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His Chosen BrideHi Everyone! Rhonda Gibson here. It is such a joy to be back at Petticoats & Pistols! Thank you for having me.

I’m giving away either a print or Kindle copy (winner’s choice) so leave a comment!

In my current novel, HIS CHOSEN BRIDE, the hero loves working with wood and my heroine is an artist. It was a lot of fun learning about wood working and the art of drawing.

My father-in-law does woodwork and I love his pieces. Here are some pictures that helped me with my inspiration for Levi and Millie’s art.

Wood Carving 1








What starts out as a simple birthday present brings Levi and Millie closer to romance and difficult choices for both of them.

Wood Carving 2You see, Levi has four mail-order-brides to chose from, Millie being one of them. Only, Millie has changed her mind and wants to open her own art store where she can sell her drawings and paintings. After all, she has a secret that leads her to believe that if Levi knew the truth, he’d never want to marry her.

While working on His Chosen Bride, I did a little research on painters, sculptors, portrait painters and illustrators during the 1800’s. I was very lucky to find a list of 19th century artists here. Each man and woman on the list helped to shape the artistic world today.

Wood Carving 3Feel free to browse through the names and see if there are any you recognize.

I can’t help but wonder what it was like to live during the 1800s and be an artist. Due to research, Millie and Levi helped me to see a small corner of these folk’s lives. I hope that by listing them here, that you will find their stories as well as Millie and Levi’s as interesting as I did.

Do you recognize any of them? If you were an artist, what kind would you want to be? A painter, sculptor, portrait painter or illustrator? Can you guess which one I’d like to be?

Thank you again for having me here. Warmly, Rhonda



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19 thoughts on “Art Inspires Rhonda Gibson”

  1. I would love to be able to paint or draw even. My kids make fun of my stick people! But painting seems so relaxing.

  2. Painting or drawing was never anything I ever wanted to try. I couldn’t get away from a book long enough to draw a flower.

  3. Hi Rhonda, welcome to Wildflower Junction. I majored in art in college and I LOVED carving with wood. You don’t know what you’ll get until you start, the sculpture just speaks to you in the grains and knots…I love your pictures and with you well with the release.

  4. I would of like to have been a painter.I am looking forward to reading HIS CHOSEN BRIDE.Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I was an art major in college and was able to take classes is several different mediums. My emphasis ended up being Ceramics, but I also love drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and book-binding. I never took an American art history class though!

    What an amazing list of artists! I found some of my favorites there- John Singer Sargent, Edwin Austin Abbey, James Whistler, Elizabeth Bouguereau, Jessie Willcox Smith (I have a board on Pinterest just for her art!), and Maxfield Parrish! Also some others I’m familiar with- Mary Cassatt, Thomas Cole, Eastman Johnson, Joseph DeCamp (just saw his work last summer in Chicago!), Robert Henri, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Thanks for sharing that link! I’m looking forward to reading your new book. Please include me in your giveaway!

  6. My brother in law works with wood some. He has made a king size oak sleighbed and night stands. Also end tables for their living room. It took him a long time but they are beautiful.

  7. I tend to draw… tried painting, but I was so so… never really tried anything with wood… only stuff back in school for home ec class.

  8. Thank you everyone for coming by! Art is something I’ve always wanted to do but I don’t have artistic genes, my brother does though. I’d love to be able to paint or do fancy woodwork. I have to settle with enjoying the art on my pinterest page 🙂

  9. Admittedly I have never really considered it, but I was surprised by the number of artists. I did recognize a few of them. I was surprised by the number of women artists starting in the late 1700s. I found it interesting that some of the early artists went by the last name only. I wonder if that was to disguise their sex. Some of the women portrait artist did beautiful work, Harriet Cany Peale in particular. I am glad they were able to establish themselves and let the world see their talent. Too often women’s abilities were hidden or went unfulfilled.

    I wish I had the talent to be an artist. An illustrator or painter would be my preference. I have tried. My professors in the college art class rated my work barely above that of a first grader, so I don’t think anyone in the art world has any competition from me to worry about.

    Your father-in-law does nice work. Inlay well done is lovely. HIS CHOSEN BRIDE sounds like a good read. How did your hero get away with ordering 4 brides? I can understand his wanting a choice, but that leaves 3 women left with no husband or security. I hope the release is going well.

  10. Hi Britney and Patricia,

    Patricia, Levi had a little help from his mother in the brides arrival. As for the other three women, don’t worry they all get a husband and security in future books 🙂

  11. Hello Rhonda. Thought I had already entered but don’t see my comment so will try again. I would sure love to win your book. I love the cover. I didn’t recognize any of the artist named. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  12. I would like to have been a painter. The medium is fascinating and I love to look at them. The brush strokes are so masterful on the good ones. I recognize some of the names but, would not begin to tell you about their work.

  13. I would enjoy being able to paint my beautiful little granddaughters. I think you would choose painting also.

  14. John James Audubon, George Catlin, Thomas Cole, Currier & Ives, Mary Cassat, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Georgia O’Keefe

    I have no artistic talent. Luckily, my D-I-L is an extremely talented painter. She whips beautiful pictures out! I’m so jealous. I’d love to be an Impressionist painter. I love Monet’s work.

    I’d enjoy reading your story featuring an artist and a wood sculptor. I see many beautiful items made from wood at The Madison Saturday Farmer’s Market. There is also an artisan shop in a small town near my hometown which features beautiful wood products.

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