Fascinating Historical Sites by Maggie Brendan

Maggie Brendan PubMy latest book, Perfectly Matched, takes place in historic Denver, 1888. I lived in the suburbs of Denver and grew to love the city and Colorado for over seven years. When possible, I enjoy visiting the places I write about, and although I used to live there, we went again to visit for my story. I’ve had the privilege to have visited all these wonderful historic sites.

My hero and heroine, Anna and Edward, are married in the beautiful United Methodist Church in Denver where it still stands today. It’s a magnificent structure of sandstone and stained glass. At the time, it was the tallest stone tower in the US in 1888. The reverend at the time Henry Buchtel later became Colorado’s seventh governor. I love discovering small tidbits like this to use in my stories.

Trinity United Methodist Church


After the marriage of my heroine, Anna, a mail-order bride, I wanted her to have a unique calling from what is typical of a mail-order bride. So amid the conflict of two totally opposite people, a desire to care for abandoned animals begins to fill Anna’s heart. She learns about the ASCPA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the desire to care for animals is born, much to the chagrin of her obsessive compulsive husband, who can only tolerate complete order.

As the hero begins to fall in love with his mail-order bride, he takes her shopping for pretty dresses and for tea at the famous tea room at The Denver, which was built in 1879. Later, it was called May D&F until its doors closed in 1986. I shopped there years ago before it was turned into apartments in 1994.

The Denver

 THE DENVERThe Denver's Tea Room


Elitch Gardens was another historic place in Denver’s history that was being built during the time of my story. Elitch Gardens was a famous family theme park. Mary Elitch’s support for Anna’s cause was a surprise, and Mary treats them to her restaurant.


Elitch Gardens


Through many disagreements, chaos, and some light-hearted moments, the story culminates at the place where Edward first laid eyes on his bride to be—the beautiful historic Union Station. This is another wonderful historic rail station that I’ve visited several times when I lived there. It is still in operation today and is just as beautiful. If you get a chance to visit Denver, you can discover its rich history and enjoy the Mile High City.

Union Station


Do you have a favorite historic building? Post me a comment for a chance to win a print copy of Perfectly Matched!!


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36 thoughts on “Fascinating Historical Sites by Maggie Brendan”

  1. Enjoyed your post/ Have relatives in Denver area. Colorado is beautiful country. I haven’t been able to visit yet, but want to visit the wonderful Shirley Plantation in N. Carolina. Just celebrated 400 years. Oldest working Plantation. Keep hoping I might get to go. That church is great. There are several Historic bldgs. in Cheyenne, WY.I would love to win this book of yours.
    MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  2. Hi, Maggie!

    Enjoyed your interesting post! I love Colorado – the scenery is beautiful! I have been there a couple of times, but haven’t seen any of the buildings you mentioned.

    Some of my favorite historical buildings are those of the Shaker Settlement near Danville, Ky.. I have been there numerous times to tour the buildings, as well as attend other events there, ride the riverboat, eat in the dining hall, sample Shaker style foods, watch the foods, & crafts being made, participate in re-enactments of Shaker holiday celebrations, & sleep in the inn with a room of Shaker furnishings.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!


  3. In Kentucky there are several historical homes that my mom and I have visited (when she comes to visit). The names of the homes are: The Henry Clay Estate, White Hall and Waveland. So much fun and interesting things to learn about.
    Thank you for sharing your city and pictures!

  4. Oh I loved this. I love really old barns and old houses. We have a bunch of those in old cities here and I love to vision what they look like inside!

  5. Some of the prettiest buildings I have seen are courthouses. One of the oldest towns in Texas, Clarksville, has a beautiful courthouse. They are so stately and if their walls could talk, Oh My!

  6. Susan, Pauline and Melanie-thank you for posting your favorite places to visit. I used to paint old barns before I got my contracts. Now, there’s no time for that. And I agree, old courthouse are so interesting and so are old post offices.

  7. Bonnie, I so agree with you. I love CO and living there was one of my greatest experiences. I continually draws me back and I’m a Southern gal. 🙂 The Rocky Mts. are incredible!

  8. Loved the blog post, Maggie. My favorite has to be the Empire State Building, but I also love our old courthouse in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, the “big” city (15,000 people) closest to where I live, and one of the oldest cities in the USA.

  9. Sue, I’ve been to the Empire State Building. It’s awesome and the view of NY City can’t be beat. I’ll never forget it. We went and night and I’m glad we did. I couldn’t believe all the lights across the city!

  10. The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA would be my favorite. When I first went there (as a young girl) I thought WOW…..amazing.
    Would love to read your book!

  11. Jackie, We love the Fox! Since we live in suburbs of ATL, we’ve been many times. Matter of fact if you go to my blog you will see pictures of my granddaughter, Maggie performing with the Fox Theatre. It’s a very beautiful structure.

  12. Welcome, Maggie, to the Junction! I love your setting. Denver was quite the metropolitan city by 1888. What a great story premise, too. Will definitely put this one on my buy list!

  13. Our family loves visiting the Alamo in San Antonio. My husband had two ancestors who died in the fight there. Also, we enjoyed visiting Howland House at Plymouth, MA. My husband is related to John Howland who came over on the Mayflower.

  14. Wow, Laurie! The Mayflower-I love hearing someone’s history. I’ve visited the Alamo too and for me it’s so intriguing to walk on soil where men bravely fought. Loved the Alamo and some of the Missions in nearby towns where we drove, and know that they’ve been there for so many years!

  15. Have travelled to Washington DC and loved the Smithsonian!! Your photo of The Denver and its Tea Room reminds me of the Indianapolis L.S.Ayres and it’s Tea Room!

  16. I love Colorado and spend time in Denver when we visit our daughter who lives near there but there never has been time to visit the historic buildings. Perhaps next trip. We did visit the highest post office in the US this last trip. At least it was when it was open. On the Continental Divide on the Boreas Pass it stands with the train depot that is there. Was a beautiful area and I hope to go back in the summer when we can visit the inside.
    I also love the missions in Texas, The Alamo was very interesting but visiting the others to me were fascinating.

  17. i grew up in Colorado and have visited all of the places you featured. I remember my Grandmother taking us to the Brown Palace famous hotel just to walk into the lobby and marvel at how plush it was.
    I can remember when the major intersections in downtown Denver were really cool. All the cars stopped and when the light turned green for the pedestrians you could walk anyway to any corner. You could walk obliquely, straight or triangular depending where you wanted to go. It was what my Grandmother called a “scrambled egg” walk. Oh and of course, we wore gloves to go shopping!
    I live now in Arizona and there are a lot of old buildings in downtown Phoenix that have been saved and converted into other venues.

  18. Connie I’ve been to the Continental Divide more than once, but can’t recall the post office that you speak of. It is a spectacular spot!

    CateS-I’ve never been to the Smithsonian, but I would like to.

    Britney, I’ve been to Franklin Roosevelt’s summer home her in GA and to Philadelphia where the historic Constitution was drawn up and saw the Liberty Bell. I was fascinated!

  19. Joye, I’ve been to the Brown Palace and it has a rich history, and you’re right, crossing the street in CO is different but I liked being able to walk any direction. Denver is one of my very favorite towns to visit. 🙂

  20. I like to learn about the history of historic hotels that are still open today. Someday, I would love to visit The Willard Hotel in Washington, DC. From what I’ve read about the hotel its been around for more than 150 years and Lincoln and his family lived in the hotel for sometime as well as many presidents often visiting the hotel. It has so much history.

  21. I love the our Wyoming State Capitol building here in Cheyenne WY. It is so beautiful and has such a rich history. The cornerstone of the building was laid May 18,1887. While standing in the rotunda looking above towards the dome of the the capitol building you will see breathtaking stain glass that was imported from England. The dome was originally copper but it was covered with gold leaf in 1900 because it tarnished so badly.
    I love the cover of your book and look forward to reading it.

  22. Maggie, Thank you for the interesting information on some of Denver. We lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years back in the early 1980’s and made frequent trips to Denver. Unfortunately, except for Elitch Gardens, I wasn’t aware of these places. Our children were young, one was born there, so our visits sere more child oriented. We were back this past summer, but I was attending a conference and my grandson and husband did the site seeing and they just hit a few of the highlights of the area. We’ll have to make another trip back that way.

    It is hard to decide which historic building is a favorite. We have seen so many gorgeous churches, Old Faithful Lodge, the lodges in Glacier, several old train stations, historic homes. When we travel, historic buildings are a main focus and we are always finding another one that is unique and memorable. The exciting part is there will always be more to discover.

    Best wishes for a successful release of PERFECTLY MATCHED. Mail order brides are one of my favorite story lines. I look forward to reading it.

  23. The Old Barracks in Trenton NJ. I remember going there as a little girl and it was the first time that history became alive for me and not just something I read about in a book. As an adult I love the Alamo.

  24. IN Gaylord, Michigan is a state park called Hartwick Pines. Not only is the park a monument to the logging industry, but set deep in the woods on a hill is a tiny log church, simply called the “Chapel in the Woods”. Last time I was there it had a stained class cross window that held you in awe. A peaceful serenity flows in this chapel. I never miss an opportunity to visit when I can.

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