Excerpt Friday – Hearts and Spurs Collection: The Widow’s Heart


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Note From Linda:  When Prairie Rose Publications asked me to write a short story for them, I racked my brain for something suitable. That’s when Skye O’Rourke arrived at my door, holding a valise. She unpacked all her hopes and dreams along with an old secret love. Her husband is dead and she’s all alone out on the Texas prairie. She fears she must be going mad, driven there by the howling incessant wind. She’s at her lowest. Then Cade Coltrain emerges from the shimmering heat, awakening yearnings she thought were dead and buried.


Hearts and Spurs MedEXCERPT:

Skye O’Rourke gazed into the startling blue eyes that once made her dream, made her yearn, and made her want to move heaven and earth to have him lying next to her.

God help her!  They still had that power.

But he’d abandoned her, urged her to marry his brother.  What kind of man did that?  She’d not give him a chance to hurt her again. She’d learned a valuable lesson.

A sweeping glance took him in.  She saw no hint of the soft gentleness in the man she’d once given her heart to beneath a full moon.  A hardness as unyielding as the cold piece of iron in his holster had settled over him now, from his chiseled jaw and piercing gaze to the deep lines in his face.

Hard and frightening.

An ache spread across her chest.  Cade had died as surely as her husband Matthew had.  They just hadn’t buried him yet.

“It’ll only be for a few days,” he said quietly.  “Then, I promise I’ll be out of your life.  Just let me rest up.”

A few days could be an eternity when tempted by his nearness and her need to be held again by strong arms.  Skye shoved the thought aside.  It would destroy her.  He’d made it clear he wasn’t going to stick around.

“Where will you go?” she whispered.

Cade shrugged and worked to get to his feet.  He spoke in a flat, dead voice.  “One place is as good as the next, I reckon.  Learned a long ago not to get too comfortable.”

“What happened to you?”  She needed to know, to understand.

“I’ve done things.”  He spread his legs as though bracing himself for a blow that would knock him to his knees.  “Had to become someone else.  I answer to Cade Coltrain now.  In certain parts of the country the name strikes fear.”

“But why?  Why do you want people to be afraid of you?”

“Didn’t seek it.  Never.  Just happened.  You ask a lot of questions, Skye,” he said softly.  “Be careful.  You might not want to know the answers.”

“Are you bringing trouble to my door?”

“Not yet.  I’ve covered my tracks.”

A strangled sob rose up.  It took everything she had, but she managed to swallow it back down.  She’d not let him see her pain at what he’d become.  Not if she could help it.

“Are you wanted?”

“Skye, I warned you not to ask these questions.”

“I simply want to know what to expect.”

“Nothing.  Don’t expect anything from me.  I’ll only disappoint you.”

“You’re so different.  What happened to the Cade I knew?”

“He died.  When I sold my soul to the highest bidder.”

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12 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – Hearts and Spurs Collection: The Widow’s Heart”

  1. Oh my Linda, this sounds so good. Too bad you aren’t having a give-away. I would definitely be trying my best to win. Maybe someday. A greta story, but also sounds sad. Thanks for the review. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  2. Linda, you know I loved this story sooooo much. I’m so glad you threw in with us at Prairie Rose Publications for the Hearts and Spurs anthology. Cade and Skye are such memorable characters, and the story is one I know I will reread.

  3. Linda, Skye’s loneliness and desolation were heart-rending. What a fabulous job you did with portraying those emotions. And then, when Mr. Mulehide and Rusty Nails showed up… Well, let me just say my Kindle almost shorted out as I read “The Widow’s Heart.” 😀

  4. Cheryl… seems our paths keep crossing. I don’t know why. Just lucky I guess. Yes I can’t imagine missing out on this publishing opportunity with Prairie Rose. Thank you so much.

  5. Cheryl… seems our paths keep crossing. I don’t know why. Just lucky I guess. Yes I can’t imagine missing out on this publishing opportunity with Prairie Rose. Thank you so much. I’m so happy that you liked my story.

  6. Kathleen….yeah Mr. Mulehide and his cohort Mr. Rusty Nails just about ruined everything. LoL! You sure know how to make me laugh Lady! Love it. Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Even though they have changed, having once known the heart of someone helps you see beneath the changed them. If you truly care for them, you can try to help them remember who they were and find that person again. Sounds like Skye has some decisions to make and depending what she decides, she could have a rough time ahead.
    I fully intend to find out how their story unfolds. Thanks for the peek.

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