RR Article Prairie_Rose_Pub_Logo_1_SM In August, 2013, my business partner, Livia Reasoner and I decided to take the plunge and open our own publishing house. So many little companies were bursting on the scene that we wondered if we would be able to make much of a difference in the publishing world. Less than a year later, I want to share with you all what we’ve done. To start with, I better talk a little about why we wanted to start Prairie Rose Publications to begin with. Livia and I both belong to a professional western writing group, the WESTERN FICTIONEERS, of which we are both very proud to be members. I am currently acting as President of the Western Fictioneers until 2016. We had both noticed that there were many women writers—good women writers—who were having trouble “breaking in” to the western genre.

Many of these women wrote “gritty” western stories—not so heavy on the romance as on the “western” aspect; many of them wrote shorter stories than the normal popular length for a novel, or novella; and many were having trouble just because they were women—with the name to prove it.

PRP Cowboy Cravings Web FINAL

Lots of publishers don’t like taking a chance on westerns anymore, written by man or woman—but when they have a choice, they’ll be publishing the ones by men—since men are more apt to buy western and science fiction works by another man than by a woman.

Livia and I agreed that one of the submissions requirements for our publishing house would be first and foremost, to submit, you had to be a woman. We have not been sorry, and have had more business than we can handle at times.






Another thing we wanted to do was encourage new writers as well as seasoned ones. We’ve got a fantastic mix of both, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them all. Our royalty rate is one of the best anywhere, paying 80% net to the authors, who work so hard to write these wonderful tales and hope with everything in them to find a home for their stories. After years of being offered the traditional meager 35% for e-books and 7% for print, our authors are extremely happy with the royalty payments, and so are we.


We can do this because we don’t accept anything that requires heavy editing, so we are able to produce more quality stories and novels in a shorter time span.


It wasn’t long after we opened Prairie Rose Publications that we were asked if we published children’s westerns. And what about contemporary and science fiction? Well, did we also have an imprint for youngsters’ contemporary or fantasy stories? The answer became YES very quickly.


Painted Pony Books is our imprint for Middle Grade, YA and New Adult western fare; Tornado Alley Publications is the sister imprint for Middle Grade, YA, and New Adult contemporary stories, and Fire Star Press satisfies contemporary, science fiction and fantasy categories for adults. PPBThe Saga of Indian Em&_39;ly Bk 1 WebAll of our imprints except Prairie Rose Publications are open to ANYONE to submit to—men and women, alike; newbies and experienced writers. Since opening our doors, we have published many anthologies at PRP—Wishing For a Cowboy (Christmas 2013), Hearts and Spurs (Valentine’s Day 2014), Lassoing a Bride, Lassoing a Groom, Lassoing a Mail Order Bride, and Cowboy Cravings (Summer stories, 2014). We’ve also put out 14 novels in the PRP line, as well as 6 novellas. In the Painted Pony Books imprint, we’ve published 9 books, some for all three of our age groups.







TAP THIS SUMMER STORM WebIn the Tornado Alley Publications imprint, we published our first anthology, THIS SUMMER STORM, for YA readers just a few weeks ago in time for summer reading for ages 13-17. We also released a “retro” novel about the Viet Nam era, Echoes in the Night, and will be releasing two more about that era in the next couple of months. Fire Star Press has seen the release of one novella and one novel, with many more on the way.







Part of what we want to do with our company is to inspire people in many ways, and one of these ways is by helping others. We have partnered with some charities that are so rewarding and exciting to work with. One of them, The Lighthouse For Recovery Ministries, has many branches that reach out to all segments of the Birmingham, Alabama community—the homeless, abused animals, addiction programs, and programs for veterans who need help.

Another of our “pet projects” has been helping with Westie rescue expenses by donating books to the Westie Rescue Missouri Fundraising Auction (here is the Facebook page for their event, for anyone who might be interested):


PRP Mending Fences WebTAP Echoes in the Night  Web










What do we have coming up in the next year? More of the same! Prairie Rose Publications will have its first Halloween anthology, Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico making a debut in late September. But there’ll also be an anthology from Tornado Alley Publications for Middle Grade Readers this fall called My Dog Can Do Magic! For New Adult readers, we’ll have an anthology just in time for Halloween—It Could Happen—stories that have a love story with a Halloween twist.

We have submission calls open for all three of these anthologies, if you have a story you might meet the requirements!












Christmas will see two anthologies, Present for a Cowboy and Present for a Cowgirl in our PRP line. And Valentine’s Day will be marked by another new anthology to be released in the middle part of January.

But even more immediately, we have a special CHRISTMAS IN JULY event coming up from July 25-Aug. 1! During that time period, we’ll have many new Christmas-themed novellas and short stories available for purchase at our brand new website! We’ll have a lot of giveaways going on, too! We hope you’ll come join us during National Week of the Cowboy, the week we’ve chosen for our Christmas in July event—and get to know our authors.

But don’t wait until then—here’s the link, come on over and join us now!

PRP website:

PRP blog:

Questions? Ideas? Thoughts? Please leave a comment with your contact information! I will be drawing the names of 3 lucky winners today!

Time Plains Drifter SmHere’s what’s up for grabs from the PRP goodie bag!

1 signed print copy of TIME PLAINS DRIFTER

1 digital copy of COWBOY CRAVINGS


Winners will be announced tonight! Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating with me!


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  1. Cheryl – Loved to read the history of forming the Prairie Rose Publications! You all have done a wonderful job in the short time you’ve been working!! And you’ve got a list of terrific authors! Wishing you continued success.

  2. Char, thanks so much for your support! Livia and I have had so much fun–it’s been lots of hard work, too, of course, but there is nothing like being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams of writing and becoming a published author. We have some wonderful authors and there is no end in sight–I have enough work to keep me busy for the next year. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Thanks, Erin! We have so much fun with these anthologies. We’ve got one coming up for Halloween, and a couple for Christmas. Livia and I always have the best time picking out a theme and reading the stories when they come in–and of course, her covers are always so gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow what great accomplishments! You guys have been busy but what great rewards! I love that you only have women authors! Im so excited to have been shown all the new books that I would love to read.

  5. What you have accomplished and what you are doing is wonderful. I am working on something to submit for your Cowboys, Creatures and Calico anthology.

  6. Hi Cheryl! I am such a fan and love what you are doing at Prairie Rose Publications! I am excited about the upcoming stories and wish you all continued success!!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  7. So proud of your accomplishments, Cheryl… Way to go, my friend.

    I’m waiting for the day I can have a little bit of extra money so I can get some of your books and some of a few of those wonderful friends you’ve made me discover through Prairie Rose Publications.

  8. Hi Cori!

    We have a brand new website that should be ready to go this week, and there will be some fantastic stuff on there you haven’t seen yet. I didn’t have room here to show everything. LOL I hope you’ll join us for our Christmas in July celebration starting the 25th and see what else we have to offer.

    Livia and I have really enjoyed this past year and are looking forward to many more! Thanks for coming by today!

  9. Connie, that’s great! I’ll be looking for it. Thanks so much for the kind words–we have really put our hearts and souls into this business.

  10. Hi Britney!

    I’m so glad to see you here today! Thanks so much for always being such a staunch supporter and fan. We sure have some excellent things coming your way these next few months, so be sure to join us for our Christmas in July week, and check our website regularly once we get it up and running. The old one is still operational right now, but the new one is really something else, and I can’t wait to unveil it.


  11. Hi Liette!

    So glad to see you here at P&P! And I’m so glad you’ve discovered Prairie Rose Publications, too–because we do have a lot of wonderful people there and that’s one thing I love about it–we’ve all made some great friends through our writing. I know you are working on a ms. right now, and it will be SO exciting when you finish it up and send it out into the world for publication!

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear friend!

  12. I for one am thrilled to have a story published through Prairie Rose with two more under contract! After four years of writing and 12 finished manuscripts, it’s an indescribable feeling to see some of the chicks leaving the nest! I also have to say the PRP team is beyond supportive.


  13. Kirsten, we are just as thrilled to have you with us! I love your writing style and have really enjoyed everything I’ve read by you so far. This is one reason Livia and I took the plunge and decided to “go for it” — to help others achieve their dreams! It’s a wonderful feeling.

    So glad you came by today!

  14. Congrats on your first year!!! Thanks for sharing some extras about your publishing company… your charities and pet projects. Loving the covers for your upcoming releases!

  15. A year already. Time does fly when you’re doing what you love and your readers are the winners.
    Thank you for bringing these stories to the world. I would say that even if I were not part of this wonderful group.
    Here is to many more years of great stories. Doris

  16. Congrats on a really great year! It sounds like you were very busy. I do love anthologies. Looking forward to them.

    quiltlady110 at gmail dot com

  17. Congratulations on your first year! Time really has flown this year. I love how you’re helping the rescue by donating books for the auction. I run an auction for a cat rescue in my town. So, I know anything anyone donates is greatly appreciated and makes money for those in need.

  18. Hi Colleen!

    I’m always so anxious to share what we’ve done this year because I’m just bustin’ my buttons! LOL It’s been a lot of hard, hard work, but has been worth it in every way.


  19. Hi Kay! Yes, I know! Time seems to just slip by so quickly, especially when you are doing something you love so much. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop in today!

  20. Hi Doris!

    Thanks so much for coming by today, and we’re so very proud to welcome you into the Prairie Rose bunch! You’ve always been such a wonderful “cheerleader” for all of us, and we’re so glad to have you with us as one of our authors now!


  21. Quilt Lady–sometimes I worry about keeping up the pace, but we’ve managed so far, and the first year is always the toughest. It’s been a good one and I’m looking forward to many more!

  22. Cheryl–you really have performed wonders during this past year. I’m still in awe of what you and Livia have begun, and with the zeal and enthusiasm you share with everyone. I love your positive attitudes and welcoming hearts. Not everyone has this much love to give, but you all are amazing.
    Onward to the second year. I’ll be watching and cheering you on as usual!

  23. Hi Agnes! I’m working on DRINA’S CHOICE right now! LOVING IT! We’re anxious to get it out there, too! Thanks for stopping by today! So glad to have you on board as a PRAIRIE ROSE!

  24. Janine, contact me at and let’s talk about the cat auction! We’re always looking for charitable places–especially animal charities–to help. Thanks for stopping by today!

  25. Celia, thank you so much for all your steadfast support through this first year. You’ve really lifted my spirits and given me confidence! I’m so glad to have you as a Prairie Rose! Your story, Starr Bright, in the Cowboy Cravings anthology was just great–I’ve always been fascinated by her, ever since she made an appearance in All My Hopes and Dreams.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  26. Congratulations on one year and hopefully many more years to go! I would love to win Times Plain Drifter or Cowcoy Craving.

  27. Thanks, Kristin! I’m hoping we’ve got many years of this ahead, too. It’s so rewarding and so much fun!

    I’ve got you entered in the drawing!

  28. Hi Cheryl! All I can say is great job!!!! And keep up the good work!!!!!! Thank you for what you do.

  29. Melanie, thank you, sweet lady! I have enjoyed this last year so much, and I can’t imagine NOT doing this now. Livia and I have such a fantastic partnership and get along so well–we really do think a lot alike and that helps.

    Thanks for all your support!

  30. Hi Cheryl, best wishes, my friend, on continued success for you and Livia. I am so honored and thrilled to be part of your stable, me and my doppelgänger Anya Novikov both. Thanks to your hard work, you have offered many opportunities to authors. Live and God bless, my friends. Xo

  31. I am so excited for you and Livia! You are both such great people who have been so helpful to me in a wild world I knew very little about. Not only did you give me a chance with Weekend Whirlwind, you helped in building my confidence as a new writer. With that, I am so grateful! I wish you continued success in the upcoming years and hope to contribute again! For now, though, I’m off to another ‘magical realm’ you shall soon hear about! 🙂

  32. You ladies have so much to be proud of….you’ve taken on so much in the year you’ve been in business, proving that you have entered a genre and a niche that needed filling. As one of your “newer” authors, I’m pleased to be a part of your stable. I’m so pleased you took the chance and re-released my WILLA Award-winning novel ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS…. Your company may be “new” but you are “experienced” and your enthusiasm and expertise is contagious. Thank you, Cheryl and Livia!

  33. I am so glad to see authors getting a more equitable share of the profits from the sale of of their books. I have never understood why the person who does the work to create a story gets such a small portion of the profits.
    It is great that you have expanded the genre you are printing. You will be making more authors and readers happy. I look forward to reading many books from your press.

    Wish you much success in the future.

  34. Tanya, thanks so much for the kind words! We are thrilled to have you and Anya with us. Looking forward to more wonderful stories from both of you!

  35. Hi Angel!

    I’m so glad you submitted Weekend Whirlwind for the THIS SUMMER STORM anthology. That was really a good little story and YA is not always as easy to write as some might believe. I can’t wait to see what you’re planning in your “magical realm”! You know, Livia and I both remember when we were first starting out as writers and the travels and travails that we went through. It’s our goal to ease the way for others and I hope we have done that for you. Looking forward to seeing your next story!


  36. Gail,

    Livia and I both really enjoyed ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS. It’s one of those stories that you just feel compelled to read and you did such a great job with it. We’re so glad to have you with us at Prairie Rose Publications.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by today–I know you are blogging at the PRP blog which I have not made it over to read yet.


  37. Patricia,

    That was the most disheartening thing about writing–the royalties. You work so hard and pour your heart and soul into a story; you spend months or years looking forward to the day when it will be “out there” for others; and then, you find out you’re going to not even be making $1.00 on each book you sell! How can that be? My husband was so furious about that when I first sold a book that he would say, “Why do you even bother to do it? You’re probably making 3 cents an hour when you average out all the time you’ve spent on it!” It was really hard for him to watch, but of course, as writers, we just know we love doing it so much that we’d be writing even if it weren’t selling at all. That’s not fair. Writers work too hard to just have to settle for practically nothing of their profits! So when Livia and I started this company that was the first thing we agreed on. We wanted the writers to get their lion’s share of what they were so deserving of.

    And we have really enjoyed branching out with these other lines, too. Just last month, we had 4 of our YA books actually make it to the WESTERN top 100 Amazon list as well as the Children’s Western top 100 list.

    Thanks for your supportive comments!

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