Excerpt Friday – 2 More Great Reads From Wishing For A Cowboy

Welcome to Excerpt Friday!  Each Friday we’ll be featuring excerpts from recent releases by our very own Fillies.  So grab a cup of coffee and read on.  And if you find you’re hooked by what you read (and we know you will be!) just click on the book cover to purchase the entire book.


Last week we featured excerpts from Phyliss and Tanya’s stories in this collection.   Today we’re going to treat you to excerpts from two other Fillies.

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First up we have an excerpt from Her Christmas Wish by Tracy Garrett

From Tracy:

Her Christmas Wish is one of eight novellas in the Christmas Anthology, “Wishing for a Cowboy,” from Prairie Rose Publications. There’s also some bonus content — each story has a recipe in it and those recipes are in the book, too.

Today, I want to share a little bit more of Her Christmas Wish with you.


Will paused just inside the barn to take in the sight of Katie in trousers, hunkered down in front of his horse, her generous curves lovingly cupped by old, thinning cotton. It was a picture he’d carry with him for the rest of his life.

“Did you spot this cut, Will?”

Tucking away his reaction to her, he crossed to sit on his heels beside Katie. “I cleaned it well, hoping it would give her a bit of relief.”

“I’ve some salve and clean rags in that box over there.” Katie eased the hoof to the ground and stood. “I’ll treat it and wrap it if you’d like. She’ll be fine in a few days, I’m sure.”

Will fetched what she needed and sat on his heels to watch her work. He could do it, but he enjoyed looking at Katie. She had a gentle touch. “Where did you learn so much about horses?”

“Mules.” Katie patted the mare and motioned for him to put the horse back in the stall. “The drivers, especially Charlie, were generous with their knowledge once they realized teaching me would save them time.”

“I imagine you were a wonderful pupil.”

Though it was obvious the stall had been mucked and washed down, he automatically checked the straw and water before looping the rope across the opening.

“What’s her name?”

Will stiffened. “Uh…”

“Surely you’ve given your horse a name.”

Stalling for time, he put away the jar of salve. “I, uh, called her Katie. I never thought to see you again,” he hurried on. “And her hide is the color of your hair on a winter evening.” Will ducked his head, waiting for her to chastise him for naming his mount after her. Instead he heard her giggle.

“I suppose our coloring is similar, at that.” Katie laid a hand on his shoulder and rose on her toes to kiss his cheek.

He turned to take her in his arms. “You’re not angry?”

“That you thought of me? That you missed me enough to find a way to keep me close? No, Will, I’m not angry. Confused, but certainly not angry.”

He followed her to the house, enjoying the way her hips swung gently with no skirt and frippery to mar the view. “What has you confused, my Katie?”

She washed up in the bucket of water left on the porch. “There’s hot water near the fire, if you’d like to make use of it. You smell like cow.”

”Wishing For a Cowboy” is available now at your favorite book outlet. To learn more about my books, visit my website, http://www.tracygarrett.com/, or find me on Facebook, TracyGarrett.author.


And now for our second excerpt.  This one is from Outlaw’s Kiss by Cheryl Pierson.

Set up: Talia is remembering what happened a few months ago at the Independence Day picnic, when Jake Morgan brazenly paid $1000 for her boxed lunch at a fundraiser for the town’s new school. Instead of the “peck on the cheek” he was entitled to, along with his lunch, he surprises and embarrasses her by giving her two very thorough kisses in front of the entire town. But she wasn’t scandalized…she only wanted more…


His lips sculpted hers, as the entire town of Rock Creek watched. His mouth kindled the beginning flame that erupted in a bonfire between them, making her stomach quiver, her heart pound. But it was his velvet demon’s tongue that carelessly sent the cinders of her soul skyward, in front of the cat-calling onlookers who’d gathered for the auction.

There was no defense against his casual, merciless onslaught. Talia’s body warmed as involuntarily, her fingers curled in the front of his cotton shirt, pulling him closer.

Damn you, Jake Morgan. Damn you.

His lips curved upward just before he lifted his mouth, allowing her to breathe once more. She could swear the gunfighter read the thoughts that swirled in her head. He licked his lips slowly, as if savoring the way she tasted. The wicked, slow smile spread, lighting his dark eyes with teasing warmth, deadly to what remained of her will.

The breath she took was nearly a gasp, as if she had just been saved from drowning in rushing waters.

“What do you think you’re doing, Mr. Morgan?” Her voice was quiet, with none of the indignation she knew she should be feeling.

“I’m getting my money’s worth.” His large hands framed her face with a gentleness she wouldn’t have thought possible. He leaned toward her. Again.

“No—” Her protest was unconvincing to her own ears.


“You’re going to ruin me—”

Jake laughed softly. “Later, Talia. Much, much later.” Then, his mouth closed over hers once more.


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