Meet me at the Fair~ Tanya Hanson

Who doesn’t love a county fair?

I love ours so much I wish it came more than once a year. When our horse rescue asked for volunteers to man (or in this case, woman) our booth in the ag building, I jumped at the chance. BTW, our booth placed second and won a ribbon!

rescue booth horse portrait


Our fair dubs itself “a country fair with ocean air.” The agricultural plain on which I live is bounded north and east by mountains, west and a tad south by the Pacific Ocean. It’s still pretty and rural even with the subdivisions. Agriculture is still king.

Ocean air and ag

Strawberries are the queen,  but lemons and avocados are royalty as well.

tractor and pumpkins

I was incredulous that pumpkins were already this big. Our plant in our backyard garden has a lo-o-o-ong way to go.

And I visited the display about a nasty, invasive plant, the bladderweed.

invasive weed

After signing up some new volunteers and showing off pic of our horses, I meandered the fair.

Nothing like quilts and critters.



Or exotic table settings that earn ribbons. (theme: Dinner with the Sheikh.)

place setting

Or old fashioned soda.

oldfashioned soda pop

(Me, I settled for a big cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade and my ever favorite, a gooey cinnamon roll.)

The only bad thing: I had to miss the PRCA rodeo a week later due to travel plans.

Aw well. There’s always next year!


How about you? You like fairs? What’s your favorite thing to do, see, or eat? (Me, I do NOT like the midway rides.)

SeeingDaylight_w4964_680 (2)


 A beautiful attorney widowed by a foolhardy man…a successful builder vanquishing guilt over his wife’s death. Can they rebuild faith and find love enough to give each other and their kids a happy home together?

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27 thoughts on “Meet me at the Fair~ Tanya Hanson”

  1. Hi Tanya,

    My favorite are the on stage performances and shows. I remember two shows in particular: 1) Ricky Nelson performing Garden Party and 2) Doug Kershaw picking a fiddle like no body’s business. Granted, this was many years ago, but the thrill of seeing some of the performers I could not otherwise see was always a special treat.

    My favorite food is cotton candy. I remember picking the candy off the paper stem and feeling happy as I fanangled the sweet, sticking cotton into my mouth. Even today, I still get cotton candy when I go to the fair, and every time, the fond memories rush over me, making me feel gritty like a 10 year old all over again.

    • What great memories, Carolyn. Little Big Town performed this year. I’m theist hubs and I have enjoyed Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, and others, always the highlight thanks for the post .

  2. Looks like you had a blast, Tanya, and congratulations on the 2nd place ribbon! My fave? The critters, the pig races and the strawberry sundaes at the Florida Strawberry Festival. Haven’t been in ages, but oh, so much fun! 🙂

    • Hi Dora,, oh, those little piggies! The kids barn always has a mommy pig and her latest brood….the moms are always related. Great fun. Strawberry sundaes, yum! Thanks for the post. Xo

  3. I enjoy going to the fair about every 5 years or so. I can’t handle the crowds, but get where I want to see what’s new.

    • Hi Janine, I hear ya. It seeks to crowd up late afternoon and everyone, so we always go early, too. There is always something new to see even with al the tradition. I so appreciate you stopping by.

  4. The county fair where I live is a big deal to many. I love seeing the beautiful jars of homemade goodies and the homegrown fruits and vegetables on display.

  5. We love to go to our local fairs. Elephant ears are my favorite of all the fair foods! I don’t do the rides, either. But our kids love them. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Ew, no rides for me either, Susan, but yeah, I remember buying reams of tickets for our kids. Now we do that for our grandsons but that fair is here hours away. Elephant ears are yummy! Thanks for the memories.

  6. Hi Tanya, I love the fair and especially like the Ventura fair. Next year we should plan to meet there.

    I didn’t get to go this year and so missed your blue ribbon booth. Love your book cover.

  7. My other granddaughter won ribbons for horse showing and writing a horse story. I love the smells. My favorite food is fried zucchini.

  8. Hi Tanya
    Lovely pics. I have missed our county fairs for many years. We just forget when it’s going on or have other plans. I wish our pumpkins would take. We have been nurturing them, but nothing. I think it’s too late for them now. Oh well…great picture blog today!

  9. Thanks, Charlene! I have only been to the LA fair once, it is so far away, so enormous, and so hot. We tend to get to the OC one. Oh, we didn’t plant the pumpkin from seed….we bought a little plant at the nursery. I doubt if it’ll have a pumpkin ready dormHalloween but Carter and I have hopes for Thanksgiving pie! Xo

  10. Our fair is in October… enjoy looking around at everything they have to share… the booths, the music, the animals, etc… 🙂

    • Howdy Colleen, our fair used to be in October but too many 4H kids were missing too many days of school, so they moved it to August. Sheesh. I love it any time. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Tanya, I love your cover!!!! It is absolutely beautiful and the story sounds intriguing. Since my oldest daughter and family live out in California on the central coast, I’m always interested in things that go on there. I love your fair pictures, which reminds me a great deal of our Tri-State Fair which begins in a few days here in Amarillo. Established in the early 1920’s, needless to say, it’s been a staple for the surrounding states. Where we have cotton, feed yards, wheat, corn and lots of cow-calf ranches and horses, you guys have horses, wonderful fruit (love the strawberries), vegetables, and in my daughter’s area wine and flowers, flowers, flowers! I love to visit Cal., so thanks for showing us your fair. Thanks and big hugs to my sister Filly, P

    • Hi Phyliss, I hope we do get to connect someday when you are in California. I didn’t think to look up the start date for our fair but I know it has a long tradition. Thanks for the post, my friend. Xo

  12. I always loved the county fair. I was in 4-H in high school and spent the entire week at the fair. I worked the 4-H Dairy Bar and hung out in the animal area. I really miss those days. We still go to the fairs and enjoy them. I have worked the fairs here several times, for the children’s museum where I worked or for a volunteer group I belong to. This year I worked a booth for Honor Flight. The only drawback was not having the time to look around.
    Thanks for bringing back good memories.
    I like the theme for SEEING DAYLIGHT. I should be a good read.

    • Hi Patricia, wow, you have some great fair memories…mine include my daighter’s friend friend getting sick on the gravitron. Yuck. But most memories are great. With our booth, we could get out and roam. I had a wonderful day! Thanks for the post!

  13. I love the cover of the book and I want to read it. I remember fairs from when I was younger. We always went to the rodeos. I liked going through the animal exhibits. I usually knew a lot of the kids showing animals. I love cotton candy too. I didn’t do many rides, I liked to go through the games. I had one that I loved and usually won more than one prize. It had rubber ducks floating in water and you had to pick one. Some had numbers on them and some didn’t. I usually got one with a number. You got prizes from the number. They were chalk statues and I usually got horses. There were some better quality prizes but I liked the statues. I haven’t been to a fair in a long time.

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