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What happened in 2013? Nothing catastrophic comes to mind, which is always nice, except I’m afraid that if I think long enough something will come to mind, so I’ll type fast.

            I’m getting my books written a little faster than before. My 27th book released in September and number 28, 29, 30 & 31 are coming in 2014, (I’ve counted that a couple of times. Is that right? Four books in 2014? How’d that end up happening?) with more contracted for 2015 & 16.

            I may be running around a little more than when I was working full time but I think I’m going to stop doing that pretty soon. (you may all be hearing a huge collective sigh of relief from my children, that Mama’s visits will be tapering off)

            My Cowboy is doing well. We have the calves sold now, which we always do in December. That’s always a huge effort to get them all loaded and shipped, then it’s a big day when we go for the auction in Dunlap, Iowa, after a year’s hard work. They sold well and now we have about a two month break and…wait, WHAT? the first baby calf HAS ALREADY BEEN BORN??? When My Cowboy saw a baby calf out in the pasture, well, his language was of a sort that we aren’t going to mention here on a blog the whole world can read. We’re naming the calf…due in FEBRUARY but for some reason born in DECEMBER….OOPSIE.

            Now that I’ve got a little more spare time, with the day job only part time and the books getting done a little faster, I’ve been trying to figure out a bucket list for all the things I want to do before I die. But to my surprise every time I start making one I find myself making a REVERSE bucket list.

Does that happen to anyone else?

Mary Connealy            It’s like I think of some DREAM I have. Something I’ve ‘always wanted to do.’ I put quotation marks around that because I have to fish around deep in my brain to try and remember some dream from my youth. Honestly, mostly I sit around and try to AVOID doing things. Like I try and get My Cowboy to go to town and get milk and bread. Or I try and get him to walk out and get the mail so I don’t have to. Or I drive around with the car too close to empty so I don’t have to get out and put gas in. So that’s how excited I am about getting out.

          So… I reflect on what I’ve ‘always wanted to do,’ and I’ll hit on something in some shadowy corner of my brain. Examples:  I remembered I wanted to parachute out of a plane.

            Now I think, “What kind of moron jumps out of a perfectly good plane? FORGET IT! OFF THE LIST!”

            Or I think, ‘How cool would it be to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon?’

And of course it would be cool, but, oops that’s a long walk. I’m old and fat. I’ll die. So I cross it off the bucket list and think, “I had a lucky escape there.”

            See? Reverse Bucket List. If I apply myself, I can get this bucket list down to nothing without ever leaving the house. I think I might be doing ‘Bucket List’ wrong!

            So, I’ll maybe come up with some dream someday that’s so cool I don’t want to kick it off the list and convince My Cowboy it’s a good idea (that’s no small trick, he might have a reverse bucket list of his own, plus he might take secret pleasure in thwarting me).

            Or, maybe I could have a bucket list made up entirely of things I can go shopping for online. I could handle that. An AMAZON.COM BUCKET LIST.

            Hey, that’s cool. I’m starting that.


            I checked.

            Amazon has something similar already. Forget it.

            Well, then I’ll just go back to whittling down my Reverse Bucket List and in the meantime, I’ll keep busy pestering My Cowboy to get the mail.


God Bless You this Christmas

& Have a Very Happy New Year




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33 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from My Cowboy & Me”

  1. LOL, Oh Mary, you just described my bucket list to a T. 🙂 I think there is only ONE thing on it now. Travel to Ireland and Scotland and I will die a very happy woman. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  2. Mary, I love your logic iin your reverse bucket list…great idea! I have one mission in mind for my bucket visit every state in our great United States. I lack four!

  3. Congratulations on the four books releasing in 2014!! Yay! That’s so impressive. Makes me look like I’m buried up to my neck in cement. Good grief, girl! Slow down a little so some of us can catch you. I’m so happy you’re now working part time. Another big YAY! It’s wonderful. Gives you lots more time to dream about things you’d rather not do. The big thing on my list is inventing more excuses why I can’t clean house. I hate cleaning house with a passion. My BIG dream is to be able to hire someone to do that for me! I would be in heaven.

    Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait to see your new releases.

  4. Connie, the hot air balloon ride……..I heard of someone once who went up in one and something happened and it came down way way way too fast and they broke both knee caps.


  5. Susan, Ireland sounds nice, sure but seriously girl, I live in Nebraska, it’s really really green, I mean c’mon, how’re you going to get something GREENER than Nebraska in the spring.

    And besides, don’t long plane rides give you blood clots?

  6. Melanie, 56 states. Wow you’re so close. I’ve never counted how many states I’ve been in. does it count if you fly over the top of them? Because if so, then I think my number goes up quite a bit.

    I once took a bus ride to New York City in college and back then, when I cared about hitting all fifty states, I racked up a whole bunch. But we drove straight through and I think they didn’t even let us out of the bus in a few of them.

    I really dislike long car rides. So I’m not great with long driving vacations. I wish I was better at them. I also, to make it clear, don’t like flying much and don’t do much of that. But when I am forced from these four walls of my house, much prefer to travel by air. There’s so much less thinking required.
    Let the pilot read the road maps.

  7. LINDA now there’s a bucket list item a woman could love.


    And I just got my author’s copies of A Match Made in Texas and it’s got a copyright date of 2014 and I was counting it among the four … as if correct with that copyright date, but here it is in my hands already. So book #1 of the four book year is already out.

  8. A reverse bucket list? What a great idea! Now I can cross off that “become a millionaire before you’re thirty” one that’s been haunting me. 🙂

    And what is that cow doing having a calf in December? Doesn’t she have any respect for your cowboy? What if he had plans? What if you were going to go to Africa or something?

    Oh. Wait. You would never do that, would you?

    Have a great 2014, Mary!

  9. Mary, I pretty much stay at home too. If my friend and I both go somewhere we have to get someone else to feed our animals. I’ve been taking care of his dog for he last week. I sorta have a reverse bucket list too. I’m with you, I used to want to parachute out of a plane but now why get out of a perfectly good plane. I do want to fly somewhere. I’ve never been in a plane and I still want to. Scotland and Ireland and England sound good. I guess I still want to see some things. I’d like to go to Alaska too. Probably will stay home though. I don’t like long car trips either. I too am old and fat and I have MS so that limits me even more. I’m finding out lots of people have handicaps that limit them. I now know I am not alone. I’m looking forward to reading your books. I love them and can’t seem to get enough so I’m glad you’re contracted for more.

  10. Jan way to be ambition. It never occurred to me to put that whole ‘millionaire’ thing on my list.

    I did try and learn to juggle once and I came very very close.

    So that’s sort of the same right? I’d have been a hit at children’s parties.

  11. Connie I thought I was the last person on the planet to get on an airplane!!!
    You’ve never flown?
    Well, trust me, girl. It’s overrated.
    As an experience it’s overrated.
    As a way to get around it’s great.

    You should probably just go somewhere once just to say you did it.
    But wow, air travel is such a hassle. The luggage searches and all that. Yeesh.
    If you do fly somewhere do what I do. Spend the whole time in prayer. Not to keep the plane up…your death grip on the arm rests will do that for you. But to make sure your soul is right with the Lord, assuming the plane with crash and you’ll be meeting your Maker very very soon!

    • I still want to fly. Just to say I did it. I keep missing out on the “Cheap” fares but I’m gong to do it one day. I’m afraid of heights after I fell through my Aunt’s ceiling back when I was 12 so it’s a big deal for me to still want to fly. I did fly in a helicopter a couple of years ago. It was pretty good. I saw my house. still have one or two other things to do but don’t know when I’ll get to do them.

  12. Jan the day after we sold our calves My Cowboy gets a phone call and all I hear is his side of it of course. and HIS SIDE does NOT stand up to the ‘things a man should say out loud in … ahem … in front of ladies…shall we say’ test.

    And he gets off the phone and I’m assuming he’s going to say there’s been a terrible accident, someone we love has been horribly injured, something awful.

    And I say, “What happened?”
    His brother, who is a partner with him in the cattle saw a calf in the field.
    ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s the wild part….they’ve never gotten near it.
    It is healthy and as wild as a deer and it’s just running at it’s mama’s side.
    We usually tag their ears and a few other things when they’re born but no one has come close to touching this little guy. (And I use the term ‘guy’ advisedly because we do NOT know guy or gal)
    So, well, when you can’t catch them, that’s a really good sign they’re healthy at least.
    And so far he/she is no trouble. He’s just running at his mama’s side.
    But of course I want a picture of him but that ain’t happenin’.

  13. Your bucket list sounds like mine. I would just soon stay in all the time. I do like to get out some but not more then once a week. I even love alone time. The older I get the worse I am for this. I just enjoy staying in.

  14. Quilt Lady, I will have you know that I STEPPED OUTSIDE ONTO MY PORCH TODAY!

    I am thinking of putting on shoes and stepping all the way outside onto the cement outside my porch.

    I don’t want to rush into anything of course.

  15. Connie Brown, you should do it.
    Do you have some family you want to see? That’s a good reason to go somewhere.
    Imagine how shocked they’d be if you said, “I’m flying out!”

    • That is very true. They would be shocked. There aren’t really anyone I am anxious to see. My cousins are all over the states and I don’t really have contact with them. I only have one aunt left and she is a 2 1/2 hour car ride away. We aren’t on the best of terms either. I think I would be better off just picking a place I want to go and going. One of these days I will. As far as my bucket list is concerned Alaska is the biggest item. My uncle was stationed there in the Air Force and he said except for the cold it was a lot like Texas. Go figure.

  16. HEY spectacular Reverse Bucket List item for those planning an Amazon river safari.
    70 Injured in Carnivorous Fish Attack
    Here are some details:
    He blamed the attack on palometas, “a type of piranha, big, voracious and with sharp teeth that can really bite.”
    (as opposed to small harmless, dull toothed piranha like they have in say….the Missouri River!)–70-injured-in-carnivorous-fish-attack

  17. It wasn’t really the Amazon River it was a tributary called

    wait for it

    the Parana River

    They kinda had that fish attack coming, am I right?

  18. Since jumping out of a perfectly good plane has never, ever been on my bucket list, I can’t take it off. 🙂 But I think I’ll remove watching Silence of the Lambs. I’m probably the only person in the universe who hasn’t seen it. I keep telling myself, “One day…” But you know what? I really don’t want to watch it. Crossed off. Gone. Big sigh of relief.

    • Lynnette you are not alone. I haven’t seen it no do I want to. I like the old kind of horror movies like Dracula, Wolf man, and Frankenstein (the black and white versions.) Took my cousins to see Friday the 13th, never again. Yeesh, I had nightmares for weeks after. Forget about all the ones that came after. I don’t like all the blood and guts that passes for horror now. I also don’t like the ones that mess with your mind.

  19. Lynnette it’s crazy scary.
    I would totally respect you crossing that off.

    My mom finally watched It’s a Wonderful Life.

    She’s managed to life a full life without it so I’m sure you can go on nicely without Silence of the Lambs!

  20. I’m all for a bucket List in reverse! You know the kind where you do nothing all day but play Candy Crush and vegg on the couch watching classic movies. Ah…one can dream.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mary and family!!!!!

  21. I just finished A Match Made in Texas — loved it, Mary! Another great book from you, even though it’s a novella… still counting it as a book from you! I also downloaded your Montana Marriages trilogy today! So, it’s a “Mary Day” at my house 🙂 That’s a good way to be ending the year I think! I love your reverse bucket list! I only have a couple things on my “real” bucket list..sure wish my girls would WANT to get married but I have no control over that so I just have to be content with my son being married! I hope my hubby & I get to New Zealand some day and I really do want to tandem sky dive….some day!

  22. My bucket list is blissfully short. Because I’m also old, fat, and not motivated to venture out. We shipped the last of the 2013 lambs a couple of weeks ago. I’m ready to hibernate until the 2014 lambs are due. Hopefully NOT until March.

  23. Valri, you really want to jump out of an airplane? Well gulp, GOOD FOR YOU!
    Make sure your soul is right with the Lord, your affairs are in order and tell your children you love them, then GO FOR IT!

  24. Mary,
    I love the Reverse Bucket List idea! I only had one thing left on my list and thanks to dear friends I got to do it this year! I went to Williamsburg, VA and lived and breathed in history for an entire week. Now I’m thinking that if I reverse my list I can do it all over again!

    Thanks for doing all that writing so I can do all that reading…wait! Does that meet the criteria for the Bucket List??
    Happy New Year.

  25. Now see, Rosie, going to great historical places, that interests me.
    I’ve got a few of those, now that you mention it.
    I can’t think of them right now, but I’m sure they’ll come to me if I put in some effort.


  26. Mary, you and I think a lot alike! I love the reverse bucket list idea. Makes me feel a whole lot better about all the things I thought I wanted to do–before I had kids and real life sapped that right out of me. LOL I must say that skydiving was something that just scared the you know what out of me to think of ALWAYS, so I never had any problem crossing that one off. I always love your posts–you gave me a good chuckle.

    Hugs to you!

  27. I like to go to historical places too. I’ve been to a few here in the Houston area and some not so close. We have the San Jacinto battleground and monument close to the Houston Ship Channel, NASA in Clear Lake, and Washington on the Brazos (the Birthplace of Texas) near Brenham. I’ve been to all of these but most were a long time ago. Oh, I forgot, in Huntsville, TX There is the Steamboat house that Sam Houston lived in. A lot of lore about him around the area. I’ve only been out of my state 1 time and that was when I was 5 years old. I don’t remember much except the dinosaurs in the museum in Pittsburgh,PA and the view at night over a hill at the city. I recognized that view on a post card 20 years later.

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