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From Author Phyliss Miranda – The Troubled Texan

Note from Phyliss: To one reader I will give you a gift card to purchase “The Troubled Texan”.  And, to a second reader who leaves a comment, I will send them a Bath and Body Works gift certificate.

The Troubled Texan Good


Alternating blue and red lights flashed from behind, jolting Rainey Michaels’ gypsy mind back to the dusky Texas highway not far off Interstate 40.


A single blast of a siren from a county marked club-cab pickup sliced the air.

“Son of a ..l” She slammed her hands on the steering wheel, tapped the brakes and pulled to the soft shoulder of the road. Speedling! I had to be speeding. And her proof of insurance had blown away when she’d opened the glove box way back in Tennessee.

Trouble had found her and she hadn’t been in the Texas Panhandle more than an hour. In this Godforsaken county, she’d be lucky if she didn’t get the book thrown at her.

She had carefully selected FarleySprings to relocate because it was far enough away from her hometown of Denton, Texas, for her not to be recognized, while small enough to feel at home. Along with the fact she had prepaid a six-month lease on a building sight unseen in the Podunk city. She had planned to slip quietly into town and go inconspicuously about her business. But now … that might be impossible.

In the rearview mirror, she saw the silhouette of the officer unfold from the patrol car. He carried himself with a confident presence, an air of authority. Most likely there would be no talking her way out of a ticket.

There wasn’t the slightest hesitation in his stride, as the tall man approached. No doubt, she had found trouble and he came with a Stetson, a Glock .45 on his hip, and the means go unravel the elaborate ruse she’d constructed.

From the way the deputy pulled the white felt hat low over his eyes and lifted back his jacket to touch his service revolver, he expected instant obedience. A no-nonsense type person who would enjoy making an example of a commonplace automobile with New York plates speeding through his sleepy Texas town.

Biting on her lower lip, she jerked open the gym bag and retrieved her new driver’s license and auto registration card.  Maybe  he wouldn’t ask for her insurance card. Not likely, but maybe.

He looks tough and way too cocky, but great body! Her tongue danced along her upper lip.

Shadowed by the remnants of a lazy West Texas sunset, the big man trooping her way reminded her of Donovan Cowan, Sr., the tough-as-nails longtime sheriff of Denton. Teaching the teenagers a valuable lesson, if he caught them speeding, they were an automatic overnight guest of the county. Swallowing hard, she tried to dislodge the knot in her throat. The death of the gruff old hound dog, killed in the line of duty, had been plastered all over the Internet for weeks.

As though she stepped on a grave, thoughts of his son Deuce chilled her musing. After nearly three decades of trying to ignore his existence, why would she think about the baddest good boy she had ever known?



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12 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – The Troubled Texan”

  1. I like second chance romances and Rainey and Duece have quite a history.

    A DA hiding out in her hometown, a ex football player turned sheriff, lots of chemistry, sounds explosive!

    I definitely want to read THE TROUBLED TEXAN!

  2. Nothing like hard thinking to distract you from speed limits… This sounds wonderful thanks for the excerpt!

  3. Phyliss, I loved this book. Has just about everything–plenty of romance, suspense with a sprinkling of humor thrown in along the way. Great start to your Kasota Springs series. I love how you’ve brought back our characters from our historical anthologies in future generations. Great to read about the LeDouxs, Sullivans, and so many others again.

    Wishing you tons of success!

  4. What young girl hasn’t had her eye on the “baddest good boy?” Love the concept of this one. Sounds like you have a winner here, Phyliss

  5. That is such a beautiful cover! 🙂 Love the line “No doubt, she had found trouble and he came with a Stetson, a Glock .45 on his hip, and the means go unravel the elaborate ruse she’d constructed.” Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi ladies, I apologize for being so late in writing responses to your great posts. Like many others this is graduation weekend for our town and our oldest grandson plus many friends’ children are graduating. I’ve got my house full of grandkids (all but one who is in college and is working this summer) and inlaws and outlaws. What a wonderful weekend! Hope everyone has a sunny, happy weekend, too.

    Laurie G. It’s good to chat with you again. I think you’ll enjoy the book. If you read our anthologies, with fellow Filly Linda Broday and two other writers from Amarillo, you might recognize Kasota Springs, Texas. “The Troubled Texan” is the first book of the Kasota Spring Romance contemporary series and it involved the fifth generation of the Kasota Spring founders. I love my characters in this book and both Deuce and Rainey reappear in Book #2 which is “under construction” at the moment. Thanks for dropping by. Hugs, Phyliss

  7. Melanie, I hope you’ll go get it today. I’d love to hear what you think. Gotta love those Texas cowboys lawmen, huh?

    KateS, love what you said! Thanks for stopping by.

    Linda B. Hi friend, I’m so thrilled that I stayed with Kensington and can use some of our characters for these contemporaries. I remember how much fun we all had making Kasota Springs come to life and be just right for each of our stories. You make characters pop off the pages and I’m thrilled they will continue to live through the generations. Love, P

  8. Thanks to everyone for dropping by today. I sure like this cover better than “The Tycoon and the Texan” which ends in Kasota Springs but begins in LA. I guess we always have an idea what our hero and heroine look like and when the art department doesn’t depict them exactly as we’ve pictured we’re a little disappointed. I’m off to a family dinner for graduation, but please check back because I’m gonna do more posting if I get time, but certainly will have the winners posted by late tonight. Today was a great day chatting with each of you ladies. Joye, Colleen and Tracy, good to hear from each of you today. Big Texas hugs to all, Phyliss

  9. Sounds good. I do prefer historic Westerns, but a good contemporary Western can be a good change of pace. This seems to fit the bill. I look forward to reading it.
    Good story set-up in the excerpt.

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