Excerpt Friday – 2 Great Reads From Wishing For A Cowboy

Welcome to Excerpt Friday!  Each Friday we’ll be featuring excerpts from recent releases by our very own Fillies.  So grab a cup of coffee and read on.  And if you find you’re hooked by what you read (and we know you will be!) just click on the book cover to purchase the entire book.


This week we’re featuring TWO excerpts from the fabulous collection Wishing For A Cowboy.  This collection is chock full of good reading from our talented Fillies – next week we’ll be featuring excerpts from two more of these stories!

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First up we have an excerpt from Covenant by Tanya Hanson

Nebraska, 1881

Mail order bride Ella Green aches to leave…but it hurts to stay. Her fault, little Charlotte died. Her husband’s  daughter, and the only reason the widower married her one year ago on Christmas Eve.

Although Carsten has never let Ella know he loved her at first sight. And she has never told him she’s promised him her future–and her heart.


Carsten Green set down his blade, peering intent at the hollowed out branch of pear wood. The afternoon light was good enough, and he nodded, satisfied. A springerle rolling pin was being born between his hands. One more square to carve, one more scene—an angel with Charlotte’s face.

He stretched his back against a bale of hay, the barn warm enough despite the gale outside. Fall roundups from ranch to ranch throughout the Sand Hills and east Wyoming had filled his belly and pockets for three months now. Saddle-training horses for folks, too. Hard work swept memories of home clean out of his head during daylight.

But come nightfall, everything crashed back. The grief, the guilt. The love.


Running away was a child’s ploy, he knew, and time had come to go back. To beg her forgiveness, if she was still there. To find her, if she wasn’t.

His back ached, and so did his head. He deserved his pain. The trek from NebraskaCity had been cold and long, but the rancher’s coffee was hot and strong. The last fourteen miles to Starlight would be no trouble at all. Come hell or high water… or both. And tonight, he’d finish his wife’s Christmas gift.

Hell, her anniversary gift, too.

Had she gotten his letters? The money he’d sent? His heart tumbled funny. This time writing letters hadn’t come easy like their courtship. Not with him on the move from spread to spread, eating guilt every time he opened his mouth. He’d checked every general delivery he could, every rural free delivery.

No replies.


And now for our second excerpt.  This one is from A Christmas Miracle by Phyliss Miranda

Mattie Jo Ashley has lost too many people she loves. First, her outlaw father then her mother. She is determined not to lose her baby sister to a mysterious disease.  

Because she feels shamed by the problems her father forced upon the townspeople of Carroll Creek, Texas, and now suffers their disdain, Mattie Jo cannot turn to her community for help. She has no choice but to seek aid from the shy, but skilled local doctor, Grant Spencer.

When Mattie Jo unleashes havoc in the community and takes Grant to the brink of testing his courage and fortitude as both a doctor and a man, all discover the true Christmas spirit and the power of genuine love and acceptance.


Christmas 1889
Texas Panhandle

Children should not suffer for the sins of their fathers, Mattie Jo Ashley thought, as she put two mugs of beer on the table for a couple of regulars of the Longhorn Saloon.

The House Rules were posted on each wall. Although the watering hole was one of only two in the temperance colony known as Carroll Creek, Texas, its owner Lucas Jones, wanted to make sure everyone understood the rules. He wouldn’t stand for a rowdy crowd that might run away his patrons who never missed three opportunities.  A good tent meeting. A good church sermon. And, a good drink with a quiet game of cards.

Mattie Jo looked up at the rules posted prominently at eye level.

Rule 1:  Check your weapons at the door.

Rule 2:  No cussing allowed.

Rule 3:  Rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.

Rule 4:  No touching my ladies.

Rule 5:  Only women are allowed upstairs.

The swinging doors flew open and her friend and fellow saloon girl Violet rushed in. Not bothering to acknowledge anyone around, she literally screamed, “Mattie Jo!” She rushed on without taking a breath. “The baby’s taken a turn for the worse.”

Blood ran like cold well water through Mattie Jo’s veins. “Slow down, Violet, and tell me what is going on with her.” Her heart beat out of control. She couldn’t lose another family member.

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7 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – 2 Great Reads From Wishing For A Cowboy”

  1. BIG congrats, Tanya and Phyliss!! This is such a great book. Christmas stories always seem special to me. Each of these stories tug at your heart and evoke memories of all the things you like best about the holiday. This would make an excellent gift for someone.

    Looking forward to your next anthology HEARTS AND SPURS that comes out in January!! Woo-Hoo! I’ll be in that one.

  2. Thanks, Linda, Busy Mama, Anon1001 for dropping by and reading excerpts from Tanya’s and my stories in “Wishing for a Cowboy”. Most people don’t know but I used fellow Filly Linda Broday’s granddaughter’s names in my story. It fit so nicely; however, sometimes they were hard to keep up with. It was an extremely enjoyable story to write. Now if I can keep my head in my computer and get “Hearts and Spurs” finished. I like my story, but some come harder than others.

    Tanya, you probably don’t know this but I’m out in your neck of the woods in California. Came back with my oldest daughter and family at Thanksgiving and will be staying until the 26th when we head back to Texas. I’m working on the valentine’s anthology, plus my husband called and said my galley for the first book in the Kasota Spring romance series arrive and he’s overnighting it to me! Sounds like I’ll be in the office my wonderful son-in-law set up for me throughout the holidays when everyone from Texas are coming here.

    Again, thanks to all of you gals for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy Holidays to all, Hugs, Phyliss

  3. I love anthologies. The excerpts here sound like good stories. I look forward to seeing next week’s.
    Enjoy your stay in California, Phyliss.

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