White Horses…and a two-book giveaway! ~Tanya Hanson


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First off, Happy New Year!

Now, how about some white horses!

elfin ears

Just like the school room, I can’t really have favorites, but these three glorious horses from the rescue where I volunteer totally captivate me. That’s Bridge, above, and Hart, below. They are both Arabians. And Hart absolutely glows in the sun. (Happy news: he’s getting adopted.)

hart of hearts

The pretty lady, below, is Pearl, a cremello perlino. She has the most beautiful blue eyes! And I get to walk her sometimes–like me, she has a few pounds to lose.  She actually “became” my hero’s horse in my story Covenant, for the Wishing for a Cowboy anthology, and I’d adopt her in a heartbeat if I didn’t live on a suburban cul-de-sac.


I am showing off these three beauties today because all my covers for the Lawmen and Outlaws series feature white horses, too. Since I just got the cover for Book Three, I  had to share it. (Outlaw in Love will be out later this year.)

OutlawinLove_w8481_300 (2)

Although Book Two, Outlaw Bride, was released last summer in an early-release program (sounds like a prisoner!), the “official” release date was just a couple of weeks ago.

OutlawBride_w7701_300 (2)

So to celebrate, today I’m giving away an e-copy of Outlaw Bride…AND an e-copy of Book One as well! So don’t forget to toss your name into the hat by leaving a comment.  Your choice, PDF or Kindle version.

Book One, Christmas for Ransom, came out Christmas 2012, a real cuddle-up snowbound romance.


All three books deal with members of the Ahab Perkins gang…outlaws who really aren’t bad to the bone. Each one will steal a piece of your heart as he/she gets redeemed. (Yes, one’s a girl.)  And while doing edits for Outlaw in Love, my editor now wants a fourth baddie to find his soul. Yay. Let’s see how we save “Rattler” Rawtelle!)

Hmmmm…so let me hear some ideas on how to fix up an outlaw! 

BLURB for Outlaw Bride, available now: 

She survived her own hanging.
     Left to die by her outlaw brother and his gang, Jessy Belle Perkins gets a second chance at life..and runs. She doesn’t count on being rescued by handsome Cleeland Redd, a former cavalry scout who is nothing like the rank, filthy outlaws she’s accustomed to. But can she trust him with the truth about who she is?

    When Redd leaves her at a rundown convent, she realizes that if her outlaw brother returns for the pearls hidden in the hem of her dress, the man she loves and the nuns who have given her shelter will be in grave danger.

     He stole her heart.

     Still mourning his late wife, Cleeland Redd guards his heart against the suspicious but lovely woman he finds lost and unable to speak. When he learns her secret, he decides a fake marriage will be just the thing to draw Jessy Belle’s brother into a trap. But if he puts her brother behind bars, he might lose Jessy Belle for good–and forever destroy the hope of their pretend marriage turning into the real thing.

BLURB for Christmas for Ransom, available now:  

Meet a good-hearted outlaw and the woman who gives him her heart…before she realizes it’s HER horses he stole!   Member of the notorious Ahab Perkins gang,  “Canyon” Jack Ransom promised his beloved gram-maw on her death bed long ago that he’d learn to read. After growing a conscience and leaving his past behind,  he hires Texas schoolmarm Eliza Willows to do the deed while she, unbeknownst he’s the crook, hires him in return to “track” the thief of her granny’s prized Morgans.  Falling in love with each other is fast and furious but real…and the two getting snowbound at Christmas while gun-battling Ahab and the gang only adds to the fun!

BLURB for Outlaw in Love, coming mid-2014:

On the run from his gang, having robbed his own sister, outlaw Ahab Perkins has no place to go but good. He’d give his heart to Teresa in a single beat…if the beautiful woman in gray weren’t a…nun.

Unbeknownst, Teresa Avila is as wanted as Ahab, hiding out in disguise at a rundown mission. After her crimes and her evil stepfather’s abuse, she’s convinced she’s not good enough for any man, not even the outlaw she’s falling for.

Enter a burned-out homestead, an abandoned little girl and a kindly sheriff…and both find love as they guide their souls out of darkness.

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53 thoughts on “White Horses…and a two-book giveaway! ~Tanya Hanson”

  1. They are absolutely beautiful horses. I love to hear about people who volunteer helping animals. I volunteer for a cat rescue. Your books sound really good and I love the covers of them.

  2. What beautiful white horses. How fun to get to work there – I’d fall in love with all the horses if I did that. 🙂

  3. Hi Maxie, I’ll make sure your name swirls real good in the Stetson. Thanks for your kind words.

    Busy Mama, kinda unsure about ya but welcome to the corral!

    Appreciate you both stopping by today.

  4. Janine, those kitties are so lucky to have you. I know deep down that the critters we help are grateful for our efforts. Tuesdays are my day to muck and feed and I miss all the guys already! We usually have about 15 horses at a time.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Hi Sherri.. .<3 'em too! Good morning!

    Susan P, they are so easy to love. It's such a peaceful little ranch to spend time at, too. I always love being here. Thanks. Appreciate your comment.

  6. Renee, thanks so much for the warm fuzzies. The covers are all designed by Debbie Taylor of DC Graphics who also designs for The Wild Rose Press. She’s a gem.

    Hi Melanie, so good to see you here! Thanks.

  7. Tanya, you do such great work with the horses. Good on ya, filly sis! And those covers are sooooo beautiful. I especially love the one for Christmas for Ransom. That has got to be one of my all time favorite covers, ever.

  8. Tanya–you do love white horses, don’t you? You’re so successful with your series–I congratulate you!
    I just wrote a 2000 word story for an anthology, and I used a man who “gentles” horses for the Texas Rangers. I couldn’t sat much about how he went about it without breaking them, because of the shortage of words, but I thought of you and hoped if you ever read it, I’d want your stamp of approval.
    But I did go to the site about how to gentle wild horses, and found what I needed for this very short story.
    Much luck to you!

  9. I love horses, love to read about and watch movies about them. I have watched some movies about horses on Net Flix during Christmas break. Also love your book Outlaw Bride so I must get the others. Thanks for sharing with us todaly.

  10. Hi Cheryl, thanks kindly, filly sister, but I have SO much more to learn. But I so enjoy being there…good fodder for my series for the Painted Pony YA line at Prairie Rose Publication…which will be set at a horse rescue! Thanks for believing in me.

    Colleen, always so good to see you here in Wildflower Junction! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Hi Andrea, I am lucky where Hubs and I ended up living, after childhoods in very crowded suburban Los Angeles. We are definitely suburbanites on a cul de sac but surrounded by hills and strawberry fields…and the ocean.

    But wow, did we love our visit to NYC! Awesome place; we can’t wait to go back someday. Thanks so much for commenting today!

  12. Hi Celia, wow, I so admire you creating a 2,000 word story. You know I’ll love it! I was able to do it only once– a freebie for The Wild Rose Press bridging Marrying Minda to Marrying Mattie. It was SO hard. I love thinking about horse trainers who gentled horses, rather than “broke” them. Breaks my heart how animals have been treated. I don’t know if you saw “War Horse’, but I bawled my eyes out.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Hi Nancy, so good to see you here. Some day, the three novellas will be combined in a print book anthology. At least, last I heard.

    Maybe it’ll include the eventual “Rattler Rawtelle” story.

    Let me know, friends, the best way to redeem an outlaw! xo

  14. Aw, Quilt Lady, thanks so much. Look around for the show Heartland. It’s on the UP channel here, and a neat little series about a horse rescue. Great Alberta scenery! So appreciate you!

  15. hi Robena, thanks so much, my friend! I’ve got your latest Gone Tropical loaded up and am eager to settle down for a wonderful read. Debbie sure does a good job with Wild Rose Press covers. xoxox

  16. Tanya, these white horses are absolutely gorgeous. I can see why you fell in love them. How neat of your editor at Wild Rose Press to put these beauties on the covers of your outlaw books. I guess she was quick to recognize a good thing. I love it when outlaws are redeemable. Oftentimes in the Old West men (and women) got trapped in that kind of life and couldn’t find a way out except at the end of a rope. I have an outlaw antagonist in Book Two of my Bachelors of Battle Creek. I made the decision early on to offer him some type of redemption.

    Big congrats on your wonderful cover of the upcoming one! It’s really stunning. I can’t wait to read this.

    Wishing you much success, Filly sister!

  17. Hi Linda, oh, your words warm me through. I so agree about the outlaw life…it’s never right, but sometimes circumstances just didn’t seem to give another choice in those wild days past. In Outlaw in Love–it isn’t out yet–but my editor didn’t imagine at first how Ahab Perkins could be redeemed. She loves how he started to make good decisions. Yay! Love you!

  18. Hi Tanya! What beautiful horses! We have a white, spotted pony and two miniature horses. They are such special animals!

    I can’t wait to meet the outlaws in your stories!

  19. Hi Sam, aw, thanks so much for stopping by. Pearl is a love, such a personality. You could be right! She’s quite photogenic, too. I took several shots and they were all great, but I too loved the angle of her face in this one. Happy new year, my friend, and good luck with your McCade Brothers books! Hubba hubba.

  20. Outlaw Bride and Christmas for Ransom sounds wonderful. Please enter me in contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win. gorgeous covers.

  21. Tanya, these books sound terrific! I can’t believe I don’t already have Christmas for Ransom…I wonder where my head was. The horses are beautiful – how lucky you are to get to volunteer there.

    Cheers dear!

  22. Hi Emma, thanks for posting today. I hope you enjoy the stories, I loved writing them.

    Christine, my dear, dear friend. Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me well. I think you’ll like Jack Ransom…he’s one of my favorite heroes. How can ya not love a bad boy who loves his gram-maw. Sigh. Cheers backatcha! xo

  23. Love horses, Tanya. The Wild Burro Rescue, here in the OV needs help with donations. They are OK for now, (a bit cold), but aren’t we all? Of course they are always looking for donations. Check them out on Facebook, too.
    Good luck on your books.
    Mary J

  24. I have a fondness for Andalusians. What is it about white horses–or any horse for that matter that just melts our hearts? They are so beautiful, but they’re also smart and loving. I have only ridden a horse once in my life back when I lived in Nebraska for a year, but I love to read about them. Since I write westerns, it’s essential to know about horses even though I would not be competent enough to care for one.
    Even though you don’t have a horse of your own, I am so happy to see that you’re caring for rescue horses. Acts of kindness toward animals says so much to me about the calibre od a peron’s character.
    I loved Covenant and I do remember the horse in it–Pearl. I also read Christmas for Ransom–a wonderful story. You’re a mighty talented writer.
    All the best to you.

  25. How pretty they are. I used to own an Arab and he was called a grey because he had dark skin around his nose and when you gave him a bath he skin was dark. Now the third horse is a true white horse because his mouth is pink as well as around his eyes. Love the pictures of the horses on your books!

  26. Hi May J, bless you for your work with the donkeys. I just adore those little guys.

    I’m trying to comment with my smartphone…at jui jitsu class with my little grandson. Been a very busy day. Wish me luck…

  27. Hi Britney, oh, we have two minis at the rescue…came to us from petting zoos. Taffy and Rosie are our mascots and ambassadors at fundraisers.
    I hope you like my outlaws. They all turn good! 🙂

  28. Hi Jennifer, so interesting you wrote that.Pearl has the delicate pink skin and must wear a full mask even over her ears and face in the summer. All the horses have shaded areas in their stalls. So happy you, came by today! Thanks.

  29. I have never been a fan of white horses. However, if I were a horse person, I would be tempted to adopt Bridge. The covers are lovely and I don’t think anything but a white horse would have worked so well. You have the best of situations. You can spend time with the horses and enjoy them, but don’t have the cost of ownership.

    Don’t know anything about your character, Rattler Rawtelle, but there has got to be a good woman out there for him. You could do a Beauty and the Beast type plot with the Beast being the woman. Scarred from a fire or other event and hiding out on her small farm. She goes to town infrequently, hides her face when she does, and has no friends. He saves her or she saves him – something to get them together. Only one of many possibilities.

  30. I love white horses. No, I love horses period. I really enjoy well written cowboy stories too. Would love to get your books.

  31. I love horses but the last time I rode, I realized my riding days might be over. LOL I am SOOOOOO out of shape!

  32. Hello, Tanya! What beautiful horses…I think I might be partial to Pearl. Please don’t tell the others. The books look and sound great, too.

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