Cheryl7126Today, I’m blogging about my most recent release, JASON’S ANGEL. In case this title sounds familiar to you, it was previously released in an anthology with Victory Tales Press, and also as single-sell short story with Western Trail Blazer. It’s making its “re-release appearance” with PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS now, with an awesome new cover. 

I’m excited about JASON’S ANGEL being released as a “stand alone” story, selling at only .99 ! I’m giving away two copies of JASON’S ANGEL today! Please leave a comment along with your contact info and you will be entered—it’s that simple. 

Jason’s Angel takes on several issues with the society of that time. The story takes place just as the War Between the States is winding down. Jason wears Union blue, but speaks with a Georgia accent. To make things even more difficult, he’s half Cherokee, half Scottish! When he’s wounded and winds up at a Confederate hospital, there’s only one thing kind-hearted Sabrina Patrick can do…

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Jason ‘s Angel by Cheryl Pierson

Two wounded Union soldiers will die without proper treatment. Sabrina Patrick realizes they won’t get it at the Confederate army hospital where she helps nurse wounded men. She does the unthinkable and takes them to her home.

Jason McCain’s pain is eased by the feel of clean sheets, a soft bed, and a touch that surely must belong to an angel. But what reason could an angel have for bringing him and his brother here?



It was only a brief touch of their lips, Sabrina told herself, and should not have caused the waves of trembling heat to rush over her.  His lips were firm and strong.  And she kissed him back.  

He’d reached up and gently pulled her to him.  As if he’d sensed her concern over Desi being in the room, he’d glanced to where she sat talking to Eli, once more engrossed in conversation, and when Sabrina had started to protest, he’d squeezed her shoulder in silent reassurance.  And she had kissed him back. 

  He’d been so gentle and—oh Lord, had Eli seen that kiss?  She had responded heartily to his brother.  She had not pushed Jason away or protested in the least.  She had welcomed it.  There was no doubt for either of them.  She had definitely kissed him back. 

As she pulled away, she opened her lids to find him watching her.  His dark eyes smoldered with desire.  But it didn’t scare her.  It excited her.  

Good Lord.  She stood quickly, her head spinning so that she almost missed her first step toward the door.  When had she last eaten?  That had to be the cause of her unsteadiness.  But why was her heart pounding so frantically?  It was only a kiss.  One kiss.  

But she had kissed him back.

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42 thoughts on “JASON’S ANGEL GIVEAWAY by Cheryl Pierson”

  1. This one sounds and during the war between the states. Must be nice to see your older books re-released. Good for you. I would love to win your book.
    Maxie mac262(at)me9dot)com

  2. Lovely excerpt and beautiful cover. Sabrina must be an incredibly strong, courageous, caring, independent woman to willingly harbor two Union soldiers in her home and then fall in love with one of them, Jason.

    I’d treasure reading Jason and Sabrina’s love story.

    johns lake at usa dot com

  3. I love these kinds of stories, especially the civil war theme, were loyalties are pulled in the name of Romance..


  4. Congratulations! I love the new cover. Wow! It’s really something. And that excerpt was wonderful. You should do well with this new cover. I like it when old becomes new again. I did the same thing with my three and it made a world of difference.

    Wishing you much success, my dear Filly sister!

  5. Wonderful cover! Scottish & Cherokee… very interesting… thanks for sharing a piece of Jason’s Angel with us!
    greenshamrock at cox dot net

  6. The Civil War brought so many different dynamics into relationships between those who knew each other and those who were strangers. Because of the nature of the war, “taking sides” often meant going against family and friends as well as what you might believe was the right thing to do. It sounds like Sabrina was torn and chose to go with what she felt was the right thing to do, no matter which side you found yourself on.

  7. Hi Cheryl, Jason’s Angle sound fabulous! I love books set during this time period. Gone With the Wind has always been a favorite of mine because of the time period. Thanks so much for a chance to win your book. I will be looking for this one for sure.

  8. Hi Maxie!

    Yes, I love being able to re-release it with my own company, Prairie Rose Publications! This is a short story, and I’ve so often thought how I’d like to go back to it and lengthen it into a novel!


  9. Laurie,

    I just loved Sabrina. You know, I’m a pantser and many times I don’t know HOW my characters are going to react to certain things that come their way, but she makes the decision to bring these two men home…to HER HOUSE, and make sure they get proper care. I wonder how hard it would be for all nurses back then to have to look at those men and have to turn away from some of them–no supplies, no food…and what was there was, of course, going to the men on “their” side.

    Thanks for coming by today!

  10. Oh, me too, Kathleen! One of my very favorites is a novel by Christine Monson, STORMFIRE, during the Irish/English Jacobite rebellion. It’s very very gritty, but sooooo good.

    Thanks for coming by today!

  11. Susan, the best thing is, (in my opinion) he is such a loner because of his heritage and so lonely (sniff!) so Sabrina may…MAY…just be his only hope at happiness! LOL

  12. Thanks, Sherri–it’s just a short story, but believe me, I’ve been toying with the idea of lengthening it.

  13. Thank you, Linda! Much as I loved that old cover, I love this one, too! I know what you mean about making the “old” new again. I loved your new covers, too. Hopefully, this will give this story new life again–it’s one of my favorites!

  14. Goldie, my friend Cindy Nord has a wonderful one out now, called NO GREATER GLORY. She’s an exceptional writer and that is one good book! But you’re right–they are few and far between.

  15. Hi Colleen,

    There were a lot of Scottish/Cherokee marriages “back in the day”–one that stands out to me in literature was in THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE. That is one fantastic read. If I taught a college class on literature that would be one of the required reading books, because it is so touching, so well-written, and such a beautiful story. It’s not romance, but a very worthwhile read. We had Scotch/Irish-Cherokee romance and marriage in my own ancestry–I think that’s what made me want to write this one! LOL Thanks for coming by!

  16. Hi Char!

    Didn’t Livia do a great job on that cover? She is amazing with the covers, and everything else. LOL I love Civil War stories, too. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog, my filly sis! Thanks for your very kind comments!

  17. Hi Patricia,

    Yes, that would be so hard, wouldn’t it? Very hard to turn your back on another human being because of the color of his uniform. And for her, even more shocking to realize that he is actually from the South! I love that she was able to see past the uniform and do what was right.


  18. Hi Quilt Lady!

    Oh, Gone With the Wind was the PERFECT Civil War story, wasn’t it? No one can ever top that, in my mind. Such a perfect mixture of love, danger, and all around human emotion/reaction that nothing can ever come close to it. And of course, this is a short story, and my second venture into Civil War stories. The first one I ever wrote was called HOMECOMING. Thanks for coming by today!

  19. Britney, I have to say, this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of opening a publishing house–being able to see my work under my own imprint. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  20. I loved this story. I guess each of us can remember a moment our own history when the one man in the whole world that could make our hearts race kissed us and we could do nothing less than kiss that wonderful man back. *sigh*
    I love the new cover.

  21. Sarah, I agree! And I especially love it for her because she was so dedicated to being a good example for her little sister, etc. Thanks so much for coming by. I love that new cover, too!

  22. Thank you, Melanie! I love that cover too. My good friend Livia Reasoner did that for me. Awesome, isn’t it? Thanks for coming by!

  23. I am so happy for your ongoing success and wish you nothing but the best as an author and a publisher. A true renaissance lady, now arent you? As a Texas born mule, I salute you!

  24. Thank you, Pamela. I appreciate your very kind words! You are so sweet to come over and comment on your birthday–I know you are busy as all heck! Hugs to you, dear friend!

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