Excerpt Friday – Hearts and Spurs: Tumbleweeds and Valentines

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Welcome to Excerpt Friday!  Each Friday we’ll be featuring excerpts from recent releases by our very own Fillies.  So grab a cup of coffee and read on.  And if you find you’re hooked by what you read (and we know you will be!) just click on the book cover to purchase the entire book.

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From Author Phyliss Miranda:  – Tumbleweeds and Valentines (in the HEARTS AND SPURS ANTHOLOGY)


The wildness of a tumbleweed and the sweetness of chocolate bring Amanda Love the love of a lifetime.


Hearts and Spurs MedEXCERPT:

Mandy Love pushed hard on her gate to shove a couple of the tumbleweeds away that had gotten caught on her fence, but one in particular caught her eye. It obviously had purposely been placed on her fence post, so it wouldn’t be missed. Not even in the untamed winds of the Panhandle could a single tumbleweed with a piece of paper caught on it attach itself to her gate … especially paper in the shape of a heart.

Her first thought was to let the dry, thorny bush disappear in the wind and take the paper with it. Her second thought was although she was positive the valentine was not meant for her, curiosity made her want to read what was written on it.  Carefully, she opened the gate and cautiously removed the tattered paper letting the weed tumble its way on down Greene Street.

 Mandy, it’d be an honor if you would accompany me to the Valentine’s dance.

The writing was a little too formal for a man’s hand, yet not flourishing enough for it to have been written by a woman.  Mandy stepped back from the gate and almost dropped the invitation on the ground, as if it were a rattler prepared to strike.  There was one thing missing … a signature!

Could this be someone playing a joke? Since her arrival in town with her family, some four years before when she was barely sixteen, Mandy had never had a gentleman come calling, except for a couple of cowboys who had too much to drink and couldn’t see well enough to realize what a plain looking woman she was.  They didn’t stay long because they generally left with her father’s boot print on their backsides.

With shaking hands, not from the wind, but from a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, Mandy read the valentine-shaped paper once again, and even turned it over to make sure a name wasn’t on the back. Nothing. Frowning, she folded the tattered heart neatly and put it in her dress pocket.

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12 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – Hearts and Spurs: Tumbleweeds and Valentines”

  1. Phyliss, I loved your story. Made me crave chocolate though. As you know I have a huge sweet tooth. But so do you. Better look out if you see buttermilk chess pie anywhere!!! I certainly get out of the way.

    Looking forward to many more stories from you. But try not to put chocolate in them. LOL

  2. Phyliss, I loved this story with it’s mystery and uncertainty…and as Linda said, the chocolates…LOLLOL Made me hungry!

    I’m so glad you threw in with us over at Prairie Rose Publications. Really enjoyed this “sweet” story!

  3. Add me to the group who went into craving overload because of the chocolate, Phyliss! 😀

    This was such a moving story. You nailed the emotional pitch, lady. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Super-big HUGS, sweetheart!

  4. Thanks, Miss Linda. You know how much I love buttermilk chess pie and chocolates. I’m so glad that Russell Stover has put out sugar free coconut chocolates! WOW, they are good. I think I’ve had chocolate in almost every one of my stories, so maybe I need to lay off the chocolate a bit! No!!!!! Hugs and much love, P

  5. Thanks, Cheryl! I might have to go get some chocolates! I’ve enjoyed Prairie Rose Publication and the wonderful western writer women who I didn’t already know. I love you all and hopefully can do more projects with you, when I get caught up. Hope you have a great week, friend. Hugs and love, P

  6. Hi Kathleen, thanks for the compliments. This was one of those books that I plotted out, as I always do, and knew who the hero was then he came up with a twin and I learned he was her secret admirer. It was fun and thanks to Miss Linda for her help. She’s one of my super plotter writers. We sit at her dinner table and throw out ideas until one or two work. Thanks to both of you. I won’t be in the next couple of PRP collections because I have Books 2, 3 and 4 of the “Kasota Springs Romance Series” for Kensington to do, since they are big book, it’ll take a while. I appreciate your compliment on the emotional side of my story. That’s hard to get accomplished in a short piece. Big hugs and much love, Phyliss

  7. I haven’t read your story yet, but I am so wanting to get to it. The story premise is so enticing. I’ll be so glad when I turn in my story and relax long enough to read the stories in Hearts and Spurs. All the best to you, Phyliss.

  8. Hi, my friend Tanya. Thanks. I’m writing #2 in the Kasota Spring Romance series and with spring coming on, I can sit here and type and watch the bushes and flowers slowly bloom. What a great day, but then you can do that every day! I can hardly wait for my next trip to California. I think there are three of the Fillies in the area of where my daughter and family live (Santa Barbara Co.), so we’ll have fun. Hugs and love, P

    Hi Sarah, get you a bottle of wine and set an evening or two aside to read Hearts and Spurs. There’s really some truly great love stories in it. Big hugs, Phyliss

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