Cheryln100000149781632_8303Because I am in love with vintage art and always have been, I had started to look through some vintage Easter greeting cards to blog about—thinking there would be some really cute images to share. There were. But as I went through the selections, I was struck by some of the more ridiculous creations instead of being caught up by the “sweetness” of some of them.

Here, let me show you what I’m talking about. Now, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so. Some of these are just kind of creepy.



EASTER vintage egg bunnies





Bunnies dancing a jig decked out in colored eggs. Okay, how did they get into those eggs in the first place?

Easter vintage chickon on bike






BE HONEST! Did any of you see this in your mind’s eye instead?

Easter vintage elmira gulch
















And…who’s bright idea was this? Man, that egg looks heavy. And what is he going to do with it when he gets where he’s going with it?

Easter vintage fairy pied piper






UMMM…call me crazy, but is this the fairy Pied Piper of Hamlin leading the chicks to their doom or what?

Easter vintage baby on egg






Okay, my mother instincts are yelling, screaming, “GET OFF THAT EGG!” (I have to confess, this reminds me of something my son would have tried.) Notice the body of water that they’re racing toward? This can only end badly. Why can’t this kid just play with these “normal” children below?

Easter vintage bunny on goat









A balancing act if I ever saw one. Crazy rabbit, trying to ride a goat with his hands full. I want to look away, but I just can’t!

Easter Vintage chicks derrigible









DON’T GET ON THE CHICKEN DIRIGIBLE! What are you guys thinking?

Easter vintage- bunny with gun








No need for words on this one. Wonder what he plans to kill on this fine Easter day?

I never really noticed how oddly the artists’ minds worked in that time for these images. I am almost afraid to go look at the Christmas ones. Or the Valentine ones. These were strange enough, but…do I see a story in there? Maybe one of the dancing bunnies had a terrible childhood that made him want to join Bunny Vaudeville!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Let’s see… what did I do with my normal lamb picture…

Easter vintage lamb


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  1. Thank you for sharing these most interesting vintage Easter images. I believe the little lamb is my favorite!

  2. Cheryl, I love these! So cute. Vintage art really makes you wonder what the person who designed the things was thinking though. Love the rabbit with the shotgun. Boy, he’s serious! I had a very nice Easter. What made it really good was that it rained. We sorely needed some moisture. And it didn’t start until afternoon so that let the little ones hunt for eggs. Just perfect.

  3. I agree with you, Cheryl. Those images are a little strange to say the least. You commentary make me chuckle, though. Especially with the Wizard of Oz reference. Hysterical!

  4. Love the cards but your commentary made the whole blog very entertaining. I have some vintage cards around here somewhere. I will have to find them and check them out! Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Melanie, the lamb is my favorite too. When I was a little girl, “decals” were popular–you could buy them in the dimestores and you soaked them in water, then slipped them off the paper and they adhered to wood surfaces. I had one very similar to this lamb in the picture that was on my headboard of my bed. I guess that’s why I chose the lamb as the normal pic. LOL

  6. Linda, so glad y’all got some rain. We’ve been keeping up with it here, since southwestern OK is in the same boat as y’all are. We’ve gotten just a trace here and there recently. Today, the air is so humid! They’re saying we may get a bit of rain later on in the week. Glad you had such a good holiday!

    Yes, the “shotgun” rabbit is QUITE serious, isn’t he? LOL I think he’s my fave of all these weird pics.


  7. Karen, when I saw that picture of that chicken on the bike, I thought immediately of The Wizard of Oz. LOL I’m so glad I brought a smile to your face. I had so many more I could have posted, but just not enough room. Those vintage artists were some strannnnnngge people! LOL

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  8. Connie, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You know, those thoughts just popped into my head when I saw those pictures–didn’t really even have to think about it. There was one of the chicks all getting on board a ship that looked very “Titanic-esque”–sheesh! Some of the ideas these artists had! So glad you got a laugh out of these. Hope you had a great Easter!

  9. Margaret, I’m glad you got a laugh out of these. I mean, how quirky are these things, anyhow? I now find myself having to go look at the ones for Valentines and Christmas and see if there are any in those that match these! LOL Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Laughing out loud, Cheryl. Great stuff! Two things come to mind but have nothing to do with antique cards. Last Thursday, we were out and about getting Hubs’ car serviced…at a frenetic intersection, a man and woman were wildly stopping traffic. We reckoned there’s been a fender-bender but no: They were directing traffic around a mommy duck and her teensie ducklings as they crossed this busy street! SO heart warming!

    And yesterday Easter morning, Hubs went out to get the Sunday papers and…saw bunny footprints up our front walk! Our amazing next door neighbors had stuck ’em on knowing we’d have the grandkids coming up to the porch! Absolutely adorable, and a complete surprise!xoxox

  11. Cute pictures, Cheryl. You have ruined my love of vintage cards forever. I am afraid to look at the bunch I have – Easter, Valentine, Christmas, birthday. I will have to say, I never looked at them quite the way you did. Now, that is all I will be able to see.

    Great post : )

  12. Tanya, so neat about the baby ducklings! That probably would have been me, if I’d gotten there on the scene first. LOL

    And what a cool thing for your neighbor to do! Bunny tracks! So cute! And very thoughtful. Sounds like you all had a great Easter.


  13. Patricia, when I set out to find some cute little vintage Easter cards, I didn’t have any of these thoughts, either. LOL But…well, some of these just had to be shared, I thought. Like you, I’m afraid to go look at some of the vintage cards I have now. It’s all I’ll be able to see, too. So glad you got a laugh out of this. Believe it or not, there were a lot more where those came from! Shudder.
    Hope you had a great Easter!

  14. Cheryl I just stared and stared at these pictures. They’re so ODD. Like maybe there was some major opium involvement in the artist’s … choices???
    Great hilarious commentary.
    I stopped in yesterday and read it but my computer was being … feisty … and wouldn’t load comment boxes.
    Great post.

  15. LOL Mary–the same thing occurred to me–what in the world was going through their minds? “Hey, remember the dirigible that caught on fire? I think I’ll paint one of these chicks traveling in one!” LOL And the Pied Piper one. Maybe they had a secret hatred of chicks or something. I’m glad your computer straightened up to let you comment. I knew you’d love these.

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