Top Ten Fascinating Facts About Nebraska

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10) When settlers first came they called Nebraska ‘The Great American Desert’ and just rolled on through on the Oregon Trail. NO TREES, just a zillion acres of grass.

About twenty miles from me, where I live, straight east, is a valley they call Lone Tree Valley and it is said that when the first pioneers rolled in, one big cottonwood tree stood there, the first tree after you left the Missouri River.

Turns out that land grows corn, too, and cows.


9) In Nebraska, and most of the Great Plains, if you see trees it means a home or town. In the Eastern United States, if you see a CLEARING it means a home or town.


8) I-80 – The most boring stretch of Interstate imaginable runs right along the old pathway of the Oregon Trail (as did the Transcontinental Railroad)-same path for all three. That stretch is NOT representative of our fascinating state. So when you ask someone if they’ve been in Nebraska they inevitably say, “Yeah, I drove through Nebraska once, it’s so BORING!” Okay, people, get off the Interstate before you judge!

P & P Nebraska

7) The Sand Hills in central and north central Nebraska consist of grass-covered sand dunes and cover one-quarter of the state. And this grass, growing on those sand dunes is different than any grass in the world and cattle who grow up on it have the most tender meat of any cattle anywhere. (You Must Trust Me!)

Mitten cow

We’re talking cows now. This is my wheelhouse!

6) The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln. The story goes that Omaha was set, already the capitol, everyone accepted that but after the Civil War the folks in the southern part of Nebraska, many of whom had southern sympathies, considered voting to join Kansas. To forestall this they moved the state capitol to Lincoln (in the southern part of the state), then called Lancaster. Once the state’s borders were defined, the brilliant men running our government wanted to bring the capitol back to Omaha. So they arranged a vote and to skew the results, they changed the town of Lancaster’s name to Lincoln. Why? Because after the Civil War, a war-weary Nebraska (especially those with Southern Sympathies) were hardily sick of Abraham Lincoln. The men in charge knew they could put the capitol change to a vote and Omaha would win just because so many people disliked the president so much they’d vote against the WORD Lincoln. They printed up the ballots….and Lincoln was assassinated. In a sudden wish to honor him, the state voted overwhelmingly for Lincoln as its capitol.

5) Nebraska is NOT one of those many, many, many big square Midwestern state. Puh-leeeze. We have a totally cool Panhandle. (True the Panhandle is full of cows, but still…)

4) Nebraska is the only state to have a Unicameral Government, one house rather than two. And we are not allowed to list party affiliation on ballots when voting for the house members. (But everybody knows they are ALL Republicans!)NEBRASKA OUTLINE


3) Nebraska is #1 in cattle. We have more cows in Nebraska than any other state in the union and yes, that includes Texas. At around 2,450,000 head we have about two cows for every person. (My list of top ten fascinating facts may be a bit Cow-Centric…sorry, that happens with me)

Memorial StadiumGO BIG RED!

2) Memorial Stadium is the home of the Cornhuskers, which seats 81,067 people and has had a sell-out crowd to every home football game since November 2nd, 1962. On every single home-game Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska–Memorial Stadium is the THIRD BIGGEST TOWN IN THE STATE!

And the #1 cool fact about Nebraska is (drumroll!!!):

The two people scientifically proven to be the most beautiful people on Earth live in Nebraska.

My two grandchildren.

It just happened that way, a total stroke of luck!!

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32 thoughts on “Top Ten Fascinating Facts About Nebraska”

  1. Sherri is talking about canned meat NOT annoying emails. Spam, meat in a can. It’s actually delicious fried with eggs.
    Nebraska is also the home of Kool-Aid and Runzas and Warren Buffet. Omaha has a large number of Fortune 500 companies because the state is centrally located, has a good airport and the cost of living is so low you don’t have to pay the executives much and they can still live in mansions.
    And the current unemployment rate is about 3%.

  2. Mary, I loved hearing about Nebraska. Thank goodness for cows!!!! And aren’t you blessed that the two most beautiful people live there too!

  3. Ah! Ah! I knows this 🙂 I grew up in Omaha (still here) and it’s a fabulous place. Cost of living is low, it’s big but feels small, fabulous steak is cheap, and we have great and growing culture. And… I’ve never seen a cow or any other farm animal up close. Shocking I know, but Omaha is still a big city and us City folk don’t do any farming. But try and explain that to the rest of the country! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new release!

  4. MELANIE! I am blessed that they live near me (well, near-ish!) but the fact that they are the MOST beautiful people in the world, well, that is just the wildest coincidence imaginable. Who knew I’d end up with them in my family. Sheer luck!

  5. erin my child, you have become set apart from nature, your connection to the earth, your oneness with the universe.

    Also, no cows in town. A strictly enforced rule.

  6. LOL, great info! As a farm girl myself I love cows. So thus, with your thinking I should totally love Nebraska. I need to move! 🙂

  7. Wow, Mary, I didn’t know Nebraska is such a cool state! More cows than TEXAS?? How can that be? We must’ve messed up somewhere!! I’d love to visit sometime with my trusty counter. Seriously, I was astounded by the low unemployment rate. Wow! It’s the place to move. Very interesting place. Wishing you great success with your Trouble in Texas series.

  8. Enjoyed reading about your state which i visited briefly in my youth. A friend lived in Grand Island-all I remember was there were fields and fields of corn.

  9. How could anyone not love Nebraska Susan??? It is unthinkable. Except maybe in January when the temperature dropped below zero…for a month…or two.
    But except for then!!!!!

  10. Linda it does seem impossible that Nebraska has more cows than Texas. It may have to do with an abundance for Sandhills (as if Texas doesn’t have vast room for grass!) and also maybe feedlots.

  11. Joye, Grand Island is the third largest town in the state…except on Nebraska Cornhusker game days (home games only of course–the away games the whole state empties out because everyone GOES TO THE AWAY GAMES TOO!!!

  12. Well I need to get out more. One of these days I am just going to take off and visit some of these states. They all sound fascinating.

  13. When someone comes into Nebraska I usually try and take them to Omaha’s Old Market.
    It’s an arts and entertainment district in the downtown area, very charming, lots of great restaurants and shops. Horse drawn carriages year round, jugglers and musicians on the streets, strolling Elizabethan singers at Christmastime.
    This is my favorite place…not Trini’s, though I love it, but this is called The Passageway, an alley between too old buildings enclosed and full of old brick and plants with shops and cafes and art lining the alley.

  14. Howdy Mary, chuckling as usual. Having lived in Nebraska for four years during college, I can add here that I’ve never been colder in my California life than when those north winds blew down the treeless prairie. Just kidding. It’s a beautiful state, especially the eastern knolly part. And the Joslin Art Museum in Omaha is first-class.

    As for my college town, it had (and still does) cobbled streets and a huge story-book courthouse in the center of town. I still remember my penny loafers crunching new-fallen autumn leaves and building my first-ever snowman. Oh, those were the days.

    And I was stunned that it is indeed The Beef State. So much for all the cornhusker stuff. Sheesh.

  15. That sounds so charming, the crunching leaves, the old courthouse, wow, you oughta be a writer, Tanya. 🙂

    I found this about corn.

    As of 2008, the top four corn-producing states were Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Minnesota, together accounting for more than half of the corn grown in the United States. Wow, four states grow half? I think we can be called Cornhuskers if we want!!!!!!!

  16. Love it! My in-laws live in Papillion, NE, so we head out there every other year for the 4th of July or when there’s a wedding. We *almost* moved there when my husband’s job as a teacher was close to being laid off, but luckily we were able to stay in sunny San Diego 🙂

  17. My husband has a funny saying for Spam; something posing as meat! I’m glad you clarified the spam that Sherri was talking about because I was thinking of the annoying adds kind of spam. 🙂
    I enjoyed the video about Nebraska and I always enjoy your cow pictures.

  18. Heidi, I’ve been to San Diego exactly ONCE and it was so beautiful there. Perfect temperature, perfect days that we spent there. Just lovely. I get why you might opt for it over Nebraska.

  19. Oh … doesn’t that pic of The Passageway look like there’s a story just waiting to be told there! Must read more and find out what the area was originally.

    Nancy C
    P. S. Gotta love a restaurant (Trini’s) that calls refried beans “has beans” 🙂

  20. Wow! I checked out the link to Old Market. Three cheers for the people who worked to have it named an historic district. What a great revitalization effort!

    Nancy C

  21. Nancy C it is really such a great, charming, unique atmosphere. I was just down there last Saturday for lunch at a place called The Twisted Fork, so many of the little restaurants have cool, different names like that. It’s all just so INTERESTING.I love to go down there (I don’t manage it very often)and just walk around, browse in the unusual little shops. Very fun.

  22. Thanks for an interesting post. I am one of those guilty of driving through the mid-West on the interstate and being bored. When we can, we get off onto side roads to see what the countryside is really like. I didn’t realize I-80, the Oregon Trail, and the railroad all followed the same path. I watched the video when it was first posted and it gives a great overview of your state. Lots to be proud of.

    And of course, we all know where the most beautiful children are – where ever our grandchildren are.

  23. Oh Mary. Here we go again. Trying to beat TEXAS. And, good thing you caught Sherri’s comment. I was fixing to tell you that if Spam(FB) came from there we would be glad for you to quit sharing. I love SPAM (meat). Makes a great fast sandwich. Yummy! And, great for camping trips. I could go for that low cost of living there. I might just have to move there for that alone. I might have a little extra left from my Social Security check. with every bill I have to pay and anything we need, the big 14.00 cost of living raise the GOV. gave me didn’t go farther than some folks could spit. Really! I wouldn’t like to travel on any of those L-O-N-G bridges. WOW! We do have some very good steaks here in Texas. And, I might have to argue with you about the beautiful grandchildren. I have 12 grown grands, and 19 beautiful greats. Can you match that? LOL Did love the cowboys and Stage Coach. Enjoyed all of your information. Maxie

  24. I guess we should have gotten of I-80! That was seriously a long ride. We still laugh when we see corn and it had been 7 years! I haven’t read all the comments but you do have the college world series in Omaha. We have often wanted to head out to attend. I didn’t know I 80 was basically the same as the Oregon trail! I love that fact! Makes the memory better. And I will give Nebraska another chance. 😉

  25. Patricia it’s not GUILTY that you’re bored. I’m bored too. It’s just that there is much more to the state.
    and by the way, drive along I-90 in southern Minnesota sometime, there are tiny ridges every few yards in that road (I think?) and the whole drive is like being rocked to sleep.

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