Building a Brand New World

I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a brand new contemporary series set in a fictional town in Colorado just north of Denver.  All the books will be set in this new town, Village Green: Offering love, faith and a place to call home in Colorado.

What’s so fun about this new series is that it’s loosely connected with my Charity House historical series.  In fact, the hero and heroine in CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART are descendents of characters in the historical books.  Charity House plays a role as well.

charity house

Writing this book wasn’t easy, primarily because I had to create this fictional town.  I thought I’d share some of the process with you here today.

First off, I had to figure out the connection between the historical books and the contemporary books.  I originally thought I would focus on Charity House, maybe turn the Old West orphanage for prostitutes’ mistakes into a new kind of ministry.  I came up with several ideas but none of them seemed to fit.  So…Charity House became this rambling old structure the hero buys with the idea of raising his family there.  As the series continues, this will become the official gathering spot for holidays and special occasions.

Once I had the connection figured out (loose as it is) I need to populate the town.  In this book, the hero is a direct descendent of the hero in THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE and the heroine is a direct descendent of the hero from THE MARSHAL TAKES HIS BRIDE.  I gave them each several siblings and poof…I now had lots of future heroes and heroines.

Next, I had to figure out more specifics about Village Green, itself.  Here’s what I decided. Village Green, Colorado.  Founded 1899 by Jonathon Hawkins.  Population: 15,902.  Elevation: 4,984.

I still had to create businesses and places for my characters to frequent for fun.  Enter Hawkins Park, where the hero and heroine first meet.  I also gave the town a minor league baseball team, the Village Green Cougars.  Since most of my characters are in the medical profession I had to give the town the Village Green Hospital.  The hero and the heroine’s brother own a Family Medical practice.

Now came the really fun part.  Restaurants and stuff.  My heroine’s best friend owns Senor O’Toole’s, a cross between an Irish Pub and a Mexican Cantina.  The specialty of the house is Shepherd’s Pie with a Mexican flare.  Since this is a small town, I added the Wash and Spins, a hybrid business that’s a laundromat and a dance studio.  There’s also Pizza Italiano and a ski shop still to be named.  Fun, fun, fun…

Claiming the Doctors Heart Cover artSo, any thoughts as the name of the ski shop?  Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a copy of CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART.

Here’s the official blub:  After losing her high-powered job, Olivia Scott finds herself back home in Colorado. She never imagined she’d be taking care of kids, let alone being the nanny to longtime crush Dr. Connor Mitchell’s adorable twin girls. But what began as a favor to the handsome widower is growing into something more. Connor’s confused by his growing feelings for his best friend’s little sister. She’s become a beautiful woman with a caring soul, but he can’t risk his—or his girls’—heart. Olivia’s planning to head back to her city life. Unless this small-town doctor can convince her to stay…forever. 


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40 thoughts on “Building a Brand New World”

  1. Hey Renee! The new series sounds fun! I love your books and I enjoy books that are set in fictional towns. It’s always great to get to know town members! With the Olympics going on, all-things-skiing are in my mind right now but that doesn’t mean I can come up with a fantastic name for your ski shop! When I attended college in Utah, I used to ski at Sundance…loved skiing! That was another life for me though! I even met Robert Redford once, however! THAT was fun 🙂 I will call your ski shop MOGULS!

  2. Love hearing about your new series Renee. The process of starting and populating a town is exciting. I am going with Peaks and Valleys for your ski shop. Fun! Fun!

  3. Congratulations on the new series. I bet it was fun creating your own town. Naming a ski shop would be difficult for me. I’ve never been skiing or to a place that has it or even seen a ski shop. But, I would think maybe something like Catching Air or Sky High Ski would sound good.

  4. What fun to hear about the new series because I recently read THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE, so I’ll will look forward to the new series now.
    ski shop name: The Downhill Green

  5. Glad to hear you’re writing the Village Green series!

    Ski Chalet
    Fast Glide
    Flying Skis
    The Peak Ski Shop
    Mountain Ski Chalet
    Action Sports
    The Glide Shop
    Ski & Wax
    Cross Country Sports
    Waxed Ride
    Mountain Sports

  6. Sherri, you and me both! It was great plotting with you this past weekend. I’m feeling reenergized, after sleeping in most of Sunday. Phew, thinking that hard wore me out!

  7. Karen, I know, right? The first book took a long time because of the worldbuilding aspect. I’m praying Book 2 will come easier since I know the town and characters a little better. Of course, no book comes easy for me.

  8. I love this whole idea, Renee. I’ve thought so often about making a saga, books that bring a family from historical times up to the present.
    I’d name the ski shop…SLIDERS

  9. Mary, great name! I grew up in a beach town in Florida and we had a restaurant called Sliders that served mostly oysters. But I love the idea of bringing that same name to a Colorado town. What I find so remarkable about Colorado ski country is how similiar it is to a Florida surfing town (like the one where I grew up). Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Oh this sounds like it will be another great series from you! Everyone has such wonderful names for your Ski shop. 🙂

  11. Can hardly wait for your new series! Colorado is one of my very favorite places to visit but have never been skiing and don’t pay attention to the ski shops but you can be sure that I will now.

  12. In 1899, it would have been a simple name like the Ski Place or Sliders
    I loved skiing but had to quit because of a bad knee.

  13. Joye, you’re right. 1899 would have kept it simple. The owner of my modern-day ski shop is a former hot-shot, professional downhill skier who had a bad accident and had to call it quits. Now he’s back home and starting over, lemonade out of lemons. I figure the name of his ski shop will reflect his former wild ways. Nothing simple for Beau O’Toole!

  14. So much fun to build your own town! Making it the way you like it to be. Congratulations! It sounds like you have a good handle on it. I live in Snow Boarding country, (A lot of the Olympic snowboarders are from Mammoth Lakes), so I go for ‘fat’ skis. All of the suggested names are good. It will be hard to pick one. You will when you get into it. Good luck on your venture.

  15. Hi, Renee! Congratulations on starting a brand new series! How fun to create a new fictional town! I love Village Green already! My suggestions for a ski ship are SLOPES and SKY HIGH SKIS.

  16. ooooo this sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic series! Can’t wait to read!

    As for a ski shop name….. Alpine Powder Ski Shop….that’s all I’ve got! 🙂

    Best Wishes!

  17. Rip and Run’s Ski Shop! I love when a series ties into an older series and you get to see how family generations got their start and have continued to proper.
    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  18. Got here late. You have some wonderful suggestions for names for the ski shop. The hard part will be deciding which one to use.

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