Excerpt Friday – Fired Up

Welcome to Excerpt Friday!  Each Friday we’ll be featuring excerpts from new releases by our very own Fillies.  So grab a cup of coffee and read on.  And if you find you’re hooked by what you read (and we know you will be!) just click on the book cover to purchase the entire book.


From Mary Connealy we have  FIRED UP

FiredUp - CoverA sharp crack drew her attention forward and she realized the buckboard was almost through that passage. She and Dare had just entered it.

The crack though, what had caused…?

“Ride!” Dare slapped her horse on the rump. “Avalanche!”

Her horse leapt forward as a rock struck the ground behind her. A low rumble pulled her eyes up to the bluff on the left side of the trail. Rocks were pouring down, rolling, crashing into others. Knocking them loose. Bouncing off the far side of the canyon walls, starting an avalanche on that side, too.

Her horse made a wild surge forward, changing from walking to a gallop in a single step. Glynna lost her grip on the reins and fell backward.

Dare caught her wrist and jerked her forward with a hard hand. “Stay with me!”

Clawing at the pommel, she leaned low over her charging horse’s neck to make a smaller target. Thundering rocks sped up. One the size of Flint’s fists, hammered Glynna’s shoulder, knocked her sideways and she lost her grip.

She fell between the racing horses and slammed into the ground.

For a heartbeat crushing, iron-shod hooves thundered around her then were gone as her borrowed horse ran on.

She scrambled to her feet. A powerful grip sank into the front of her calico dress and she was airborne. Dare yanked her up in front of him. He’d spun his horse around, come back for her, now he turned his horse back to the far side of this pass—closer than going back. Rocks pelted Glynna’s face. A boulder whizzed past her eyes, barely missing.

She looked forward to see stones poured down on the wagon. Jonas slapped the reins and shouted. Vince threw himself back, twisting his body, sheltering her children.

Vince’s now-riderless horse sprinted past the wagon and cleared the narrow stretch. A heavy rain of dust and gravel cut off the world outside this deadly corridor.

“Hang on.” Dare yelled to be heard over the onslaught. Overhead the rumble changed to a roar. He looked up as he spurred his horse forward.

One second they were galloping, the next Dare threw them off the horse and rolled with her toward the sheer rise of the bluff. Dare’s weight knocked the wind out of her as he landed on top, shielding her. “Keep your head down!”

A massive boulder pounded in the ground only feet in front of her. Dare’s horse, reared and staggered back. That alone saved it from being crushed. As the boulder slammed past, the horse leapt forward and disappeared into pouring stone and grit.

The huge boulder bounced. How could something so enormous bounce? It hit the far side of the tunnel and ricocheted.

“Get up. Move!” Dare dragged her to her feet. The chunk of granite careening toward them.


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  1. Mary, great excerpt! Well, of course I’ll be “buying with one click”–you know how that goes! Amazon owns me. Looks like this is going to be a very exciting read–but your stories always are.

  2. Mary, congratulation! Sounds so exciting. I’m on my way to Amazon to get it for my iPad. I love the name Dare and I know it’ll be a great read. Looking forward to sitting down since the weather has cooled and enjoy your book! Big hugs, Phyliss

  3. Thank you for the excerpt. It left me breathless, You’d think I was outrunning the avalanche. Definitely a must read book.

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