A Giveaway and Cowboy Lingo from a Temporary Southern Belle~ Tanya Hanson

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Well, things are back to normal at our homestead after my battles with several ailments during September including shingles. Arrrrrgh. God be praised, I got well Just in Time for our amazing trip Down South to celebrate our 40th anniversary. (We got home Sunday,)

Of course, during all of this no-computer time, I had two new releases. Today I am giving away e-copies of Outlaw in Love and The Bridesmaid antho. So this post promises to be a mish-mash of lots of stuff.

First of all, The South wasn’t as humid and rainy as we Californians had dreaded. I’m not saying it wasn’t humid at all. We were super-sweaty much of the time. It just could have been Much Worse. Especially for someone in the last-stages of shingles.

I fell in love with grits and drape-y Spanish moss everywhere, beignets and cafe aulait at Cafe Du Mond in New Orleans, and smelly as it is, Bourbon Street. My mask, the result of a major quest at the French Quarter’s French Market was hand-carried through three plane flights.


City Park New Orleans
City Park New Orleans

I got to fulfill a bucket list thing: riding on a paddlewheeler in the Mississippi River. (This goal from all the years teaching Mark Twain).


Ah, the swamp tour was tons better than the Jungle cruise at Disneyland because: Real gators!

Swamp tour


Savannah GA was unspeakably gorgeous and I even re-read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on the flight home. (There’s a pic of me in Hubs’ phone with a faux Bird Girl statue but he’s out golfing right now…maybe next time.) But beau-tiful Beaufort SC blew me away during our horse-drawn carriage ride!

Beaufort Home

All our beds were way comfy but that might be due to Tourist Exhaustion from cramming four hundred years of history into our aging brains. The pic below is gorgeous Jekyll Island where we got to catch our breath for two days…

Jekyll Island sunset

None of our bus rides were very long, but one day, the tour director handed out a little matching game of Cowboy Lingo. Personally I thought a list of Southern drawl-y terms would have been more apropos, because that is in itself Another Language that makes multisyllablic words out of yes, no,  man, and grits,  among others, but I did best on the bus: 17 out of 20. Anyway I thought I’d share a few of them today, more next time as I don’t want to run too long.

And even if you don’t want to do Lingo, leave a comment anyway to get in my name-draw. I’ll post the winners tomorrow.

Hugs to all!

Here are the Cowboy Terms to match up with the correct response found in the Answerbank, where  I’ve mixed up all the correct definitions.  See how well you do. I’ll post the right ones later on in a comment. Have fun!

  1. Apple pie–
  2. Acknowledge the corn–
  3. A lick and a promise–
  4. All beer and skittles–
  5. Axle grease–
  6. Bag of nails–
  7. Bamboozle–
  8. Bangtail–
  9. Barkin’ at a knot–
  10. Beetle-crushers–

Answerbank: A. Butter/ B. In top shape, perfect/ C. Wild horse/D. Doing something useless/ E. To admit the truth/F. Feet/ G. Everything in confusion/ H. To do a haphazard job/I. To deceive/ J. Unpleasant, not happy. 

Okay, now on to my newness. Outlaw Ahab Perkins has run roughshod through many of my books at The Wild Rose Press, so I reckoned it time to settle down this charming bad boy and let him find his soul and true love.  Which he finally does in Outlaw in Love, last in a trilogy.

On the run from his gang, having robbed his own sister, Ahab has no place to go but good. He’d give his heart to Teresa in a single beat…if the beautiful woman in gray weren’t a…nun.

Unbeknownst, Teresa Avila is as wanted as Ahab, hiding out in disguise at a rundown mission. After her crimes and her evil stepfather’s abuse, she’s convinced she’s not good enough for any man, not even the outlaw she’s falling for.

Enter a burned-out homestead, an abandoned little girl and a kindly sheriff…can both find love as they guide their souls out of darkness?

OutlawinLove_w8481_300 (2)


Then in honor of Halloween, the wonderful Cheryl Pierson, editor in chief at Prairie Rose Publications, asked me to participate in the anthology Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico. Wow, did I have fun writing my first-ever creep-fest, The Bridesmaid. Yup, it ain’t all white lace and a wing ding bachelorette bash. You see, there’s a woman drowning in a well.

Except the well is dry…

Four nights in her dreams, a handsome cowboy tries to kiss her…letting Lydia Highmark think she’s close to finding true love. Off to Colorado for her friend Milly’s wedding, she’s stunned to realize her cowboy is…Milly’s bridegroom.

She’s standing right in front of him, the beautiful woman Garner Reed has ached to kiss for four long nights. Milly’s bridesmaid. Can he betray his bride…even as his love for Milly turns to terror?

(P.s. This antho is Volume One…don’t forget to hide under your covers with Volume Two as well…)

The Bridesmaid


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32 thoughts on “A Giveaway and Cowboy Lingo from a Temporary Southern Belle~ Tanya Hanson”

  1. Here’s my guesses. I’m probably really off. 😛

    Apple pie–In top shape, perfect
    Acknowledge the corn–Everything in confusion
    A lick and a promise–To admit the truth
    All beer and skittles–Doing something useless
    Axle grease–Butter
    Bag of nails–Feet
    Bamboozle–To deceive
    Bangtail– Wild horse
    Barkin’ at a knot–To do a haphazard job
    Beetle-crushers–Unpleasant, not happy.

  2. D-9, I-7, those are my two guesses. Lol
    I absolutely love Spanish moss everywhere! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Tanya, I’m so glad you’re on the mend and got to go on your wonderful southern vacation. FORTY YEARS! Congratulations! I’m a little behind you, but not by too much! LOL Now you have given me an idea for something fun for us to do…but our anniversary (#36) won’t be until February.

    I love the premise of OUTLAW IN LOVE! And your covers for that series are just beautiful. I will be reading this as soon as I can–I just have to know how you are going to redeem Ahab! (Great name!)

    And thanks so much for your contribution to COWBOYS, CREATURES, AND CALICO VOL. 1–We sure had a great pool of wonderful stories to select from for both volumes and yours really gave me the creeps (just perfect!)LOL You have a devilish streak in you, Tanya! LOL

    Love the Cowboy Lingo test–and your filly sisters are mighty proud of you for having the most answer right! (Could it be any other way? You’re a western romance writer!)


    • hi Cheryl, thanks as always for your love, support, and opportunities. I had such fun writing The Bridesmaid…the ending kinda wrote itself LOL. As for Ahab, he and his sister Jessy Belle were so proud at being named for a Biblical king and queen LOL. Fortunately, they both ended up respectable LOL. The covers are dreamy for sure.

    • Hi Nancy, always good to see you here. The Lingo was fun and something to file for use in later stories. I’ll let everybody know later this afternoon. Thanks for the post.

  4. Apple pie– In top shape, perfect
    Acknowledge the corn– to admit the truth
    A lick and a promise– To do a haphazard job
    All beer and skittles– Unpleasant, not happy.
    Axle grease– butter
    Bag of nails– Everything in confusion
    Bamboozle– to deceive
    Bangtail– horse
    Barkin’ at a knot– doing something useless
    Beetle-crushers– feet

    Some were confusing lol but looking forward to the answers.

    • Hi Catslady, always so good to see you here in Wildflower Junction! Thanks for posting and for playing with me. I gotta confess, a couple of the phrases stumped me so Hubs stepped in…and was RIGHT. How’s about I post the answers at twelve PDT? Right now I’m tailoring mini-trousers for my almost-three-year old grandson’s performance as ring-bearer on Saturday in his aunty’s wedding.

  5. My sister loves harlequin masks… I used to buy them for her… have to see if she still collects them.
    Boy oh boy, some of those sayings I have never heard before like All beer and skittles and Barkin’ at a knot… interesting.
    Glad you are feeling better!

    • Hi Colleen, always good to see YOU here too!..I think I have only heard the Skittles part LOL…both the candy and Charlene Sands’ recently departed darling kitty. Sob.

      I couldn’t resist the mask even though it’s big face-sized) and a hassle. I thought about a color to match our household decor but realized Mardi Gras colors are what it’s all about LOL. We had a wonderful time. Thanks for commenting today.

  6. I loved “The Bridesmaid”! Just when you think you’ve figured out what’s real …. Whoo! I also really enjoyed the pictures you posted. Reminded me of some wonderful trips my family has had. (Although to the tune of the kids complaining, “Jeez. Mom wants to go in the swamp AGAIN!” LOL) It was great fun being in COWBOYS, CREATURES & CALICO with you, Tanya!

    • Hi Lorrie, why, thanks kindly, ma’am! I sure had fun writing a Western Gothic romance. That darn Millie LOL.
      I look forward to reading the rest of the anthology, and Volume 2, too, when I have a spare second. With all the lights on! Thanks so much for posting today! xo

  7. OL forgot this: our grandsons said my pix of the swamp gators were fake, like Disneyland…fortunately, I got a video of one swimming toward the boat LOL. Congrats yourself on Creatures!

    Still hemming baby trousers…will post Lingo answers in a little bit.

  8. SPOILER ALERT: don’t read this comment if you still want to match Lingo. HERE ARE THE ANSWERS.

    Apple pie–In top shape, perfect.
    Acknowledge the corn–To admit the truth.
    A lick and a promise–To do a haphazard job.
    All beer and skittles–Unpleasant, not happy.
    Axle grease–Butter.
    Bag of nails–Everything in confusion.
    Bamboozle–To deceive.
    Bangtail–Wild horse.
    Barkin’ at a knob–Doing something useless.

  9. I use the phrase A lick and a promise every time I am cleaning house. I will have to say my house isn’t dirty but its not perfect either because I give it a lick and a promise every week.

  10. Hi Quilt Lady, what a great real-life tie in! I’ve heard the expression but now I know what it means and somebody who does it! I’ve heard and used bamboozle is about all.

    Thanks so much for posting today. It’s always a pleasure to see you in Wildflower Junction. xo

  11. I took the test and was able to answer them before checking your list. Got them all correct. I knew about half, the rest I guessed.
    We have been to New Orleans twice and will be going again. I wanted to go for years and my husband had no interest. Then Katrina hit and it wasn’t a place to visit. When things improved , he still didn’t want to go. So, I booked a trip a week in a hotel and gave it to him for his birthday. We had an enjoyable time and look forward to visiting the area.
    Loved Savannah, but didn’t spend enough time there. Another place we need to revisit. We went to Beaufort several years ago for a cousin’s wedding. It was a waterside wedding and the weather was awful, hot and humid. I think the heat index that day was over 100 degrees. We went to Charleston on the same trip. The heat index that day was 115 degrees. We tried to look around, but ended up spending the day watching Harry Potter at the IMAX theater. It was too miserable to do anything else.
    Love the cover for OUTLAW IN LOVE. The anthology sounds interesting. How many nightmares will the stories give?
    Thanks for an interesting post.

    • Way to go, Patricia! You’re a cowgirl after all. We got very lucky with the weather, only one day of rain and very do-able. And the temps were typically fall-ish. I am not quite sure what heat index is LOL but that wedding day in Charleston sounds gnarly. I did love it that every structure is air conditioned, even the public bathrooms. We had a great time.

      Thanks for the kind words about my releases!

      • Heat index is sort of the reverse of wind chill. The temperature plus the humidity combine to make it feel hotter than it is, just like wind and cold air combine to make it feel colder than it is.

  12. I so couldn’t guess since not familiar with much hearing idioms since I can’t hear but loved reading the comments and learning! I’ve never been to New Orleans but would so love to visit some day! A historical trip like that sounded priceless! You gave me pictures in my head as well. Thanks for sharing! And love your books. Congrats on new releases!

    • Hi Caffey, always so good to see you at Wildflower Junction. And I do thank you for your kind words. It was wonderful learning so much, espcially from CIvil War history. Or I shoul dsay, the War of Unpleasantness or Northern Aggression.

  13. Hello Tanya. So, you didn’t visit Texas? The best of the South. Enjoyed your bost. About to miss out on this. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

    • HI Maxie, oh I know that. I have tons of writer friends from Lone Star country. No Texas this time but I did get to San Antonio a few years ago and just loved every square inch. Yes indeedy, I just came online to draw winners and lo and behold, a few more comments! You got here just in time.

      Thanks as always, for commenting. It means a lot.

  14. You’re book and story sound wonderful–a lot of fun.
    Apple pie– In top shape, perfect
    Acknowledge the corn– to admit the truth
    A lick and a promise– To do a haphazard job
    All beer and skittles– Unpleasant, not happy.
    Axle grease– butter
    Bag of nails– Everything in confusion
    Bamboozle– to deceive
    Bangtail– horse
    Barkin’ at a knot– doing something useless
    Beetle-crushers– feet

  15. What a fun blog, Tanya. Since I’m not a westerner, I had to get a book on Cowboy Lingo from Writer’s Digest…sad, but true. I wish you continued success in all you do, Tanya, and I am so happy your husband is now a cancer survivor.

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