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Dear Readers,Flags-Dedicated-to-Sept-11

Today is a day that will forever be ingrained in our memories.  So I couldn’t post my blog today without remembering what happened to our country on September 11th, 2001.   I remember a flood of tears running down my face.  I remember thinking for the first time in my life that the future of our country might be compromised and I remember days and days of sadness and despair.

I would guess you remember where you were when you heard the news about the Twin Towers going down.  It was the same for me when President Reagan was shot, when President Kennedy was assassinated and when O.J. Simpson’s verdict came in.   I could tell you exactly where I was, what time of day and who I had spoken to about it.  It seems that only horrible events mark our memories.

But events to remember don’t always have to be sad and discouraging.   On this day of mourning, I have some happy news to share with you.  It’s a fun personal story of a day (or days) to remember that will always stay with me.



Here’s a special message I wrote to my friends recently and am allowed to share with you today:

Imagine our surprise several weeks ago, when Jason and Lindsay (our son and daughter-in-law) had us over for lunch and handed us a gift box. Inside was a note attached to a pacifier telling us to hold onto it for safekeeping as their new (second) baby would be arriving and would need it. They were 5 weeks along and since it was so early in the pregnancy, they asked us not to tell anyone.  Naturally, we were thrilled and promised to keep their secret!baby2

Then less than a week later, Nikki and Zac (my daughter and son-in-law) came to visit .. little Everley had made us a picture card and it was important that we open it together. We did to find 4 stick figures drawn depicting a family.  The fourth little person had a bubble message above it that read. “I’m new”. We were thrilled and overwhelmed.  They wanted to keep it a secret until more time passed and asked innocently if we could keep their secret.

Well, by then our smiles were bigger than ever and we started chuckling. The irony was too much.  Personally, I was ready to bust all my seams, my mind was spinning like a hamster wheel. Inadvertently each one of our kids asked us to keep their secrets! Well, finally after minutes of smirking and grinning like fools, Nikki guessed that Lindsay was also pregnant. My daughter was also about 5 weeks along!  After seeing the doctor and finding out all was well, Nikki and Lindsay found out they are due on April 6th and April 8th respectively! Can you imagine, two days apart.

I guess I’m the Double Whammy Grammy!! For hubby and me, it’ll be like having twins!

Priceless Surprise:

So five weeks later, our kids decided to tell the rest of the family their good news. (Yes, we kept both of their secrets from everyone else for those weeks)  They had a onesie printed on both sides, the front side announcing one family’s news and due date and the back side announcing the other. Our little girls, Everley and Kyra handed a gift bag to my sister whose birthday we were celebrating and when she lifted the onesie from the bag, she read the front side, while the rest of the family were reading the backside.  Everyone screamed, not knowing what the other side said, until my sister turned the onesie around.  Then everyone shouted and cried.  So, they pulled off a unique surprise and it was so much fun being in on it!baby 3

That’s a memory that I’ll always have ingrained in my memory. So hug a friend or family member today and try to remember the good times, while never forgetting the bad. Post a comment today and let me know what you’re thinking.  I will be donating a good sum to the Wounded Warriors program on this day…I’m especially grateful to all who serve, have served and hope my donation will help.

Here’s a fun photo my daughter-in-law and son took to tell their friends about baby #2 coming along. Did it make you smile?kyra eviction


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46 thoughts on “Events That You Remember by Charlene Sands …”

  1. Hello Charlene. Congratulations Double Whammy Grammy! What a wonderful surprise. Like your nickname too. And, yes, you did make me smile and so did the cute picture. I’m so happy for you. of course, I am getting older and have 12 grandchildren and 19 greats. But, I still get excited each time I hear of a new one coming. They are such a blessing. Yes, I remember that sad day when America was attacked. Tho, some seem to have forgotten so soon. I remember how people gathered together and had prayer. And, almost everyone had flags flying at their homes and on their cars. Now, they don’t even want us to mention GOD. I just pray nothing bad like that happens today. But, won’t be surprised if it does. But so glad for the wonderful memories that our Lord gives us. God bless you and your work. And, of course your family. So happy for you. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot0com <

  2. I, too remember those days well. I know exactly where I was and who was with me.

    I love all the clever ways people announce new additions to their families.

  3. I enjoyed reading about the pregnancy announcements. What unique ways to tell everyone. Congratulations!
    I’ll always remember 9-11-2001 too. That was one of the toughest years for me. The company I worked for had been sold and on 9-11, they were moving all of the furniture, so I brought a lawn chair and my little tv to work to kill time while I stayed there answering the phones. I’ll never forget the images I saw when I turned the tv on and me and the guy who stayed there watched all day not knowing what to say. So, I lost my job a couple weeks later the day I had to put my cat to sleep because he had cancer and too old to put through the treatments (along with lack of money to do it). My step-father had a stroke about the same time and was left paralyzed on one side and also my divorce was final that fall too. I slipped into major depression because of everything hitting so close to the same time.

    • Oh Janine.
      I can imagine how terrible you felt that year and hope that your life changed for the positive shortly after. Things have a way of turning around. I’m so glad we are friends and can share news with each other. Take care and thanks for the congratulations. We are thrilled and a little overwhelmed.

      • Yep. Everything has a way of turning around. Losing the job was probably the best thing because when my step-father had his stroke, she needed me every day. I went out and drive her to the hospital every day (for the first couple months until she felt strong enough to drive herself) so they could visit. He was in about 6 months. I would have ended up losing my job anyway because I would have asked for time off. I am still very good friends with my ex. I met my husband (the one I’m married to now) back then too. I got Nani that October too.

  4. Hi Charlene, Congratulations. And thank you for making me smile on a day so full of sad memories! As the saying goes, babies are God’s way of saying the world should go on!

    Love, love, love the eviction notice!

  5. Today is my mother’s birthday. I was angry for a very long time that the terrorist attacks happened on her day, until I just started celebrating her day and not giving my entire attention to the tragedies that happened on that day in 2001.

    So thank you for sharing your double good news, you Double Whammy Grammy you!



    • Hi Christine,
      Oh, I think you’re so wise to do that. I often don’t want to give the terrorists that much power of me, so I try to go about the day like any other day, while keeping close to my heart those people who died tragically that day. Sending hugs.

  6. What wonderful news for your family.. Congrats to all and I wish the new lives coming into the world health happiness and lots and lots of love.. Which I know Grandma is going to shower them with…

  7. Oh I just love birth announcements!! 🙂 How exciting, congrats to you all! We have tried to do unique ones every time, most worked great.

  8. Char, that is such wonderful news! Congratulations! and…Congratulations! LOL This happened to my sister–my niece and nephew both had kids due within a week of one another. She had to keep the road hot going to stay with one and then the other. LOL I know you will, too!

    Hugs and much love!

  9. Aw–what a great post–made me tear up a little!
    Love the eviction notice pic–adorable!!
    The thing about joy is that it wouldn’t exist without sorrow and there are many times in my life that some of the best things have come from some of the worst experiences.

    Bless your heart for donating to a great cause!
    Big hugs to you

  10. Charlene, what a beautiful and funny story to chase away some of the agony of the day. The picture is precious and the story memorible. My youngest daughter had our Emma first and the oldest had told me they probably wouldn’t have a child because of her career. Kathy was in the delivery room when Emma was born, actually leaning on the doctor’s shoulder bending down watching as Emma made her appearance into the world. The doc asked Kathy if she planned to have any children and she said no, but maybe … her Alex was born 51 weeks to the day Emma came into the world. For one week each year, I have two grands the same age! What you plan and what the Good Lord has in store for you is certainly difference some of the time. Also, of interest Kathy who didn’t plan on children because of her career and her hubby are very proud parents of FIVE, yes 5 children … so one never knows. Being there the second my first grand took her first breath is certainly something I’ll never forget. We have a little thing going when I see her. I’ll ask who the first person she saw when she was born and she says, “you Granny”. Then I ask what she did and she says, “I cried.”. I love all 7 of my grandchildren and remember when everyone was born! Thanks, Charlene for a great blog on a day none of us will ever forget. I love your baby stories, precious to the max. Hugs, P

    • Hi Phyliss,
      Oh, I LOVE your baby stories! Cute, what you say to your granddaughter. I will have to remember that. I was in when
      Everley was born. I feel that special bond to her, because of it.
      Imagine, the daughter who wasn’t sure about having a child, has 5 children now! That’s incredible and I know she’s grateful every day for them! Wonderful!! It’s the best, isn’t it?

  11. Big congrats, Grandma!! I’m so happy and excited for you. How neat to have two at once. And that means two graduations to have to juggle, two learning to drive at the same time, two of everything.

    Yes, today is a sad time in our nation’s history. It still seems like it happened yesterday. The memory is so vivid in my mind.

  12. Awesome news, Charlene! Congratulations to all the parents, siblings and you and your hubby on the double whammy. Those two little babies are going to be close friends 🙂

  13. September 11 is certainly a day that will not be forgotten! Thank you for sharing smiles and chuckles with your fantastic news. Congratulations to you all!!

  14. Charlene, oh, I can’t wait to meet the new family members! Somehow you’re gonna have to incorporate all this joy in scenes for one of your books. So happy for you all!

    As for 9/11, the events still have the power to stop my heart and get me sobbing. A baby girl on one of the planes has the same name…first, middle, and last, of our daughter…hearing it read aloud, and seeing it at Ground Zero, is extra heartbreaking. God bless America.

  15. Hi Tanya
    I didn’t know about that about the child having the same name. Was her name Christy? Oh, that’s got to be soooo heartbreaking. Thanks for the congrats too, my friend.

  16. What wonderful news for you and your family. These two will be close cousins and friends. Cute Eviction Notice picture.

    We were in Canada (Prince Edward Island) on 9/11 and didn’t find out about the events until 2 in the afternoon. We were at a lighthouse and had stopped at their cafe for lunch. We overheard some of the patrons talking about the bombing in NYC. We got into our car and switched fro CD to the radio. We headed back to where we were staying and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the TV reports. We didn’t head home. There was no reason to, really, plus the backup at the border with those trying to cross back into the US was miles long for days. We were touched by the sympathy and kindness of the Canadians.
    I am actually glad we were out of the country at the time. It gave us a different perspective on things. Talking to our children, we heard of reactions and behaviors that distressed us. There was a siege mentality and things were done to many that we should be ashamed of. The legacy of that day will follow us for a very long time.

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