A Truly Joyous Christmas!

Fun times at Angie's shower in November
Fun times at Angie’s shower in November

Traditions and gatherings are a huge part of who we are as a family.  This year, with my niece’s first pregnancy’s due date fluctuating from December 22 to December 25, our family left it up to the higher powers to decide what we’d do about our holiday celebration this year.  Basically we were playing it by ear.  All 18 of us, were waiting on the baby.  My sister, Carol always hosts Christmas, and if the baby came, the party would shift to my house, as she and her hubby would travel the hour’s distance to the hospital to be with Angela and Kent. 

On December 2oth,  Angie’s doctor predicted that the baby was nowhere ready to be delivered. It would be a January baby.  Okay, said all…we’ll celebrate together! But  after teaching childbirth classes for over 20 years…all I could do was sigh.  Because I knew, the minute the Dr. made that announcement, we’d be seeing the baby soon!  It’s Murphy’s Law!  

And sure enough, THE NEXT MORNING  our little Angie went into labor.   She entered the hospital at 5:30 in the morning.   My hubby and I traveled to the hospital to be with my sister and lend support.  What should have been an hour’s drive, turned into a traffic nightmare and we arrived 2 1/2 hours later.  Nothing much was happening labor-wise.   We wound up playing cards with my nephew and his wife and going to dinner.  The labor went into the late evening.  By that time, I’d been in to see Angie after her epidural put a smile on her face .  She was breathing through her contractions and watching Christmas movies!   After midnight, she was still not fully dilated and by 2:30 am, she finally started pushing.   Little Zane William was born at 3:20 AM.  It was a blessing to see him minutes after his birth! He was a beautiful, perfect little baby.   Dear hubby and I drove home and climbed into our own bed by 5:30 AM.  


Our Christmas gift was here.   It was all we could ask. 

Precious Zane William
Precious Zane William

And our celebration, minus the new family, went on.  Zane was far too young to travel and baby shouldn’t be around so many people mere days after his birth.  We all missed them, but they had their own “family”  Christmas at home, the new threesome.  And before our dinner, our family  all took a special moment, to open Angela’s gifts to us.   Our thoughtful girl, created from clay and hand painted ornaments for each one of us.  She’d made them months in advance.  It was such a touching sweet moment.


Wishing you a Happy Joyful New Year!  We’ll see you in 2014!

My hubby and I enjoying Angela's homemade and hand painted Christmas tree ornament.
My hubby and I enjoying Angela’s homemade and hand painted Christmas tree ornament.
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15 thoughts on “A Truly Joyous Christmas!”

  1. Babies are such a joy no matter when they make their appearance! I have several nieces and a grandson whose birthdays are the 26th of December!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful Christmas gift! He’s sooooo cute! The ornament Angela made for you out of love is beautiful. I know it’ll be on your tree for years and years.

    Wishing you joy and happiness and success in 2014!

  3. Hi Linda
    Yes that ornament has special meaning to us. I was so happy to be there to support Angie and her hubby. A Christmas to remember! Happy New Year with love!!

  4. Char, what a great post–that picture was just priceless of him in the Santa hat! So glad you were able to participate in the birth of little Zane!

  5. Hi Cheryl – Thanks, it was glorious!

    HI Quilt lady – Thanks for the congrats. Babies make life so much more fun.

    Hi Cate = Yes, I agree. He’s so pretty!

    Happy New Year all!

  6. What a sweet baby! What a wonderful gift that both baby &

    mommy came through the delivery safely! What a blessing

    to start the new year with a precious new family member!!


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