Charlene Newsletter Banner2  Okay, I have to admit while researching the topic today, my stomach started growling.  It’s not easy writing about cupcakes and muffins, while I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve already had my dietary intake for the day…but I digress.

What makes a cupcake, a cupcake?  And what makes a muffin, a muffin?  I didn’t really know, but since Susanna Hart, the heroine in my latest Desire owns and operates a home-based business called Sweet Susie’s I figured I needed to know.

Here’s a simple definition that made me smile:  If you threw a cupcake against the wall, you would hear something of a “poof!” If you threw a muffin, you would hear a “thud!”

Originally, muffins were baked in “gem” pans made of cast iron.  They were shaped like gemstones and usually had indentations that depicted the type of muffin it was. For instance, corn muffins would have corn indentations.  But universally now, muffins and cupcakes are baked in muffin or cupcake tins, which are usually the same size and shape.

Cupcakes are light and airy, since in essence, they are little cakes.  They are considered a dessert, especially when frosted.   They come in sweet flavors, like vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.  Butter and eggs usually make up the basic ingredients and cupcake batter is combined with an electric mixer.  They are sweet, tender and rich and candy can be added to them to enhance the flavor.  ( I want one now!)Cupcakes Made Simple

Muffins are drier, denser in texture and are usually made with sugar and oil.  Fruits and nuts can be added to muffins to enhance their flavor. Usually dry ingredients are mixed into the batter and gently blended. Muffins can be sweet, but can also be savory.  It isn’t uncommon for a muffin to have bacon or cheese as a main ingredient.  Two of Susie’s bestselling muffins are “Sweet and Sassy Caramel Apple Muffin”, and her “Cranberry and Cheese Muffin.”  If sweet Susie and her adorable little charge, Ally don’t get Casey Thomas’s attention, the fabulous muffins will!

We come to think of muffins as “small breads.”  And we come to think of cupcakes, as “small cakes.”   Which is exactly what they are.

I have to thank my dear friend and Rita-nominated author, Robin Bielman for gifting me this wonderful book for my birthday last year.  Cupcakes, Made Simple.  I got some good ideas for recipes from this book, along with some fabulous pictures.  Don’t you love to see WHAT the dessert/muffin is supposed to look like, so you know if you’ve baked it correctly?

Just to tempt your palate, here are the names of some recipes from the book:  Banana and pecan cupcakes, mocha cupcakes with whipped cream, tropical coconut muffins, rose petal cupcakes, rocky road chocolate muffins (another one of Sweet Susie’s best sellers!) moist orange and almond muffins, lemon and raspberry cupcakes and double chocolate muffins. In the words of Rachel Ray – Yummo!

I love double chocolate muffins/cupcakes.  But I will NEVER pass up an almond poppyseed muffin or a zuchinni muffin, made with zucchini from our garden. I think they are my very favorite.  What’s your favorite muffin/cupcake?  And if you could only have one, which would it be, muffin or cupcake?

Post a comment and be entered into a drawing for a free book of your choice from my backlist!

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23 thoughts on “CUPCAKES, KIDS AND COWBOYS by Charlene Sands”

  1. Hello Charleen. Sounds like you had fun writing this one. Glad you explained the difference. I hadn’t tho’t about how they differed. Please put my name in the drawing. Maxie

  2. I really love both. But, I will pick a cupcake over a muffin because frosting is involved (and who can say no to frosting?). There is a bakery that we have gone to and they make a pink champagne cupcake that is to die for. Now, I’m craving a cupcake.

  3. My favorite is a blueberry muffin with streusels on top. Love them for breakfast with fresh blueberries right out of the oven. Delicious. For some reason I’m not a cupcake fan.

  4. My favorite muffin is banana walnut. My favorite cupcake is chocolate with chocolate frosting.

  5. I love both but recently I have enjoyed a banana pudding cupcake from a small cupcake shop. Oh My Word!!!!!! Stomach is growling and mouth is watering!

  6. Hi Charlene, your book sounds yummy and the cowboy on the cover looks yummy, too!

    If I had to choose it would be a cupcake all the way with chocolate, nuts and topped with a cherry.

  7. Hi Everyone – thanks for stopping by today! For those who stopped by yesterday too, thanks for coming back! Here I am, on the actual day I’m supposed to blog. It’s a fun subject and I made huckleberry muffins for the first time, spreading huckleberry jam on them. Yum! I only ate one…good willpower.

  8. I love this post! who wouldn’t want to read about good a looking cowboy and yummy cupcakes and muffins. I do like both but if I had to pick I would probably pick my favorite streusel coffee cake muffin or Double chocolate ship muffin. Thanks for entering me in the contest! Love your works.

  9. I really thought everyone would be loving double chocolate chip muffins, but it seems like there’s a whole lot of you who like blueberry and banana. All great choices. The fact is, I wouldn’t say no to ANY of these choices!

    I happen to love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, so does that make it a muffin or a cupcake? I’m not really sure.
    Keep your choices coming!!

  10. Oh yummy! Now I am hungry… I love cinnamon muffins, blueberry with sugar crystals, chocolate chip, & double chocolate! As for cupcakes… never tried anything fancy… not a fan of buttercream… prefer regular frosting or whipped cream…

  11. Thanks for explaining the difference. My favorite muffin is apple/raisins and cinnamon and my favorite cupcake is lemon. I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two of them.

  12. I love both. My favorite muffin is blueberry and cup cakes I will eat about any kind. Every time it snow back in the winter I was baking cupcakes and this is bad. I do love them though.

  13. Oh my goodness, Charlene, I need a cupcake or muffin right now!! 🙂 I love cake, so a little cake made just for me is a wonderful treat. As for muffins I’m a cranberry/orange kind of gal. But I’d give any of Susie’s recipes a go!


  14. thanks for the information. I just thought it was one had icing and the other fruit. Fruit ones to be eaten for breakfast.

  15. I love both muffins and cupcakes but would rather have a cupcake. My favorite are chocolate with a Carmel frosting.

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