Happy Birthday Petticoats & Pistols!

Cowboy Sunset BirthdayTime to Celebrate!!!


Petticoats & Pistols is 7 years old today. Can you believe it? This blog devoted to lovers of western romance has been sharing hunky cowboy heroes and fascinating research tidbits with our readers since 2007. And it is because of our devoted readers that we have been able to have such wonderful longevity.

Thank you!!!

In order to show our appreciation for your loyal support, we are offering 3 spectacular prize packages that will be given to winners drawn from those who leave comments today.



Prize Package #1

Β The entire Slades of Sunset Ranch series (4 books) from Charlene Sands

1 Prize A 1Prize BA copy of Karen Kay’s The Last Warrior

The Lassoing a Groom anthology from Tracy Garrett

$10 Amazon Gift Card + a copy of The Cattleman Meets His Match from Sherri Shackelford


Prize Package #2

2 Prize A 2 Prize BTwo books from Tanya Hanson – Midnight Bride and The Circle Girls (YA)

A complete set of the Irish Brides continuity from Love Inspired Historical from Winnie Griggs

A copy of Fire Eyes from Cheryl Pierson

$10 Amazon Gift Card + $10 Bath and Body Works Gift Card + a signed copy of The Trouble Texan from Phyliss Miranda


Prize Package #3

3 Prize A3 Prize BA signed copy of Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer

Four Weddings and a Kiss anthology from Margaret Brownley

All 8 books in Renee Ryan’s Charity House series (yes, that’s 8 books!)

A signed copy of Tried and True by Mary Connealy

A $25 gift card from Amazon from Linda Broday


To be entered to win one of these three fabulous prize packages, leave a comment telling us what you enjoy the most about visiting all the fillies here at the Junction. And if you are a new visitor, tell us what you love the most about western romance.

Winners will be announced tomorrow. (Only US addresses are eligible. Sorry.)

Thanks for comin’ to the party, y’all!

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For those who love to smile as they read, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer offers warmhearted historical romance with a flair for humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. Karen is a firm believer in the power of happy endings. . . and ice cream. She is an avid cross-stitcher, and makes her home in Abilene, TX with her husband and three children. Learn more about Karen and her books at: www.karenwitemeyer.com.

100 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Petticoats & Pistols!”

  1. Happy Anniversary! Love reading the blog and learning a little bit about our western history πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday, P&P! I love the variety of authors I have “met” over the years and the fun posts, especially the historical ones.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Thank so much for bringing so many great books and authors to us for the last 7 years!

  4. I like seeing the West via your eyes both through your books and your interesting topics about the West and it’s history. I’ve never been to Texas, New Mexico or Oklahoma so it’s been fun learning facts about these states.

    You’ve shared stories of Native Americans, outlaws, politicians and entrepreneurs. You’ve also showcased: museums, ranches and the start of catalog shopping (Montgomery Ward), and a day in the life of pioneers. I love visiting cities,recently San Antonio and places, The Alamo, and parks, Yellowstone, via your experiences.

    I also enjoy the introduction to authors like Jodi Thomas and Agnes Alexander.

    Thanks for sharing your love of all things western!

    I find history fascinating so I enjoy my trip to the past via your enthusiastic, informative website.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!! This is the first page I get on while having my coffee in the morning. I have found new authors to me. I love reading everyone’s posts.

  6. Happy Birthday to P&P. I love all the posts from my fellow authors. I’ve learned so much. I’ve found great authors and fabulous friends. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Petticoats and Pistols. What I love about this blog, is that I have met so many new and wonderful writers and their stories. I have also learned no many wonderful facts about the west that makes my reading so much more enjoyable. Thank you for all the great books that have made it to my TBR shelves..

  8. I have been a firm fan since Day One….being asked to guest here a few times had me over the moon….getting asked to join this stable of fantastic authors has been a major highlight of my career. We wouldn’t be here without our wonderful readers…thanks with my whole heart for your support and comments!

  9. Happy blogoversary !!!!! Here’s wishing you many, many more πŸ™‚ I love all of the fun guest posts. they are so informative!

  10. Happy Anniversary! And thank you for keeping us informed of new releases and who is hot in the Western Romance forum.

  11. I love a good western romance. Growing up in eastern Kentucky where things move at a slower pace, neighbors are always helping each other, and a friendly smile is quick on everyone’s face are the things I look for in a story whether it be contemporary or historical. I can always find that or get that feel in western romances. Simply put it takes me back home for a little while and that feels good.
    Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for giving me hours of memories!

  12. Felicitations on your anniversary! I love learning obscure details about history and Out West – you never know when knowledge about the first female sheriff or pirates in Texas will come in handy. Thanks for all the fun posts!

  13. I have always loved historical fiction. My father was a huge western fan. He watched John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and Gene Autry. I learned to love westerns from him.

    My favorite part of this blog is learning about the situations, persons and areas that inspire the books, which allow me to live in The Old West, vicariously, of course.

    Keep it up. I can’t wait to learn more from each of you for the next 7 years.

    Happy Birthday.

  14. Congratulations P&P. The best place to find all my favorite authors and to pick up some history too/ Thank you all

  15. Happy Birthday, Petticoats and Pistols!

    What I like most about visiting the fillies is the variety of posts. As a Western author, soon to be launching a couple of Western romances, it is encouraging and helpful to read what the fillies have to say. I also enjoy the giveaways because I love books and free books are even better. πŸ˜‰

  16. A big Hi to all our fans! I’m one of the original founders so I’ve been a long while. Seven years is an awful lot of posts. Sometimes when I get tired of finding things to blog about I think of you all. Your comments energize me. We couldn’t do this without you.

    I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished and that we were and are instrumental in furthering the western romance genre. It’s been great. The Fillies work as a team and that has been the key to our success.

    Happy Birthday to us from Wildflower Junction where laughter and fun are mandatory!! Yee-Haw!

  17. What I love most about visiting the junction is getting to learn about new authors and most important you get to have a real conversation with your favorite authors. There are lots of other “blog spots” that are a one way messaging but not the Junction. My family and friends are always so excited to hear that I have the opportunity to chat with my favorite authors. Thank you for that, and for encouraging me to start writing my own romance stories!

  18. Petticoats and Pistols has been such a thrill for me to belong to and take part in. Like Tanya, it has been a major career highlight for me.

    Lots of “fantastic filly sisters” and of course, everyone who stops by and comments and takes part in our blog make it one of the most fun, energetic and interactive blogs around. It’s just plain fun!

    But we always learn a lot, too–not just from the other fillies but from everyone who stops by to comment and share their thoughts and experiences, as well.

    Here’s to another seven wonderful years! YEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!

  19. I love hearing from some of my favorite authors here! I love reading about the simpler (not easier, but simpler) lifestyle, and I appreciate that my favorite authors weave their faith into the stories as well. I love a good, clean, historical western romance πŸ™‚ Would LOVE that third prize pack πŸ™‚

  20. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful celebration. The historical and interesting photos, reviews and books are what I enjoy greatly.

  21. I love learning about the real Wild West not the made up fictional Hollywood version. Plus the history that the Fillies presented is more real and accurate than what I learned in school when I was a child way back when.

  22. I enjoy The beauty of this place, the history of the books, and the westerns which are nostalgic and part of my past. Happy Anniversary and much happiness.

  23. Congrats P & P !!! Happy birthday to you! I’ve been enjoying you every day for years! I love the articles that all the authors put on every day. They are so interesting, especially the the tidbits that aren’t well-known! I’m very into historical information and find them fascinating! Thanks for the entertainment all the years and keep it coming! I would love to win Prize Pkg. #3 as those are the books I haven’t read yet! Let’s keep P & P going for another 7 years!!!

  24. This is where I escape from everything and love to visit. When I was young and times were kinder, easier and books like this were meaningful and special. Happy Anniversary! The historical and interesting posts, and all the books make this a place for me to enjoy.

  25. Woohoo!!! Happy birthday to you all!! I love interacting with you lovely ladies and finding new books to read. It is always an interesting conversation here. πŸ™‚

  26. Happiest of Birthdays today!!!!!!! I know the P & P has definitely brought great pleasure to my life and taught me so much. I thank you, I wish you all the best, and most importantly, Keep Up The Great Work!!!’

    Many, Many more Happy Birthdays!!!

  27. I love westerns! I love cowboys,learning about ranching, and did I mention cowboys?! Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Happy Birthday and congratulations. I love the variety – each author contributes something different. I love hearing about whatever they want to let us in on, the history, the stories, the back stories. Although I may not always reply, I have been visiting and reading the posts for quite a while!

  29. Congrats on 7 full filling years – hope for the best in the future! I love reading westerns since I was a small child – always wanted to be a cowgirl riding fast across the fields!!

  30. Happy Birthday AND here’s to many more! I love this blog for so many reasons that I am sure that I will miss some of them. I love meeting and getting to know the people behind the books that I love. I love the bits of history that I learn and I love meeting the characters from the books in new ways, sometimes learning more about how they come to grace the pages of a book that I enjoy! Thanks to all of you for sharing all of this with us!

  31. One of the best things about P & P is, when we are researching out books we find such COOL TIDBITS!!!!
    And of course there we are, knowing cool little twists of history with NO ONE TO TALK TO.

    Surprisingly, my husband isn’t THAT interested in my talking about Civil War minutiae. I mean sure, some. But there is a limit!
    So now I’ve got somewhere to go with all the interesting bits of nearly lost history!
    YAY for all of you who hang around with us.
    We really, sincerely, appreciate each of you.

  32. You ladies are wonderful! Happy Happy B-day to P&P!
    What I love about visiting here is the interesting and informative posts, you wonderful authors and your books, the smile I leave here with! Thanks for all that you share and hope to see continue for many more years! πŸ™‚

  33. Happy Birthday to you! Today is my granddaughter’s birthday too, she’s 19. I enjoy reading about the authors and the variety of authors that you have.

    Thank you for all you do for the bloggers that follow you.


  34. I am recently new but I have enjoyed your post. I love learning about new authors and books. I enjoy reading about history! Thank you for this chance to win some of these awesome books. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  35. Happy birthday! I love reading all the posts on western history and how the authors then incorporate that history into their books! And of course, I LOVE free excerpt Friday!

  36. Happy, happy birthday, P & P!!! I look forward to my daily visits here and love the wonderful authors who gather and share fascinating posts, research tidbits, book excerpts, and so much more! Thank you so much for what you do and for this exciting celebration! Wishing you many, many more years of success!!

  37. My favorite aspect of Western Romances is the expression of love between two individuals who appreciate the soulfulness of each other. These stories are uplifting and inspirational, two qualities we need more of today. Happy anniversary to P&P, and congrats to my high school buddy, Winnie Griggs.


    I started following this blog after falling in love with western romance. I never thought I’d read romance novels but I see why they are so popular now–such a nice escape!

    It’s hard to narrow down what I love about this blog. I love getting to know authors as people and the feeling that you all are my friends in a way!
    I love hearing how you got started writing and what inspires each of you.
    I love the back stories and the historical information is awesome!!
    The recipes, the pictures, the tips…I love it all.
    So what do I love the most??
    The variety!

    (The prizes are pretty awesome too–very much appreciated!)

    Thank you ladies for all you do here!

  39. Happy Birthday, P&P! I’m so honored to be counted a Filly among all these amazing writers.

    And I’m grinning ear to ear now, reading about how much you love P&P, too! THANKS for sticking with us for 7 years!!!


    Time flies when you’re having a blast! This blog has introduced me to so many amazing writers and provided amazing information.

    Thanks to all the fillies for such an informative and fun blog!

    Here’s to another 7 years! YEEE-HAAW!

  41. Happy Birthday. I am from Texas and I love books, especially historicals, set in the west.
    Thank you for this blog and giveaway.

  42. I like the fact that this site is devoted to westerns which do not seem as popular as they been in past decades. This way I can be exposed to new authors and books set in the subgenre. Happy Birthday!

  43. I’ve always loved Webster’s-on TV, movies and especially in these writers books. They’ve added humor and romance to the Wild West. So much fun to read. Have enjoyed reading their books so much and look forward when they have a new book out. You shine out in a wonderful world of Christian fiction.

  44. Wow! How wonderful to hear from so many faithful followers of Petticoats & Pistols! I was one of the founding fillies, and when we were launching the site, never once did I imagine that we’d still be here 7 years later, so loved and appreciated by all of you.

    Happy Birthday to us! Yee-Haw!!

  45. Happy Birthday P&P. I think I have been coming here from the beginning. I know I have been visiting for years. Western romance are my favorite so I am always looking for new ones to read. This is the best place I know to come and find all of my fabulous westerns. Thanks for being here for us.

  46. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my fellow authors at P and P. And to all you bloggers out there who liven our blogs up with variety,both sweet and spicy. Thank you for making this blog a success!

    I write contemporary westerns now, but when I joined (yes, I’m one of the originals )I also wrote Western Historical. I’m honored to be a part of such a wonderful corral of authors and friends.
    Happy 7 Years, P and P!
    And Good Luck with the drawing! There’s some great prizes to be won!

  47. This day is a great day. Not only is it my 20th wedding anniversary but your 7th Birthday ….so Happy Birthday!
    I love reading about new up and coming westerns as well as the old history that’s behind these books. You gals do a great job!
    I truly believe I was born in the wrong century because there is nothing like reading an old western romance. I’d love to go back in time for the most part. However, I do appreciate the modern things like indoor plumbing and so forth.
    Keep up the great work!

  48. Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday (7 years). Love picking up a modern western an escaping into it. Thanks for all of your hard work

  49. Oh Happy Day!: Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! It’s a wonderful day for you! Enjoy your day ladies, you deserve it every single one of you! YEAH!!!

  50. Oh what fun to hear from so many of you! And how honored I am to be part of this fine group. It’s the entire group – writers and readers alike – who make this such an enjoyable place to visit.

  51. I Enjoy reading historical fiction and especially your books!
    It’s been wonderful joining this blog and discovering new authors and fun stories!

  52. Here’s a big congratulations to all you fillies for all your hard work. You have made Petticoats and Pistols a fun and informative place to visit.

    I also want to thank you for your generosity in allowing me to promote my books on your site. I am forever in your debt.

  53. I love western romance because it is so different from my real life! But maybe it reminds me of all the times I spent on my aunt and uncle’s farm when I was a girl.

  54. Congratulations! I’d love to win prize package #3 since it contains books by some of my favorite authors: Mary Connealy, Margaret Brownley, and Karen Witemeyer.
    I like reading some of the historical posts you have. It’s fun to learn more about the West and the people who lived there.

  55. I love westerns because they embody an adventurous spirit very synonymous with America. They tend to have a ruggedness that values honesty more than societal rules and fairness more than class or wealth. The hardships of the Old West tended to strip away the trappings to show the core of a person, and reading books with this setting can be a pure joy.

  56. Happy Birthday
    Just found you in the last year but love reading the blogs about all the authors and their current reads. Thank you for bringing us some great reads and hope you continue for many more years.

  57. Hello to my Petticoats and Pistols ladies. Wishing you a wonderful 7th Birthday for this blog. Congratulations for sticking with it and staying the course for the seven years. I really love this blog. Lots of my authors I already knew plus so many new ones that are my friends now. It is always fun to be here. I love the comments and laughs I get by being here. I love the western and also other books we get to hear about. I love the days when they taught us things about our history that I’ve not known in my 79 years. And in a much more fun way. Sure never learned this in history classes when I was in school. I love the visiting and of course the contest. I would love to be one of the winners for your party.Thanks for inviting me to the party. Love you all. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com < ( Wish I could meet all of you in person.)

  58. Petticoats and Pistols is such a fun website. Whenever I’m looking for something Western to read, I know I can mosey on over and find some new title that I didn’t know I was even waiting for. Happy Birthday!

  59. Happy blogiversary! πŸ™‚ P&P is one of my daily reads and it’s so fun learning about your books and all the fascinating research you share. Keep up the fabulous work! Thanks for all the generous giveaways you do throughout the year as well!

  60. I just discovered this Petticoats & Pistols Party. Oh my, how I love to read these wonderful books. I usually read several a week. Of course, I have my favorite authors. Love the historical romances the very most. You wonderful authors have no idea how fun & interesting you make my life now that I FINALLY have time to read. I’m 80 next week and you just “make my day”!!! Keep writing and then write some more!

  61. Guess I’m late for the party. Illness will do that for me.

    I love P & P because I can learn some historical information while enjoying the wit and wisdom of the author.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  62. I love the historical posts, the information about upcoming books and any information that the authors share. Love your blog. Happy Anniversary!

  63. Everything is fun to take a gander at. I enjoy reading the book excerpts and summaries. But, what I really like are the historical research tidbits shared by your contributors. Keep up the good work!

  64. thanks for the giveaway and congrats!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    HONESTLY, i have never read a western romance .. this is a great place to start!!! but i can tell you that it seems to be so down-home and sincere, no fakes or phonies, yet exciting and adventurous. i LOVE that about books!

    Thanks again!

  65. I love reading about all the authors. Happy 1 year anniversary. I hope for many more to come. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  66. Happy Anniversary P&P on your 7 years. Wow! Time flies…love reading the blog & all the new western books you fillies keep writting for us. Each of you (authors) have a different style & way of making us love historical westerns. Can’t get enough of the adventures you send us on, with our heros…be male, female or indian. Keep them coming…. Thanks, for all your hard work in doing so.

  67. Happy Birthday! I love everything about P & P! Love the posts, learning about books, the giveaways, and just visiting every day with authors and other commenters. I love to read and have read 76 books this year!
    Thanks for the birthday giveaways!
    Keep up the great work…..you are so appreciated.

  68. I guess growing up watching westerns is the reason why I love western romances so much. Happy Birthday!

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