Marin Thomas Shares Her Cash Brothers

CashBrothers_BusinessCard_#2(The Fillies welcome Contemporary Western Romance Author, Marin Thomas. Linda Broday met her two months ago and invited her to guest blog. We’re mighty glad Marin said yes.)

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have a whacky sense of humor. It came as no surprise to hubby when I told him about the idea I came up with for my next Harlequin American Romance proposal. My odd sense of humor and love for country music resulted in The Cash Brothers series (six brothers all named after country and western legends by their eccentric mother whose lifelong search for her soul mate left each of her sons with a different father.)

Brenda_2012_Harlequin_BlogJohnny Cash (The Cowboy Next Door)
Conway Twitty Cash (Twins Under the Christmas Tree)
Willie Nelson Cash (Her Secret Cowboy)
Buck Owens Cash (The Cowboy’s Destiny)
Merle Haggard Cash (True Blue Cowboy)
Porter Wagoner Cash (A Cowboy of her Own)

Anyone who writes about cowboys and ranchers usually has a fondness for country music and I’m no exception. My parents never listened to country music when I was young but the mother of one of my childhood friends did. During the summer while my friend’s mother was at work, we’d play her collection of country-music albums and hold our own karaoke contest in the living room. Little did I know then that I’d become a Harlequin author and name the heroes in my books after country and western legends. I’m thrilled that my readers have embraced The Cash Brothers and that the books are bringing back memories of days gone by when they or their parents listened to the songs by these country greats.

I’m often asked if I gave the characters any real-life traits from their namesakes and the answers is yes and no. If you do any research on these music legends you’ll discover that they all had their ups and downs through life and made their fair share of mistakes. In True Blue Cowboy I made a reference that Mack Cash had been bailed out of jail by his brothers a few times for fighting in bars. The real Merle Haggard Cash spent time in San Quentin but was later pardoned by Ronald Regan.

Last year when the series debuted with The Cowboy Next Door, I created a music poll for my readers and asked them to name their favorite Johnny Cash song. The honor went to Ring of Fire, which I made mention of in the actual book.


Marin is giving away to one lucky winner (Reader’s choice) a Kindle copy or signed paperback of the first two books in The Cash Brothers series, The Cowboy Next Door (July 2013) and Twins Under The Christmas Tree (October 2013). Do you have a favorite country and western song? Leave a comment on this blog to enter the giveaway!


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Marin was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin. She left the Midwest to attend college at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she played basketball for the Lady Wildcats and earned a B.A. in Radio-TV. Following graduation she married her college sweetheart in a five-minute ceremony at the historic Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. She and her husband have become recent empty-nesters and this past July moved back to Texas for the third time, where cowboys, pickups and country music provide plenty of inspiration for her western books.

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48 thoughts on “Marin Thomas Shares Her Cash Brothers”

  1. I love country music and love the concept of your Cash Brothers series. Out of the list of country singers you have listed my favorite is Conway Twitty. I cried like a baby when I found out he passed away. I have so many favorites of his but I think the number one is “Hello Darlin'” course I also love “Tight Fittin’ Jeans”. πŸ™‚ I would love to win a print copy of the first book in your series. Thank you for the chance.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Cindy–thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! When one of the heroes in my books calls the heroine “Darlin'” I think of Conway πŸ™‚ He had some great songs in his career.

  2. I guess I’m one of the exceptions. I write Westerns, but don’t really care for Country music. The only one I’ve heard and liked was the one you mentioned, “Ring of Fire”.

    I love the concept for your series. I kind of did something similar except my series is all hymns rather than people.

    • Hi Faith-I’ve heard of other western writers who don’t listen to country music so you’re not alone in that. I have to make sure the radio is off when I’m writing because often I hear a country song come on and suddenly I’m brainstorming a new book just based on the lyrics πŸ™‚ I think writers are always looking for a way to create a series that will “stick” in the readers mind–like you did with hymns. I hope naming my heroes after country western legends does the trick πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. Favorite country song- Willie Nelson’s ALWAYS ON MY MIND

    I also like Toby Keith’s catchy I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME.

    • Hi Laurie–thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! Willie Nelson is a larger than life country singer, isn’t he? Always on My Mind is such a romantic song–one of my favorites, too!

  4. Oh yes I love everything country and western, I grew up on a dairy farm. We actually played country songs in the barn for them! Patsy Cline, which may or may not be considered country, is one of my favorites from the oldies. Honestly, I love the older country better than the current, and I’m not that old! Johnny Cash was awesome to listen to, along with Loretta Lynn, and a slew of other goodies but oldies. Thanks for bringing some awesome memories back to me!

    • Hi Susan–thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! Patsy Cline had a beautiful voice. Some of the country songs today don’t sound all that country to me, either. But the newer bands are capturing the younger listeners and maybe as they age they’ll look up these legends and give them a try πŸ™‚

  5. My favorite country songs are most of the oldies like Patsy Cline’s Crazy, along with the rest of her music. I also love Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn. As for newer music, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Alabama, Lady Antebellum, and Lonestar are a few of my favorites.
    kbinmich AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Kimberly-thanks for stopping by the blog! You’ve named a lot of favorites in your list–I love Dolly–not only her voice but her personality. She has a great sense of humor.

  6. Hi Marin! Welcome to P&P! We sure hope you like it here and will come back again. I love your Cash Brothers! I picked up True Blue Cowboy at RWA and Buck Cash is sure a sexy cowboy! Destiny was the perfect match for him.

    I grew up listening to country music so I’m very familiar with all these guys. But George Strait is my man. I love anything he sings. Amarillo By Morning has be up there at the top though. Also You Look So Good in Love. Oh man!

    Wishing you much success with your books!!

    • Linda–thank you for the invite to blog–it was so nice to meet you in person at RWA this past July! George Strait…well, what can I say about the King of Country πŸ™‚ He’s got one of those voices that you immediately recognize when his songs come on the radio.

  7. Hi Marin. Love the cover to your book. I am a big country fan. Right now, I am loving Luke Bryan’s My Kind of Night and Lady Antebellum’s Bartender.

    • Hi Crystal–thanks for stopping by the blog! Luke Bryan has a nice voice and Lady Antemellum is one band my daughter will listen to (she’s not a big country fan) One of my favorites…and it always gets the imagination going when I need to write a love scene is “I Wanna Do Bad Things With You” by Jace Everett

  8. A friend has gotten me back to reading, and your series is on my list to read. I am not much of a country music lover, but as a child, my mother used to play Johnny Cash, and my favorite is “A Boy Named Sue.” It just stayed with me. Thank you for your writing.

    • Hi Christine–thanks for giving The Cash Brothers series a try! I’ve had several readers email me telling me that they weren’t country music fans but the heroes in my books reminded them of the music their parents listened to and brought back good memories of their childhood. A Boy Named Sue is cute song πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Marin,
    What a fun concept for your stories. And I love Country Music, so these stories appeal to me. I’m a huge Tim McGraw fan, but also love Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Blake, Reba, and so many more.

    • Hi Charlene…Tim McGraw–OMG, that man getting better and better looking with age! I’m not a big fan of his acting but boy he can sing. And Reba has one of those voices you’d recognize anywhere–multi-talented lady!

    • Ashley, thanks for stopping by the blog! I wish more country music singers would join together and sing duets. There are so many great voices out there, it’s amazing what they can do with a song when they sing together.

  10. Planning on reading these books! Love the whole idea of them. We listen to country music all the time and have many favorites. Right now I love the song “I Hope You’re the End of my Story” by the Pistol Annies.

  11. Connie–thanks for trying The Cash Brothers–I hope you enjoy their stories! Until you’d mentioned the Pistol Annies I realized I haven’t heard one of their songs in a while. I love Hell on Heels πŸ™‚

  12. I’m not a big country western fan but I do enjoy anything by Johnny Cash… gotta go ol’ skool! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Erin–thanks for dropping by the blog! Johnny Cash is hard to resist and a lot of younger people who saw the movie Walk The Line became Johnny Cash fans after that movie.

    • Hi Colleen…I’m wondering if Carrie’s baby will grow up to be a singer–always find it interesting how actors and singers pass on their talents to their kids. Carrie has a lot of fun songs and can really belt them out.

  13. I enjoy country or country rock. I have to say anything by Garth Brooks. I was really sad when he stopped performing. As to Johnny Cash who I enjoyed, my grandmother on my mother’s side was related to his first wife – just a little tidbit lol.

    • Hi Catslady–thanks for stopping by the blog! Very cool that you have a relative related to Johnny’s first wife. It seems like the famous singers have two lives–the one they were living while they built their careers and the one they lived after they made it big.

  14. One of my fav country and western songs is by George Strait is “You look so Good in Love”.. I could listen to it over and over again.

  15. During my teen years, Tommy Sands had a country western show
    here in Houston which I enjoyed. All the CW artists who are
    considered “old timers” now were new then. I still love them
    now but one of my favorite CW songs is Garth Brooks’ Thunder

    I love the Cash Brothers! Hope there will be more books about

    • Hi Pat–thanks for stopping by the blog! Thunder Rolls is a great song…I still remember seeing Garth Brooks in concert before he made it big at the Rock County 4-H Fair in Janesville, WI and he previewed the song, Rodeo–he’s a great entertainer!

  16. My favorite country songs are by Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Johnny Cash and Keith Urban.I enjoy reading your books.Have a wonderful week.Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    • Hi Tina–thanks for stopping by the blog and I’m glad you’re enjoying The Cash Brothers series! It will be tough to say goodbye to these cowboys πŸ™‚ Loretta Lynn… I loved the movie A Coal Miner’s Daughter–she has such a unique voice and sang with a lot of heart.

  17. Hi Marin!
    Love your name…did you ever see the show “Men in Trees”? It was short lived but I loved it and the main/adorable/loveable leading woman’s name was Marin…wait, actually maybe Merin. Anyhow–it reminds me of her πŸ™‚
    Also…I see you are from Janesville–woot woot.
    I work in Dubuque, IA-which I’m guessing you know the location of–Tri-State area.

    My favorite country western song…oh man–that’d be hard to choose! I do love the Highway Men–my first rescue dog’s name was Waylon after Mr. Jennings. I’m really enjoying the new edgy/bad boy sort of country these days as well…I don’t think I could pick one song–or even top 10, lol.

    Books sound fun! I checked out the reviews and it looks like people really love them!
    Thanks for stopping by and the chance at the win!


  18. Hi Tabitha–thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out the reviews of The Cash Brothers books. I do know where Dubuque is! I drove with a girlfriend one Saturday to Dubuque where she applied for a job shortly after we graduated from high school. There are a lot of bad boys in country music–provides plenty of material for their songs πŸ™‚

  19. I love Michael Martin Murphy’s Wildfire, Willie Nelson’s Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground……so many wonderful songs!

  20. I love country and western music. Marty Robins was always one of my favorites because his songs told a story. I have read My Secret Cowboy and True Blue Cowboy and loved them. My Secret Cowboy was my favorite of the two. I can’t wait to read more of your books.

  21. Hi Quilt Lady! Thanks for picking up copies of my books and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the stories. Tat’s what I like so much about country and western music–the songs tell a story…each one could be it’s own book πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Marin! I can’t wait to meet the Cash Brothers! As for country music, George Strait is one of the greats.

  23. What a great idea for naming your characters. So many of the “originals” had bad boy reputations. It gives you a lot to work with if they take after their namesake.
    My aunt liked Roy Orbison and I still have her records and tapes. I always liked Johnny Cash. Way back when, there wasn’t that much country on the radio compared to what is out there now. I love good fiddle playing, so THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA by the Charlie Daniels Band is a favorite. There are so many good artists and songs out there, it really depends on my mood what I like best at the moment. On a recent trip I had a 10 hour drive by myself. I played Shania Twain’s ANY MAN OF MINE for most of the trip. It is hard not to feel good listening to it. A great antidote for getting irritated with other drivers.

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