Paisley Kirkpatrick Visits the Junction


ForeverAfterCoverArtMiss Paisley Kirkpatrick will arrive in the Junction on Saturday, October 26th.

This dear lady is near to bursting with the suspicion that her great great grandmother is sending her inspiration and guidance from the great beyond. You’ll get to hear her reasons for thinking so.

That grandmother assisted Miss Paisley in the writing of FOREVER AFTER.

Miss Paisley is giving away an e-version of the book to someone.

Rise and shine on Saturday and follow the trail to the Junction.

We’ll talk about you if you don’t come!

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3 thoughts on “Paisley Kirkpatrick Visits the Junction”

  1. I love stories when a relative “from beyond” guides & suggests a story line. I know I’m late, but would still like to win! Sounds like a great story! 🙂

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