Excerpt Friday – Golden Days

Welcome to Excerpt Friday!  Each Friday we’ll be featuring excerpts from recent releases by our very own Fillies.  So grab a cup of coffee and read on.  And if you find you’re hooked by what you read (and we know you will be!) just click on the book cover to purchase the entire book.


Alaska Brides CollectionFrom Author Mary Connealy – GOLDEN DAYS from the Alaska Brides Collection


The Alaska Gold Rush had turned Seattle into a madhouse.

Amy Simons hurried along the noisy teeming street. She had taken over the job of running errands for the mission because the other teachers dreaded going outside.

Amy staggered as rough, crude men shoved past, trying to move faster. The tread of booted feet, and the loud shouts of gruff voices overwhelmed all other noise. Ahead, a busy street rushed with carriages and wagons. People sick with gold fever darted across. The loud lash of a whip broke through the noise. Amy glanced at an oncoming wagon drawn by four horses.

A hard shove sent her stumbling off the wooden sidewalk. Something caught her foot so she tumbled to her hands and knees into the path of the charging horses. As she fell, she heard the shouts of alarm mingled with the raucous laughter.

A roar of warning from the driver barely reached her. With a shriek of terror, she threw herself out of the path of iron shod hooves. One hoof landed solidly against her side, and her head hit the hard packed ground with a sickening thud.


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8 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – Golden Days”

  1. Mary, great excerpt! Of course I want to know more!!!! I’m sure there’s a handsome cowboy about to make an entrance to help Amy…right? Looks like another good ‘un!

  2. I enjoy anthologies, and this is one I can share with my daughter. The time and the place this book is set is perfect for many interesting stories. The cover is lovely, even prettier “in person.” Our local Sam’s Club carries it and I will be picking it up soon I hope.

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