Charlene’s Short and Sweet Giveaway Winners!

Thumbnail (1)Thanks for blogging with me while I was away for my Anniversary!

We had a wonderful time and now it’s time for me to put a smile on some faces too!

First here’s the answers:

1.   A Wedding

2.   B. 2 children

3.  C.  Lily Gets Her Man

4.  C. Odyssey

5.   D.  All of the above!


And the RANDOM Winners are:

Laurie G  and  Colleen

Look for more giveaways. I THINK I will be able to giveaway some ebook versions of this book soon. I’m working on it!

Winners be sure to contact me at   with your snail mail addy.  Remember, I will send this book off as soon as I receive my author copies!!


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