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From author Phyliss Miranda – THE TYCOON AND THE TEXAN



TheTycoonAndTheTexaneBookSeven Days to Texas . . .

What in the blue blazes does a millionaire playboy do with an independent, spirited Texan when he wins her at a charity auction?

Come along on Nicodemus Dartmouth’s and McCall Johnson’s journey as they travel from LA up the California coast to Santa Barbara and through the Santa Ynez Valley before they end up at McCall’s family ranch in Texas, where Nick finds one surprise after another. From riding wild broncs to the local honky tonk, dancing to The Cotton Eyed Joe, Nick and McCall learn one thing about one another … they were more alike than either of them believed.

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Excerpt from Chapter One


“Nicodemus, you are being rude. And, for your information, we are serving pâte á chou and caviar,” Madeline said.

Not wavering, Nick continued, “I warned you from the start that even for charity the whole damn idea of auctioning off bachelorettes for dates was asinine. This proves it –”

“It proves nothing except you are the one who is being, as you so delicately called it–asinine.” Madeline punctuated each word with her best boarding school English.

“Why doesn’t everyone settle down?” Josie’s words pierced the air. “Mrs. Dartmouth. Nicodemus. Both of you, listen to me. We’re not getting anywhere.”

Silence engulfed the room. Only a low hum could be detected from the air conditioning duct. It seemed almost as if Josie had blown a whistle and sent the quarrelsome, twosome scurrying to the penalty box for time out.

“Then by damn –“ Nick’s deep-timbre voice was that of a man determined to remain in control.

“Nicodemus!” Madeline warned.

“Josie’s right. We’ve got bigger problems than those jerkass flowers. In less than eight hours the benefit begins, and we’re short one woman.”

“We can auction off only nineteen –” Josie spoke up.

“No!” In unison, Nick and Madeline responded.

This time Nick took charge. “We advertised twenty women, and by damn–sorry Mother, by damn, crap–I meant, oh hell, we’re going to have twenty. Not nineteen, not eighteen, but twenty. One. Two. Three.” Nick spoke with depth and authority that impacted the room in the same manner as his six-foot three-inch fram

“We can count,” his mother retorted.

“Just make sure that we have twenty women on that catwalk by eight o’clock. We’re in LA, and the last time I checked, this town’s overrun with beautiful women. So I don’t give a damn where you get her. Just make it happen,” Nick stormed.

“Why don’t you call that gold-digger, Lauren, dear? If you can find her, I am sure she would be more than willing to come to your aid,” his mother said in a crisp emphatic tone.

“If I recall, you made certain that she’d never speak to me again, much less do me or you a favor,” Nick’s voice cracked like a bullwhip.

He grabbed a bottle of Penta from an ice bucket. “Is anyone else thirsty?” He addressed the room, but only looked at McCall.


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10 thoughts on “Excerpt Friday – The Tycoon And The Texan”

  1. Sounds like a cute idea. I like auction dates that have a spark of chemical attraction! I definitely want to read McCall and Nick’s love story!

  2. Phyliss, big Congrats on the release!! I loved this story. Nick was to die for and McCall certainly held her own with him. Great love story that unfolded like the opening petals of a rose.

    Wishing you all the best!!

  3. Good afternoon everybody, I apologize for not answering your emails, but I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and it ate up my day. Not my favorite kind either!

    Thanks for stopping by and everyone is in on the drawing, whether I respond to your individual comment or not. I truly appreciate each of you for taking the time to comment.

    I’m thrilled to let you know the book released as a print book the same week as the eBook, but I didn’t know it for a few days. Kensington had that option, I just didn’t realize they’d do both so close together. So, if you prefer a print book to an eBook they are available for purchase through Amazon and BN.com.

    I wrote this book a lot of years ago and it’s definitely a contemporary boy meets girls romance, which was so different from my western historical romances. My H/H end up in Texas at her grandmother’s ranch and that’s when the sparks fly. It was a lot of run to write. Again, thanks for dropping by. Hugs, Phyliss

  4. I like it. This is quite a change of pace for you. We all need to try something different every once in a while. The truth is, if you can write well in one genre, you can write well in another if you want to.

    I hope THE TYCOON AND THE TEXAN is doing well.

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