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To celebrate a new book that will be coming out in May of next year, I thought I’d start right off by offering a free e-book to some lucky blogger.

Okay, so that out of the way, let me introduce you to a concept called grounding.  In order to do that, I’d like to take you on a journey about this subject that I became aware of long, long ago.  However this subject has only recently come to light as a natural remedy for relief — disclaimer — I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice.  I am simply passing along information that was once known about quite broadly.  In the olden days of Native America, the medicine man had this remedy at his beck and call.

AngelAndTheWarrior-The-CoverBy the way, this is the new cover of the book being released next May by Samhain Publishing.  THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR.  Isn’t it a honey?  By the way, that thing at his elbow (you can’t see it well here) is a fringed bag that he’s carrying.

But back to my story. 

It was in the late 80’s, early 90’s when I was visiting many of the American Indian tribal centers in Vermont (I used to live in Vermont).  It was here that I was brought to an understanding about grounding as a way to release tension and stress.  At the time, I had brought a friend of mine with me, and when she heard the people talking about taking off ones shoes and walking on the grass as a way to relieve stress and tension, she became angry, said something along the line of “I can’t believe I’m listening to this,” and walked out.

I, however, was intrigued, and never forgot what I’d learned that night.  Take off your shoes and walk on the grass.  Feel the earth and nature beneath your feet.  Still later, in the early to mid 90’s, I went to many, many pow-wow’s, where I inevitably wore moccains — leather — a shoe that keeps you connected to the earth.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I always felt regenerated after those pow-wow’s.  There is (and I felt it) something about being close to nature that really does relieve one’s stress.

a0000c7f1-150x150[1]Okay, so what is grounding?   Grounding is simply taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the ground.  Simple.  Something that — like my friend — many people might poo-poo.  And yet it has factual grounding — pun not intended.  Apparently, it has been rediscovered (although it was well known in Native America) that when one walks barefoot on the ground, the earth sends free electrons into your body — electrons that are part of the earth itself.  When these electrons run through your body, it spreads to tissues in the body and creates some very good effects.

There is a site that you can go to if you’re interested in reading more about it — although I’ve been told that you have to subscribe to the site (it’s free) in order to view this link.  But let me post the link anyway: 

 thCATNPP86There are some things to know — rubber or plastic soled shoes will not ground you to the earth.  Leather shoes, however, do.  You can walk on grass, soil, earth, sand — and according to the above article, also on concrete and ceramic tile.  One of the things that the article goes into — and one of the things my husband said to me also — is that walking on the earth barefoot (or with leather shoes) allows the body to get rid of the excess charge in your body — and in this modern day when every store has enormous electronic equipment scanning you from head to foot as you enter and even walk around a store — not to mention al the wireless equipment in our homes and offices — this grounding is a very good thing. 

Some of this information comes from Dr. Mercola and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and is information that you can see for yourself at the site listed above.

Once again, I am struck by the debt that we owe to those in our families who are older and who have much information to pass along.  In this day and age of worship of youth, may we never forget that it is Grandpa and Grandma who may still have much to pass along to us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today.  Come on in and leave a comment.

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38 thoughts on “Grounding & The American Indian”

  1. Great post! It was interesting learning what grounding was. I love going outside with no shoes on. I have also been told gardening is another way of relieving stress because you are working with the dirt. My mom always told me there was something in the dirt that was good for me and that it would relax me.

  2. Interesting topic. I can see how this is a good possibility. Most people have experienced the relaxing effects of walking barefoot through the grass or along the beach in the sand. Whether it is the discharging of the body or the absorption of free electrons, it is a connection with nature and Mother Earth that restores peace and contentment for us. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Becky, I should have read your comment before writing mine. I hadn’t thought of gardening, but I enjoy working in the garden and weeding. Even though it is work, I always feel both relaxed and energized when I finish.

  4. Karen, I love your post.! The feel of the earth under your feet has such a calming sensation. Going barefoot is not just for kids!

  5. Great post, Kay! I never knew there was a word for it, but there has always been an energy and freedom in walking bare foot in the grass or even as you said cement.

    And the cover for your release is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to snag a copy.

  6. Hi, Karen – enjoyed your post!

    I have been following Dr. Mercola’s website for several years, & just recently read the article on grounding. I have found that he is a “man before his time”, as he frequently writes on things that aren’t recognized by the general public, for sometimes, several years after he does. This can be valuable info – when dealing with things either helpful, or harmful, to one’s health.

    The book cover is beautiful, Karen! I always enjoy your posts, & would love to read your book! Thanks for the opportunity to win the e-book!


  7. I loved learning about grounding and thank you for sharing!My kiddos and I love being barefooted. It is a wonderful feeling! There is so much wisdom to be learned from those who lived before us.

    Love the new book cover and look forward to its release!

  8. Oooh that is interesting. Makes sense to me now why I love to be barefoot in the grass! THe new cover is beautiful. 🙂

  9. Karen, what an interesting blog. Something else I didn’t know. I have a pair of moccasins and always feel so free and energized when I wear them. But I didn’t know why. You’ve explained that reason very well. I think I’ll dig them out and put them on. I need some grounding.

  10. Karen, FASCINATING blog. I grew up on a Florida beach and always, always felt better about, well, everything, when I took time to walk on the beach barefoot. Who knew I was getting free electrons? SCORE! P.S. gorgeous new cover.

  11. Great post. I like being close to the earth. I was not allowed to walk barefoot in the grass as a kid. Now I can’t because of diabetes. I do prefer the feel of the ground. This is something I had wondered about because I get so much static electricity and with the electronics we have today I feel like I’m charged and not in a good way. I will try grounding as I do have some leather shoes I can use. Thanks for the post.

  12. Very very interesting… I love to go around barefoot at home… Love the book’s cover… beautifully done! Another great post Karen… thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Kay, It’s good to be back on line. Great blog, today. I had heard about ‘grounding’ before, but over the years I have forgotten about it. Thank you for the reminder. I can’t go barefoot any more because of my Diabetes, but in my youth I went all the time. I do feel grounded in the mountains, though. Just to sit in a meadow and lean against a large rock and meditate.
    Thanks for the few minutes, here, to ground.

  14. Hi Bonnie!

    Yes, I agree with you on most things that Mercola goes over — I don’t agree with him on some fairly important things and so I always study up on his own posts to see if I really agree or not. 🙂 And thanks for your compliments!

  15. Hi Connie!

    I must admit that I am bothered by all the electronics I’m surrounded with. Sometimes more than others. There are stores that I avoid because for me their electronics are just way too high — and they seem to follow you around the store, too.

    So grounding is a good thing for me, too.

  16. Hi Mary J!

    Yes, it is interesting how these things can make one calmer — I’ve noticed it time and again. Am glad that you can find a way to be “grounded” without having to walk barefoot.

  17. karen, I really enjoyed this article. I do believe that this could work. I think we could learned much from the Indians if we had been friendly instead of pushing them off the grounds that they had first. After all, who did find things from natural weeds, flowers, and other plants for food and curing medicines. They also taught the Pilgrims much such as about corn and other things for which this group was thankful and helped them have the first Thankgiving meal. As you know I don’t do ebooks but wanted to comment. Thanks.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot0com

  18. Thank you so much for this post! I loved it!!! I truly believe about getting rid of your stress like that. I try as often as possible to not wear shoes unless I have to go somewhere. it makes me feel calm and cooler. I will always remember your post and use for the next time Im feeling stressed! 🙂

  19. This is so interesting and I intend to try it. Although with temperatures sinking to freezing these days, I probably will not try it soon. I wonder if the same thing occurs if you work the dirt with your hands. I always say that working in my garden or “playing in the dirt” takes the stress away for me.

    Would love to read your book. Thank you!

  20. Oh, Maxie, I so agree. We did learn much from the American Indians — but even they fell beneath the lies and treachery of the well-organized corporation/merchant. I think there was a reason why, when the Constitution was first written, corporations had to prove their worth each year in order to have their license renewed. That was wise. Wish it were still that way — if it were, we probably wouldn’t be in the pickle we’re in right now. As you know, I have hard copy books to give away also.

  21. Hi Cori!

    Wow! Thank you so much for your post. I, too, tend to go barefoot in the house — and recently — on my husband’s recommendation I’ve been going barefoot outside, too. : )

  22. Hi Kathy!

    Because I haven’t really listened to the documentary, I don’t really know, but I would still believe that working in the garden with ones hands would do much the same thing. I, too, feel this way when I work with the garden. I think another thing about gardening that helps is that one is constantly trying to get something to live — putting attention onto life.

    It’s said that one gets what one puts attention on — positive or negative — if that’s the case, putting attention onto life would be a wonderful thing.

  23. Love reading your blogs, I always learn so much.

    I have always loved walking in the grass barefoot. I hate shoes but love wearing moccains.

  24. My Cowboy Husband runs electric fence to keep his cattle in and he talks about ground wires and his fence being grounded.
    I think ‘grounding’ the way you’re talking about it isn’t far fetched at all.
    In fact the more I think about it the more it seems really logical. Even reasonable.

    I like it.
    If it wasn’t 40 degrees and 9 pm and raining outside I might go for a barefoot walk right now. I could do with a little stress relief.

  25. Hi Mary!

    I love your insights. This summer I went barefoot quite a bit because I’m watching my granddaughter. And I noticed that it did help.

    I am very sensitive to all the wireless and electonic things in the air nowadays — and I really do think that going barefoot helps with this.

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