Filly New Release Update – November 2013


Listed below are the upcoming releases from our talented writers here at Wildflower Junction.  To purchase any of these fine books, just click on the book covers.  And to learn more about the authors, click on their names. And look for fun excerpts from these fine books on upcoming Fridays!


By Anya Novikov (Tanya Hanson)

God will give you blood to drink. . . An ordinary teenager finds out what witch-hunting is all about—in her own everyday world.

When Deliverance “Delli” Willis, an ordinary, almost-sixteen-year-old, finds herself dreaming wild dreams, she’s amazed when some of the stuff appears during her classroom unit on the Salem Witch Trials: When a dream girl of 1692, who shares Deliverance’s name, finds herself entranced by a mysterious man in the woods, Delli finds a new neighbor walking through her family avocado grove.

Eager to share the handsome newcomer with her circle of friends, she doesn’t realize the danger of someone unique entering the closed loop. Fingers point, jealousies surge, lies are cast, sides taken—and people are out for blood. It’s a modern-day witch-hunt that collides with 1692 in ways Delli never dreamed.

It will take lessons from her dreamscape and a stand against bullies to tighten Delli’s faith in our omnipresent God.


By Renee Ryan

Reclaiming the Runaway Bride 

Seven years and two broken engagements haven’t erased Garrett Mitchell from Molly Scott’s mind. Her employer insists Molly and Garrett belong together. To appease the well-meaning matchmaker, the pair agrees to a pretend courtship. But too late, Molly finds herself falling for a man who might never trust her.

Garrett is a prominent Denver attorney now, not the naive seventeen-year-old who always felt second-best. Surely the string of suitors Molly’s left behind only proves her fickleness. Does Garrett dare believe that she has only ever been waiting for him? The third engagement could be the charm, for his first—and only—love.

Charity House: Offering an oasis of hope, faith and love on the rugged Colorado frontier


By Charlene Sands

A war hero returns to a secret baby surprise in this Slades of Sunset Ranch novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Charlene Sands

Back from his tour of duty, wealthy Nevada rancher Justin Slade gets the shock of his life. The woman who shared his bed eighteen months ago is in his hometown with a son in tow…who looks just like Justin!

Katherine Grady is hiding a dark past, but when she realizes Justin seduced her under false pretenses, she’s livid…even if she still finds him as irresistible as ever. Will their secrets keep them apart, or will her hero fight for what’s his?




And we also have Fillies with stories in the following collection

Wishing for a Cowboy SmWISHING FOR A COWBOY
Multi-author Anthology

Cowboys, kisses and love in the holiday air make for a special recipe in each of these wonderful new stories. Christmas miracles can happen when you’re WISHING FOR A COWBOY!

From author Tracy Garrett
Her Christmas Wish

Her only wish for Christmas was the man who left her behind.

From author Tanya Hanson

Can a Christmas blizzard ignite love gone cold?

From author  Phyliss Miranda
A Christmas Miracle

Acceptance comes not through frosty eyes, but from the warmth of loving hearts.

From author Cheryl Pierson
Outlaw’s Kiss

A long-ago schooldays crush is rekindled by an Outlaw’s Kiss  that sparks true love, and a new future for Jake Morgan and Talia Delano.

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  1. A lot of good book choices.Getting geared up for some winter reading so I have some new books to add to my collection.

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