And Then He Kissed Me

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Does anyone else remember this old 60’s song?  Long ago, I used to know all the words.  I loved it then and I love it now.

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roadtr40[1]So I thought I’d address a subject that has had a fan or two write me about in these past 20 years of professional writing.  The kiss.  Did the American Indian kiss?  And/or do I realize that the American Indian only rubbed noses?

Deep sigh.

What would a Historical Romance Book be like without that ever famous kiss?  Although historically speaking, am I being accurate when I put the ever-wonderful kiss in my stories?

Unfortunately, the American Indian at the time period in which I write didn’t leave an answer for this.  We have only scant “opinions” in this field, I’m afraid.

I don’t even recall if any of my historical research covers this point.  Of course we’ve all been told that Indians didn’t kiss.  I remember learning about this in grade school.  They rubbed noses — that’s what I learned.  Where in the world did that piece of data come from, that it would reach to me in grade school, in an fairly obscure and small farming community?AIPTEK

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a researcher, it is that if “everybody” knows about it and believes it’s true — it usually just isn’t so.

And so I decided — when I first started writing American Indian romances — to go right to the horses mouth.  I asked an Indian friend.  A Lakota man.

He did look at me rather oddly, but he said something along the line of, “Of course the Indians of yester year kissed.  Does the white man think he has the market cornered on anything as wonderful as a kiss?”  Might not have been his exact words, but it went along something like that.

galler6[1]Well, that answered my question and even gave me some more information … anything as wonderful as a kiss…  It also put to rest one of those “everybody knows” things that so often turns out to be founded on absolutely nothing.

Where would we, as romance writers, be if not for that all important kiss?  Whether it’s the first kiss, the sweet kiss, the sensuous kiss or the kiss to end all kisses, many a romance story comes alive with that first sweet, sweet moment.


One of my books, GRAY HAWK’S LADY, centers around a certain, particular real-life kiss.  It was during the writing of that book that I met and married my husband.  It was his kiss that opened my eyes to him.  It was that first kiss that made me sit up and notice him.  In fact, it was only about a month after that first kiss that he proposed, and I accepted.  That kiss is there in the book — it couldn’t help but be.  It’s all there — my reaction to the kiss, my becomig aware of just who this man is and what he might mean to me.

AngelAndTheWarrior-The-CoverOn April 1st, 2014, THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR will be released from Samhain Publishing.  This book shares a similar moment…a first kiss…and all the wonders…and problems of course…that go along with that first moment when one knows that his/her world is forever changed.

So I’ve got to ask you — because I’m sure we each one have had one of those moments — that earth shattering kiss — what do you remember most about it?

So come on it, let’s talk.

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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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67 thoughts on “And Then He Kissed Me”

  1. My first ‘ real kiss’ was my bases for all the kisses in the future. I was 16. Ah to have that first kiss again to live over.

  2. Karen, love your post.

    For me every kiss is a first kiss. The first kiss on a date; the first kiss as husband and wife; The first kiss as new parents; the first kiss after losing a child–they all have a different meanings and, if you’re lucky enough, will deepen your love.

  3. My first kiss wasn’t very exciting. However, my first kiss from the man who became my husband, I knew he was the one I wanted to marry
    Love all of your Kissing pictures!

    How did your move go? Did you finish between the huge NE snowstorms?

  4. What I remember with my first kiss was it feeling rushed. I’ve had several Earth shattering ones after that. This is a fun and interesting post. Congratulations on your new book.

  5. Stephanie you aren’t by yourself; evidently our firsts were earth shattering. lol I do believe my very first peck of a kiss was in the fourth grade when he and I were the King and Queen of our school’s Sweetheart Dance. Karen, this looks like a great book (as usual), thank you for continuing to enchant us with your stories!

  6. My first kiss was my most memorable – sad to say that wasn’t even with my husband!! LOL. I think because it was my first is why it sticks in my brain. It was perfect – surprisingly.

  7. My very first kiss was a peck on the lips, at a 7th grade dance. I thought I was a woman! With the man I married, 30 years later, my first kiss with that Indian was my last kiss with any white man!

  8. lol… my first kiss was horrible! he tried to french kiss me and being ignorant of actual kissing, I was horrified! I think I actually said yuck!!

  9. I don’t remember my first kiss. However, I do remember a particularly sweet kiss from a guy who I went to prom with my senior year of high school. Going to prom was the extent of our relationship, as I ended up getting together with my boyfriend at the time.

  10. Well you know that old saying – Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt. My man has a mustache and I like salt on my eggs.

  11. Oh now I’ll be thinking of kisses all day. I remember as a child that it was Eskimos that rubbed noses instead of kissing. Maybe because it was so cold in Alaska? And that’s probably not true either.
    Anyway, thanks for the fun story and great photos.

  12. I remember that song… my parents always played the oldies… my first kiss, I am told was when I was two… the neighbor’s two year old grandson cornered me and kissed me… but of course I do not remember that one, LOL!

  13. Om Kay, I just love this: “…the first kiss, the sweet kiss, the sensuous kiss or the kiss to end all kisses”…You said it all right then! This is, as usual, another terrific post! Hugs and love~ xox

  14. I don’t really remember what it was like, only how long we waited, how shy we were. The kiss itself…no memory of it. Which is probably a bad sign.

    My first kiss, also in high school, from my now-husband, whom I started dating when we were sixteen, was very nice. First date (my I’d gotten FAST by then LOL) We had gone into my folks’ house at the end of the date and my mom had made cinnamon rolls. We both had one and I walked My Cowboy out to his car and he kissed me and then, when the kiss was done he said, “That kiss was kinda sticky.” (a reference to the cinnamon rolls) “Let’s try it again.”

    It was very smooth for such a young guy, and I was his first girlfriend (though not his first kiss, which is just so shocking!)

  15. It is funny but I can’t remember my first kiss. I can remember the first kiss my from my husband though. Forty nine years later he is a great kisser.
    After seeing the title to your post I had to go and look up the song. We really had great music then. As I tell my granddaughter, you could understand the words, it had a beat and you could dance to it.

  16. I was lead to believe only Eskimos rubbed noses! Lol! My very first kiss was when I was in 5th grade. I remember it so well. It took place during my first boy-girl party. He was so cute, dark hair and dark brown eyes. Oh my, one other fact too– he belonged to some one else! Oops! Anyway, it was the sweetest, most wonderful first kiss! It was soft and tender. I wish I could say that all of the other kisses I have had in my life have been as sweet but hey us big girl don’t want sweet kisses once we are all grown up, do we now? (wink!) 🙂

  17. Hi Laurie!

    Yes, I do understand what you mean about the kiss.

    The move…well, I’m here in CT, weathering the storms — which are quite something…husband will follow in a few weeks to a month or so…so we’re still sort of mid-move.

    Sigh…thanks for asking…

  18. Hi Susan P!

    My first kiss definitely stands out, also. It was nice. That I do remember. I wonder how many first kisses lead to marriage. Probably not very many in this day and age.

    But I do believe that there was a time…

  19. Karen, I am looking forward to reading this one as I do all of your books.

    I do not really remember my first kiss so it must not have been great but I do remember my first kiss with the man I ended up marrying. I DIDN’T like it! I know exactly where we were and it was only the first of several that evening. I guess I was hoping that the kisses would get better! THEY DID! Must have because that first kiss was 53 years ago!

  20. I love the first kiss in books. it give me butterflies as I read it. Im not sure my first kiss was something special but my first kiss with my husband was something special. but it has been something we still laugh about it till this day. We laugh because I made the first move. He kept prolonging it and I couldn’t take it anymore so I pulled him nicely but strong enough by the front his shirt and kissed him hahahha. 😉

  21. too many years since my first kiss 🙁 but the first kiss from my oldest child was great, as was the first from my second!

  22. Hi Quilt Lady!

    Yeah, I did, too. Weak in the knees, one of my earrings (and I have pierced ears) fell off and I practically buckled at the knees. I think I looked at him afterwards a little dewy eyed. And he smiled. He knew. We had a few more dates after that and then that was it. We knew our lives had changed because we’d found each other. And I think I love him more now than I did then. (knock on wood)

  23. Oh, Cori, I love it! I love it! What a great story! : ) No wonder you laugh about it to this day. : )

    Sometimes you just gotta take that man by the hand and say, “Hey, kiss me you fool.” : )

  24. Have no idea when my first kiss was. I think Margaret Brownley said it best. There are many first kisses, and they are all special. Everyone with my husband has been special.

    The weather certainly hasn’t cooperated much for you move. Of course, come spring, you have to worry about the hail storms and tornadoes when you come cross country. CT is nice. My brother lives there and we have explored parts of the state. We find something new every time we go back. I hope he gets there soon so you can settle in and share a few more of those kisses.

  25. My first kiss was when I was in first grade and a kindergarten boy chased me around the merry-go-round at school. He caught me and kissed me. I screamed and broke away. But I kept running around the merry-go-round…and he caught me and kissed me. We kept this up until someone caught us.

  26. My first kiss has yet to happen, but when it does, I hope to have it on my wedding day and it will be the best kiss ever.

    Congratulations on the new book, Karen!

  27. Hi Patricia!

    Yes, didn’t Margaret say it well. Yes, moving here has not been the easiest of things to do — especially in the winter. But there you go…

  28. Oh, Joyce, what a wonderful story. You made me laugh aloud at the ending. Reminds me of my granddaughter.

    And I can’t remember any boy chasing me around a merry-go-round — but it sounds like fun!

  29. Hi Jessica!

    I do believe that with the first kiss from my husband, my head was in the clouds, too. Like I said, I lost one of my earrings — and I have pierced ears…

  30. Just a closing note to thank you all for sharing your experiences with me. I feel honored that you did so. Hope you’ll join me again in two weeks when I plan to give another free book in celebration of the release of THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR.

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