Carolyn Brown Learns How To Marry a Cowboy

books_066Hello Fillies! I’m so glad to be here today to talk to y’all about How to Marry a Cowboy. I just love propping up my boots and havin’ a glass of sweet tea with all y ‘all!
This is the final book in the Cowboys and Brides series and these characters were so much fun to have in my head while I wrote the book. Y’all know how difficult it is to say goodbye to all the characters at the end of a series. There’s a feeling that we need to set up a family reunion in a year or two so that we can see how everyone is doing.
I knew a little bit about Mason before the book started since I’d met him at a couple of Angus Association parties in the first three books, but Annie Rose and the twins were brand new characters. And the dynamics between Annie Rose and the twins and then the one between her and Mason was exciting and so much fun.
HTMarryCowboy082113AI met Lily and Gabby on page one when Lily was jumping up and down and screaming, “Gabby, come quick! Hot damn, Daddy done got us a new mama!” I knew at that moment the twins and I were going to get along just fine and as soon as they woke up Annie Rose everything was going to work out.
However, Mason and Annie Rose fought with me. Annie Rose wasn’t ready for a relationship with anyone, not with what she’d endured the last time around. Mason wasn’t over the death of his wife, even though it was eight years ago. Neither of them could spare an ounce of trust.
So the little girls and I had our work cut out for us. We started with Annie Rose since she claimed she couldn’t remember anything right there at the first. The girls came up with the idea that since there were dozens of How-To books available that they’d write one to help Annie Rose recover her memories. So they wrote How To Remember and gave her some tips. Then when that worked and she could remember, they wrote another one called How To Be A Rancher and a third one called, How To Be A Mommy.
Annie Rose prized her booklets and with each one she began to trust a little more and more and she wondered how a woman would go about marrying a cowboy like Mason.
Mason had two rules. One was that he never got involved with a woman in the house with the twins. The other was that he never, ever got involved with the nanny. It wasn’t easy convincing him that Annie Rose was more than a nanny. Not when he couldn’t forget his wife who’d died suddenly when the twins were just babies. Since then he’d had been a single father.
He wasn’t sure he could ever trust anyone to take care of his girls or enough to let them into his heart. The last time he’d fallen in love with a woman, he’d lost her. The pain was so intense that he was afraid to give it another try.
So you can see, the twins and I surely did have our work cut out for us. By the time I finished the book, Mason, Annie, Lily and Gabby and I were pretty good friends and I really do hate to see the series end…but hey, someday in the future Lily and Gabby might grow up and want their own books. Like Mason and Annie learned, one never knows what fate can do with the future.
So tell me, folks, do you believe in fate? Has it ever led you down a path that you had no intentions of going, but looking back, you realize it was the perfect path?

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61 thoughts on “Carolyn Brown Learns How To Marry a Cowboy”

  1. Fate is why we live in our current home. I just happened to drive by this house one day and loved it from the beginning. I wrote the owner(s) a note saying that if they ever wanted to sell, to please call me as it looked like someplace I would like to raise my family. Well she did call, not to sell but to tell me that my note had made her day. We spoke for quite a while and as things turn out, she played bridge with my childhood neighbor. Then a few months later she suddenly died. That old neighbor called and said that the lady had told her bridge club about my note. We ended up buying the house. I believe it was God’s plan for us to live here.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I like the “How To” pamphlets idea the twins came up with to help Annie Rose and Mason.

    Fate- I met my future husband my Junior year of college when he dated one of my roommates. The first day I was back at school my Senior year, I ran into John when we were both walking home from classes. He lived within a block of my apartment. Pretty amazing since Madison has around 40,000 students. We both remembered meeting at my apartment the year before. He asked me out and that was it for both of us, almost 40 years now!

  3. Janie: I Love that story! Isn’t it amazing how things do work out and if that sweet lady is looking down from the afterlife, I’m sure she loves that you are taking care of her house.

  4. Hi
    I guess you could say that. I first met my husband at school in shop class of all places. He had the prettiest hair. Fast forward 3 years here we were working at the same department store, he was handsome, minus the hair. Me and a friend was trying to set him up with someone else, which back fired, cause he asked me out, of course I said yes, 3 months after our first date we married, we will celebrate 23 years in September, no all of them happy but all of them together.

  5. I do believe in faith! Looking back at my life. I believe it was by faith that I met Kenny my hubby now. We became parents at the age of 17 & 19. All or friends said we would never make it. We have been through hell and back(long story). Well hell, boy did we prove them wrong. He’s my life and if not for my parents up and moving over the weekend to another state, I would never have met him. Still loving those books Miz Carolyn!

  6. Good Morning Ms Carolyn

    I can’t tell you how much a love your stories, there are no words.

    I believe everything we do is fated for us. I met my husband through a friend and it was as if I had known him my whole life. We met in early October and we married in late November.
    We searched and searched for a place to live and the moment I stepped foot on the spot where we now live it felt like home. Well maybe that last one was reincarnation(lol).

    Can’t wait for this book, I have been waiting too long for Mason’s story/

  7. I do believe in fate. And I just love how you bring Annie Rose into Mason and the twins lives. I am in love with the twins and I haven’t even read the book yet. But that’s what you do to us with your books. Make us love them before we even have a chance to read them. Can’t wait for this book to hit my TBR shelf. It has a special place waiting for it…

  8. Of Course, I believe in Fate!!! My husband is from NY while I am from Oregon… We met in a little Texas town with only 2 traffic lights, which we still reside in. We raised 3 wonderful children together and will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in February. Only Fate could have brought us together from opposite coasts.

  9. Totally believe the path I went down was fate. I have three beautiful kids. No matter what it happened just as it was supposed to.

  10. Sherry: Sometimes you just KNOW and sometimes you know but you have to argue with your heart a little before you realize that the doubts were all inside your head! Thanks for being such a wonderful fan!

  11. Everyone: I’m loving your openness in telling your stories about fate! I believe in it, too. I was a high school sophomore in southern Oklahoma and started writing to a soldier in the Army stationed in Germany. He was from Pennsylvania and got out of the Army about the same time I graduated. I got on a bus and traveled to PA to meet him and we were married six weeks later…almost 48 years ago…NOTE: I was a very young bride!

  12. I love all of Carolyn Brown’s books and I own most of them. She’s one of my favorite authors.

  13. I do believe in Fate but I don’t think it has ever led me anywhere I wouldn’t have gone..I am not that adventurous. I do believe everything happens for a reason though!

  14. I love your books. Tuesday I will be at the store to buy this book. I am looking forward to Long Hot Texas Summer also.

  15. I think fate is the reason our lives remain interesting! We may never know when its coming into our lives but sometimes we can feel the pull of fate guiding us to take the paths less traveled. I would love to read this book!!! Thanks for entering me in the contest!!

  16. Linda: Not even fate can budge a woman when she sets her heels! I’m with you on thinking that everything happens for a reason even if we might not see the reason for ten or twenty or more years.

  17. I do believe in fate, but I also think that we choose certain paths in our lives… sometimes I wonder about a choice I made and how things might have been different if I chose to go in another direction…
    Love your books! 🙂

  18. Your book sounds really good. I always like reading about twins since I am one. Quite a unique experience.

  19. I do believe in fate and that things happen for a reason. Sometimes we may not understand why things happen but it is the way things should be. Also I think we make are on fate sometimes.

  20. Joye: Lily and Gabby do hope that they bring back some memories for you back when you were a little girl. They argue and fuss but they stand by each other, no matter what!

  21. Quilt Lady: Yep, we do make our own fate at times…when we choose one path over another or when we listen to our hearts when our minds are screaming at us that we’re crazier than an out house rat!

  22. Yes I believe in Fate! Fate is what brought my husband of 51 years together. We met 55 years ago when I was sitting on my front steps with a friend. She was keeping me company after finding out that my date had stood me up. My hubby and his cousin stopped to talk to us and as they say, the rest is history!
    I shall have to read this series! I loved that opening line!

  23. Hi Carolyn!! I’m sorry to be draggin’ up the rear today but I’ve been at critique with my writing sisters. Anyway, I’m so happy that you came by to visit. It’s always a real treat to see you and talk about your new book. Wow, this one looks like a real humdinger! I do love that couple on the cover. It appears they’re whispering secrets to each other.

    I definitely believe in fate. Fate brought me here to Amarillo. I was scared out of my mind to think about moving again but I found the perfect house and this town is the perfect place for me. There is a large community of writers here and I needed to be where I could do my best writing. I’m doing it here. I’ve moved up onto a whole new level. I pinch myself everyday.

    Wishing you tons of success not only with your books but life in general!! Take care and I’ll see you in a few weeks in San Antone. Yippee!

    • Oh, Linda, I have a whole new series starting in August with Long, Hot Texas Summer…set in your neck of the Texas woods…the Palo Duro Canyon. They were so much fun to research! Next time we come that way, we’ll have to find time to grab a cup of coffee and chat a while. See you in San Antonio in a few weeks….woo-hoo! So looking forward to it.

  24. Sort of like “God Blessed the Broken Road”. Yes, I think fate played a part in me getting together with my husband. We were in our early 30’s & worked for the same company, but never said more than Hi. We were introduced at a happy hour, but nothing happened. Then I saw him at the gym the next day & we started talking. We found out we were both renting apartments about a mile from each other. 23 years later we are still together.

    • Sharlene: Congratulations on 23 years together. And I love Rascal Flatt’s “God Blessed the Broken Road.” That is what inspired the Broken Road series, a sweet romance series I wrote several years ago.

  25. It’s nice to know that authors hate to say goodbye to their characters too. I love reading series books because you have a chance to stay in touch with characters over a period of several times. I would LOVE to win a copy of How to Marry a Cowboy. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Cindy: Those characters sure kept me company this past year and I do feel like I need to go back to that area in a few years and check up on those twin girls.

  26. Hi Carolyn, I enjoyed reading your blog today. Love your cover and the premise of your story! The idea of the girls writing How To Books is wonderful! Yes, it’s often hard to let go of our series characters, but we move on and create new ones to love!

    • Charlene: Yep, that’s just what I did and now I’m knee deep in the Burnt Boot series…actually starting the final one in the series this next week…but Mason’s love for his daughters still makes me sigh when I think of it. He’s a tortured cowboy with a lot of love in his heart!

  27. I most certainly believe in fate. I had a friend in high school. He wasn’t a boyfriend, just someone I sat next to in Chemistry class. We exchanged Christmas cards and occasional letters after he moved away after our junior year. He moved to Florida and I lived in Northern NY. We went to college after which I joined the Peace Corps and he joined the Air Force. I stopped to see my cousin and her husband in CA while I was on special leave. My friend was also stationed at the base. I saw him for the first time in 7 years when my cousin had him over for dinner. We saw him again the next night, after which my cousin said we were perfect for each other. I went back to my assignment after those visits and he showed up 5 months later and proposed marriage. We never dated prior to that.
    I guess it was fate for us to be together. We celebrated our 42nd anniversary the beginning of this month.

  28. I certainly believe in fate and I love it when things just “click”. I certainly think fate stepped in when a browned eyed guy winked at me from across a room. We will celebrate our 39th anniversary in October.

  29. Hello Carole. Good to see you here. I believe GOD has a plan for each of us. But, sometimes people pick their own plans and it doesn’t always work out. If we followed GOD’s plan there would be much less divorces like it should be. Sounds like a really good book you have here. Would love to win it. Maxie
    > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  30. I do not believe in fate. I believe we control our own destinies. Love your books and look forward to reading this new one.

  31. Of course, fate is just the Lord’s planning behind the scenes! II love your books! I am sure I will like this too. As mother of twin sons I have a soft spot for stories that feature little girls (sigh!). Sure, it was easier to buy clothes for them, but dresses are so pretty…

    Enter in your drawing, PLEASE.

  32. Soft Fuzzy Sweater: I have an even dozen granddaughters and I do love buying the girly-girl things for them! I agree, it is easier to dress boys (have one son and two daughters) but I did have fun dressing my girls and now my granddaughters.

  33. Carolyn – Thanks, for the contest. Yes, I believe in fate.
    I met my husband at a gas station, he was the attendent. I needed new tires on my auto & he put them on for me, we talked while he was putting them on. We have been married now for 46 years & counting. Love reading your series. Your reader.

  34. Congrats Carolyn on the series!!! I don’t know if I truly believe in fate… too many randomly bad things happen to good people, but I still have hope that karma is real! Thanks for sharing!

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