Celebrate Babies and More Babies with Charlene Sands!!

Secret Heir


It’s true. I admit it. I love to write about babies!  Often they are the most fun you’ll find in a story. From high chair messes, diaper changes and special bonding  toys to charming the hero’s socks off, my baby books are usually highly emotional reads.

Today, I’m simply going to CELEBRATE the release of THE SECRET HEIR OF SUNSET RANCH.  Right now it’s a Hot New Release on Amazon and discounted for Kindle at $2.99!

Here’s a little bit about the story:

A war hero returns to a secret baby surprise in this Slades of Sunset Ranch novel by USA Today bestselling author Charlene Sands

Back from his tour of duty, wealthy Nevada rancher Justin Slade gets the shock of his life. The woman who shared this bed eighteen months ago is in his hometown with a son in tow who looks just like Justin.

Katherine Grady is hiding a dark past, but when she realizes Justin seduced her under false pretenses, she’s livid…even if she still finds him as irresistible as ever. Will their secrets keep them apart or will her hero fight for what’s his?


The Slades of Sunset Ranch


Review from Debby at  Cataromance: The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch was an intriguing read. Kat and Justin were both realistically portrayed with the same flaws and issues many of us have. The plot was well played and kept your interest, while the chemistry between Kat and Justin was explosive. A master storyteller, Charlene Sands comes through with another captivating tale, The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch, a story guaranteed to touch your heart and tug at your emotions.

From Samantha at Goodreads: … Emphasis on the STEAMY. Sands has created a quick weekend read for all those girls who want a romance with a bit more of a kick! I’m talking cowboy boots, knee trembling romance here.   Add the fact that the main character welcomes his child and immediately wants to be there for him, and you’ve got the ultimate romance.

From  Debra on Amazon:  AMAZINGLY GOOD BOOK!  This was a great book. Let’s just say it kept me up late at night because I couldn’t put it down. The storyline and characters were totally believable. Tugged at your heart strings and left you wanting more.

And to celebrate my new release of THE SECRET HEIR OF SUNSET RANCH I’m giving away two of my previous baby books!  (If you already have these books, I’ll replace with other backlist books…not to worry)   Simply tell me if you like to read about babies or not.  What do you or don’t you like in a story where there’s a baby?  

Here’s what you can win:










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27 thoughts on “Celebrate Babies and More Babies with Charlene Sands!!”

  1. I love babies and books that include babies. Babies are just so perfect. They haven’t learned to be prejudiced. They love unconditionally. Their smile can just make me feel that all is right with world.

    Looking forward to reading The Secret Heir.

  2. Love babies in a story. They add a complication that can’t be ignored. Depending on the circumstances, it will bring a couple together or drive them apart. Put a child, especially a baby, in danger, and the hero will show just what he is worth.
    Thanks for the many enjoyable books over the years.

  3. I don’t think I’ve had a baby in one of my books lately. I need to change that. I love babies in books! Well, wait. There were babies in the Kincaid Brides series. So okay, forget it. I’m good. 🙂 Sounds like a great book Charlene, LOVE the cover!

  4. Hello Charlene. Yes, I do love babies. It adds a bit off pleasure to any book. I just like to see how they fit into a story and how they also bring more love to the story also. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks! MAXIE

  5. Congratulations on your new release. I plan to start reading it today. I’m not a mother, so I can’t relate to a lot of the baby stuff. But, I would never not read a book because there is a baby in it. I think if the story is written well, the baby is an added bonus to a story. I especially like the secret baby stories because of the emotion shown when the man finds out the child is his.

  6. Oh I love the cover! This sounds like a great story. I do like babies in romances – it seems to break the ice and cause some laughs.

  7. Hi Charlene, your books should come with a warning. You can’t read one without longing for a baby and at my age…I won’t go into that. Love the cover of your new book. Congratulations!

  8. I like babies in stories. They do seem to be a good point of contention or interest in a story line.

    How are your grandchildren?

  9. I would love to be a winner of any book you write. Your talent abounds in your writing. Babies are a true blessing and I love and cherish every part of them. My three grands give me more pleasure than I can put into words.

  10. I like to read all kinds of books even if they have babies, bears or dogs in them. However, they must be considered as a secondary character and contribute to the story line.

  11. Hi Joye – Bears? I think I’ve written one book with a bear in it. It was a western and my heroine was shocked to find a bear on her property. I’ve seen so many bear sightings on the news lately too. They scare me…because they are so cute, but oh so deadly.

  12. Hi Melanie – Thanks for your sweet words. I agree, my little munchkins are the best form of entertainment and joy for us. We just watch them, play with them and love them to pieces.

  13. Hi Laurie G – My little ones are doing great. They are 7 months apart and each month that gap gets closer and closer. It’s fun to see them “talk” to each other. Both are using one/two word sentences. We giggle at them. Too cute.

  14. Hi Margaret – Oh, that’s so sweet…I thought you’d say readers need a warning because my books are so steamy…but I love the baby yearning warning!! You are too funny, my friend!

  15. Hi Maxie, Janine and Susan P- thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I hope you enjoy the story.

    Hi Minna – thanks for your honesty. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, I want a really good romance JUST between the hero/heroine.

  16. Hi Pat B and Connie J – Glad you enjoy babies in stories. I think it’s a good point that babies add complications and I love the plot twists in this story. It’s a little different. That’s my goal. Even though one reviewer had a hard time with Justin’s lies, I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done a million times before. 🙂

  17. Hi Mary – so glad you like the cover. I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s grown on me. You know, it wasn’t my vision exactly, but I fought to keep the baby on the cover…and won. Now I’m happy with it. I find babies are fun to write…all those hero moments with the child are priceless.

  18. I am a sucker for books with babies and animals in them… they just seem to add so much more to a story. Congrats on the book! 🙂

  19. I love to read about babies.. especially if they involve a handsome strong cowboy.. There is something about a cowboy with a baby in his arms that just makes me melt.

  20. Howdy, Charlene, congratulations on the new release and the terrific reviews! Not a bit surprised…you are a terrific story teller and those real good men you create, hubba hubba. You’ve long been my mentor and inspiration, long may you write! Love and hugs…

  21. Would love to read either of these books. Babies always add a soft element to the story, especially when the tough, gruff man shows a sweet side with the little one.

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