Junction now that you’re moving on, but we all understand there’s only so many hours in the day. Best of luck in your new RWA board position, and most of all, wishing you continued successes in your writing career.

    Promise you’ll come back to visit! Hugs!

  7. What a cool place–Six Gun Territory! Up here we have Silver Dollar City, near Branson. Similar and great fun!

    Renee, we hate to see you go, but I certainly understand about overflowing plates. Take care and come back soon!

  8. So very sorry that you are leaving but will be looking forward to future visits. May God Bless all of your endeavors.

  9. We will miss you, but honestly, I don’t know how any of you authors on P&P have time for this! I get behind in reading this blog and feel guilty! I have no idea how you find the time to write these posts.
    Thank you for some enjoyable reading.
    I wish you many more happy endings.

  10. Renee, Goodbyes are hard so I won’t say it. I have enjoyed your posts and your generous giveaways and I will always enjoy your visits back to the junction. Happy trails and Best Wishes!

  11. Sorry, to see you go but I hope to see you around the blogosphere or FB. Don’t enter me – I was lucky to win this series from you and I’ve been enjoying them!!!

  12. Oh Renee! You’re breaking my heart. I refuse to say goodbye. My heart won’t let me. I’ll simply say “Until Later.”

    I wish you all the success and happiness you can hold. Only the best for you. Keep writing those thrilling stories as only you can. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to see you in NY next year.

    Many blessings!

  13. I am so sorry to hear you are leaving us. I have always enjoyed your post and you will be missed so much. I also understand about the plates being to full. This time of the year is always bad for me also and I don’t have as much time to blog. If I do I am letting something else go and I am not an author and not working outside the home right at this time, but there is so much that needs doing that I stay very busy. Maybe I am just to picky with my house but I clean it from top to bottom every year at this time.

  14. Hi Renee.
    Sorry to see you go, but we can only do what we can do. It’s been a pleasure having your Fillydom with us. I wish you luck and we’ll be seeing you, I’m sure.


  15. Oh my goodness! When I saw the first lines of your post I yelled out loud “Noooooo”! I have been touched by your writings and I hope for you with this time away you will be able to unload that plate little by little! Truly love your works that you work so hard to accomplish!!!

  16. Hi, Renee! I am sorry you won’t be blogging regularly. I will certainly look forward to your visits to the Junction. All the best to you in your endeavors! Thank you for all your wonderful posts and generous giveaways.

  17. Renee, We are sorry to see you go and hope you will find time to visit as often as possible.
    We had a place in Northern NY called Frontier Town that seems to have bee a lot like Six Gun Territory. The 60’s+- really were the heyday for westerns and all things related. I miss those westerns and the small resurgence we had in the late 70’s-80’s. Wish they would come back.
    Yes, your characters tended not to be cliches. I have read a few of the books, and each character had their own special path to travel. Nothing “out there,” just real people with their special story to tell.
    Best wishes for much success with your writing career. Enjoy the research and don’t be a stranger.

  18. It’s so sad to see you go but I know it’s the best for you. Please know you will be missed. Happy trails! XOXO!

  19. Oh you will be so missed but so understand. I don’t know how all you authors do all you do so know you’re appreciated. Do you have Turner Classic Movies channel? I love to watch the old movies. I rarely watch a newer movie and this channel is fab with having them captioned for the deaf. Saturday has the most westerns. Also I still love to watch Bonanza.

    Thanks again.


  20. Thanks for all the posts you’ve written. We’ve enjoyed them all. And I look forward to reading more Charity House books, or whatever series you move onto next.

  21. hi Renee, sob, what fun it’s been to wrangle in the Petticoats and Pistols corral. We’ve been friends so such a long time, gone through a lot together. And thankfully, we will never lose touch. But it’ll be hard not to see your face on the lineup. Best wishes, hugs, and prayers to you, my friend.

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