Longhorn bull jpeg 

Okay, fine, so maybe they might kill someone. I suppose

There is a herd of longhorns near my house.

They are so pretty and different that I stare at them when I drive by. Stare so hard that…unfortunately for me…it’s risky. There’s a creek bank right along the road. And no, I’m not going to write a blog post about me plunging to the bottom of a creek bank. I’ve managed to avoid that.

But it’s risky (like I said) so I don’t really get to stare as long and as hard as I want.

So this got me to thinking…why can’t we have longhorns? Then I could stare all I want.


Sottish Highland cattle

And why can’t we have Scottish highland cattle? Those are fantastic, too.

In fact I’ve asked My Cowboy why?

Why can’t we just have one tiny herd of those cool Scottish cattle?

Longhorn Bull

Can’t we just buy ONE longhorn cow and see how long her horns get?

Why is it always NO? Time after time NO! NO! NO!!!

A list of occasionally offered excuses (not that I nag or anything):

“I’d have to keep them separate or they’ll breed with our Angus bull and look just like the other cows. And separate means their own yard, their own feed bunks, work to fill the feed bunk for one cow, one calf, and one bull-if you want to keep having longhorns. It’d cost a fortune.”

“I don’t know where to even go to buy Scottish cattle and I’m not flying one over from Scotland so just forget it!”

Angus Bull jpeg

“I like black cows better and they sell for more money.”

Hereford Bull

“If you want some color how about a nice HEREFORD. They are gentle, they’re good mothers, and besides I know where I can get one of those.”

bull riding

“A long horn might stab us to death with its…LONG HORNS!”

“Wouldn’t you rather have a nice new shirt or something? (I admit I fell for that a few times)”

“Look out the window, there’s a squirrel! (Pounding footsteps as My Cowboy runs out back door while I search the tree tops out my kitchen window)”

So fine. I never get anything I want. It’s just one lame excuse after another.

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  1. LOL Mary. Loved your post, but he two where one is black sure don’t looks like cows to me. Really! I love to see the Long-horns. Boy, some have really long horns. By the way, isn’t there a place you can pull over and park and get your fill of looking? And, much safer. 🙂 Maxie

  2. I LOVE this post. I love all kinds of cattle. But, longhorns are my all time favorite. Like you, I would always stare as we drove past this one ranch that had some. Then, we started stopping right there along the road to look at them. For years, we would do this. Last summer, I noticed there were no more longhorns in the field. I think they got rid of them. There were other cattle instead. I miss seeing them.

  3. Bahaha! Sounds like me and my hubby. I want a scottish cattle because they are cool looking, I want chickens because they are funny, I want a garden to see things grow, not that I’d eat most of it anyways. 🙂 My hubby then yells “squirrel” and runs away also. *sigh* Someday – mark my words, someday I WILL have those!!!
    You just keep on asking, Mary!

  4. Well, since Texas is rather famous for longhorns, maybe you can convince your hubby to bring you down our way for a visit, Mary. 🙂

    I love to look at those longhorns, too. So majestic and symbolic. We have several small herds around the outskirts of town where I live, and they never fail to draw my eye as I drive by. Thankfully, I’ve avoided the creek banks, too.

    I wonder if these animals ever regret their long horns. Do they ever get tangled up in mesquite brush? When the weather turns cold and the herd tries to huddle for warmth, does anyone ever lose an eye? They might make good back scratchers, though.

  5. Maxie…pull over? But I’m always LATE!
    Okay, I could go out when I have no where to go. THIS COULD WORK!!!!!
    You may have saved a life today, Maxie. And a bank account (for the cost of a longhorn)

  6. Janine they got rid of the longhorns? That is tragic!
    Someone…when I was a kid…had those Highland Cattle by my home…but in a weird place, on a road in the opposite direction from town and on a seldom used country road. I used to drive over there and park and just stare. I loved those weird looking cattle.

  7. Karen I was in a house once where one long horn (no cow attached, praise the Lord) was a decoration on an end table. I loved that thing. I wonder where you go to buy one? I was at a state park where they sold Elk Antlers, the fall sheds.
    I am afraid to say the folks with the one long horn came by their through a more dramatic sacrifice on the part of the longhorn.

  8. PS I’m not at all sure that picture of the Highland creature is a bull. That part is not visible and I looked at a lot of pictures and none were exactly and for sure bulls, at least none I though were as eye catching.

  9. According to my dear friend whose parents raise Scottish Highlanders, they are very gentle (in spite of their rather over-sized horns – maybe because they can’t see?) and economical (being rather small and great grazers), and I can aver that they are mighty tasty. And since Angus aren’t all that big themselves, it’s not much of a downsize . . .

    Says the dairy farmer’s daughter, anyway. But then, just about anything is short compared to a Holstein.

  10. OKAY RACHEL THAT DOES IT! I’M GETTING ONE! I’m just going to borrow My Cowboy’s truck and trailer and sneak off and bring one home. SURPRISE!!!!!
    I wonder where they sell them? I’m off to check Craig’s List.

  11. Well, for heaven’s sake!! Looks like to me that your cowboy could be a tad more reasonable. It’s not like you’re asking for a gold mine or a trip to the moon. LOL Longhorns really are something to look at–from a safe distance. I wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with them or anything. Thanks for the laughs. I always look forward to your posts.

  12. Oh Mary, You don’t know how many times I have begged for a longhorn. We have a front pasture that I think has longhorn written all over it. BUT, my begging has fallen on deaf ears just like yours has. I just want one longhorn and yet, it seems like one too many as for as that goes.

    I love your post!

    Smiles and blessings to you!

  13. Yes, they did get rid of the longhorns. The only thing I can think of is maybe someone got hurt. It’s an older retired couple who owns that ranch. We were fortunate enough to get to meet them one time when we had stopped to look at their longhorns. The lady said it had always been their dream to retire and get some land and raise them. I would love to see the Highland cattle in person. They are different from what we have here in Texas.

  14. The rumor is that longhorns are gentle….now. When they ran wild all over Texas they were more dangerous than a grizzly bear, it is said.
    So I’m sure when they swung their heads and ran a horn all the way through your gut, they’d be all, “Oh, wow, so sorry, man. I totally didn’t see you standing there.”

    Which would help NOT AT ALL!!!!

  15. Awesome post, Mary, and terrific pictures. I think longhorns rock. When I stayed at the ranch in Bandera on my publisher’s retreat, the cowboys took us out on a hay ride…and of course, to please us tourists, a herd of longhorns rushed at us…gently. It was spectacular even if all they were doing is coming to get a sugary corn treat. Actually “Picasso” is the guy in the pic I took in our logo montage. He had a new baby boy along, too. Aw, thanks for the memories today and thanks for another post that got me laughing out loud.

  16. TANYA!!!! I want to be in the middle of a longhorn stampede!!!!!!!!!! (safely sheltered of course!!! Let’s not get carried away here.

    Or trampled.

    I just asked My Cowboy again. He says they get out. They jump fences and scramble down and up steep creek banks. They are agile and wily. But our neighbor’s don’t ever come to visit so that can’t be true.
    He also added, “We’re not having a longhorn.” Grumpy.

  17. I am not around a lot of cows, because I live in town now. We had a few when I was growing up, raised them for the meat. Never had any long horns though, not sure I would want them. They look scary. We did have a bull get out one time and chase my brother around the yard and he jump up on a car to get away from him. It wasn’t a long horn but it did have horns. Never new my brother could move so fast.

  18. They did seem to be gentle. I got to pet a few that weren’t scared. They were replaced by regular cows (sorry I don’t know my breeds). So, they are still doing the work. They had some beautiful longhorns. I know the man said he used to sell the young ones. Maybe he got offered good money for the whole herd and took it. Whatever happened, I miss them. What they have now are nice to look at too. But, just not as majestic of a longhorn. And, they don’t come to the fence like the others did.

  19. That’s funny about the squirrel and your hubby making a quick get away. My friend had a long horned cow as a pet and they called him Freckles. I think he thought he was a horse and was sweet as could be. It was always fun to take somebody to the barn to see him for the first time because Freckles would just stare at anyone new and would follow them around with his eyes which would freak that person out.

  20. Maybe you should come to Tennessee. There is a small herd of longhorns about 30 miles from us. About 3 miles away one of the farmers has a small herd of Scottish Cattle. Throw in the alpacas, llamas, bison, miniature horses, and miniature burros that are raised in the area, not to mention the small zoo where you can see the zebras, camels, ostriches, etc. from the main highway, you would be doing a lot of stopping and looking.

  21. If you get to Branson, MO, go to Dogwood Canyon. It is a lovely place to walk or ride bikes. They offer a tram tour of the owner’s ranch which is adjacent to the canyon. They raise elk for market, but keep a small herd for the visitors. They come right up to the tram for the sweet feed/corn they feed them. They even stick their heads right up to you. They also have a few bison which aren’t as friendly. They have several long horns which also come right up to the tram to be fed. It is great seeing them close up.

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