I wrote a novella–and I'm giving it away free!

Trouble in Texas and Me

It’s NOT a romance. It’s not very funny, there just wasn’t much comedy to be mined for me in Andersonville Prison. It’s not even a real story

Chapter #1 of 13 of how my heroes from Trouble in Texas met and how they became so loyal to each other.

Book #1 Swept Away — Luke’s Story
Book #2 Fired Up –Dare’s Story
Book #3 Stuck Together –Vince’s Story–releases in June 3.
Closer Than Brothers

This is the beginning of Chapter 1. I wrote a novella that I’m giving away free, one chapter at a time. Chapter two went up today so read them in order!

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Beginning Saturday, April 19. And I’ll post each new chapter and remind you

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Chapter One

Vince—The Invincible

Burning hot. No way out. Surrounded by real bad people.

            A description of hell if Vince had ever heard of one.
            And it described Andersonville Prison pretty well.
            Vince  Yates heard a soft footstep and he braced himself. He’d known this was coming
from the minute he pulled those filthy Raiders off that kid.
            The kid had been greeted just like every newcomer to Andersonville, with violence.
Vince knew better, but he couldn’t let that kid get beaten by a fellow Yankee.
            One of those thieves had picked himself up and backed away from Vince’s fury with a
parting threat. “A man who don’t mind his own business, don’t survive.”
            “Lots of ways to die in this pit,” Vince had told the low down coyote. “Might as well
die with some honor instead of live with a yellow streak down my back—like
you.” Vince knew he signed his own death warrant but he couldn’t leave the kid
to his fate.
            There’d been three Raiders and, with the kid’s help, two against three, they drove them
off. But those Raiders had friends, dozens, maybe hundreds.
            They were coming back in a pack like wolves.
            Vince was weak already. Starved down to skin and bones after six months in here.
            The  footsteps came closer. Vince prayed the most heartfelt prayer of his life, and
it wasn’t for help. He figured none was coming. And the prayer wasn’t to win
this fight. With the exception of a few Bible stories—David and some stones—Samson
and the jawbone of an ass—most of the time, when one man stood alone, that man
            Nope, he  just prayed that he’d meet his Savior. He wasn’t even all that sorry to go. It
was time to be getting out of this place and that was about the only doorway
Vince could see. He put all his hope in the next life.
This one was over.
            “Yates?” A Texas twang, laced with gravel. Vince knew that voice. The Kid.
            Not a lot of Texans penned up in here. Texans fought for the Rebs.
            “I’m here.” Speaking barely above a whisper, Vince stepped out of the shadows.
            “I don’t reckon I’ll let you protect me and not return the favor. You can use someone at
your back tonight.” A kid at least five years younger than Vince. He’d done
well against those three men but he was losing when Vince stepped in.
            “I stepped into your trouble, and I was a fool to do it. Be smarter than me, Kid.
Get out of here.”
            A dry laugh with no humor in it answered, “Won’t be the first time someone accused me
of being a fool. I’ll buy in.” The boy was close enough in the starless night
that Vince finally saw the black shape of him.
            “No  sense both of us getting whipped, Kid.”
            “No  sense.” The kid came closer. “I’ve heard my pa say I got none, so I’ll stay.
Name’s Luke Stone, from Texas.”
~~~~~Part #1 of 13 episodes of how my heroes from Trouble in Texas met and how they became so loyal to each other. I’ll have the book posted in it’s entirety by the time Book #3 Stuck Together –Vince’s story–releases in June 3. Read More Here
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  1. Mary, love that you’re doing this. The hero in my current WIP spent time in Andersonville Prison. It’s years later, but he’s still affected by the experience. Your Vince describes it well. What a horrid place!

  2. Mary, that is so neat. I think you know that I spent two week-ends at Andersonville. It was truly by accident, but I’d been reading about Andersonville prison and my DH and I were on our way to Florida and we jotted north a bit to take a tour. We thought … but it was their festival weekend and they had everything from drummer boys to field hospitals, cannon and reenactment of battles. It was amazing. I stood behind a line of cannons and when they fired it was unreal. Pressure on my chest where I could hardly breathe, but it didn’t matter because the smoke choked us. The ground truly shook. Of course, we were at a safe distance behind the line, so I can just imagine how it would feel in battle. We went back the next weekend, so I could get some books on Andersonville and check some of the graves. BTW I have a book that lists everyone who is buried in the Cemetery and I believe another list of everybody who was there. I love books written by locals. Mary, thanks for jogging my memories. Hugs, Phyliss

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