Lorraine Heath Comes to Visit!


A Rogue in TexasOld friend and former Filly sister Lorraine Heath will pay us a visit on Saturday, May 31.

This is so exciting! We’re sprucing the place up real nice for her and I even gave Jasper a bath.

Miss Lorraine has had some cowboy books reissued and they’re humdingers. I just can’t get used to her writing about lords and dukes and whatnot. Just me a plain old cowboy and I’ll be happier than a dog with two bones.

You’ll be tickled to death to know she’s giving away three autographed copies.

But you’ll have to come and leave a comment.

Might as well join the party while you’re at it.

We’ll have oodles of fun! 

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.